Life of a Falco

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Chapter 6

Chapter 6

I woke to a droning sound, a hum sounding as though it were a prayer. I became worried about it quickly and, jumping up, I ran out the door.

I burst out into the street, looking around I quickly realized where the noise was coming from, the tribe was bowing to me and moaning the tune. I used the translation spell once more in order to understand what they were saying.

"Hail be to the lord of sky and water, savior of us and savior to all." They repeated multiple times, presumably to me.

"Men! Have any of you knowledge of a beast of fire and scales?" I inquired the populis of the town.

“I know about the beast, the dragon.” said an old man in the crowd, "The beast you of which you speak" the short, skinny human continued, “the creature lives in the crown mountains, a circle of mountains only few miles north-east.” That was when I realized the man spoke in english the translation wasn’t responding.

“You speak english, how?” I asked

“I am a missionary, my country was destroyed by the “golden” king, and I was stranded here.” He replied

“I see, can you tell me more about the dragon?” I continued, glad to have a civilised person to talk to.

A few hours later the man, Dr.Tomic, had told me of a raid on the dragon, where only a few scales were lost, he also supplied a basic knowledge of the terrain and more. I thanked the man and said good-bye to the town, collecting my things I flew towards the crown, ready for the beast.

Landing just out of the mountain range I rested until night fell. When I woke I proceeded to scaled the cliff. looking down on the creature I saw it was awake, moving around its den, around its eggs. I flew silently into the pit of stone.

“Come out Falco!” Bellowed the beast “I can smell you from here!”

I stood from the stone I was behind.

“Well?” I questioned the lizard, “Are you going to kill me? And did you just say I smelled?”

“Not if you leave, and yes.” It replied.

“Well I cannot do that, and that was very insulting.”

“Why not? What could be worse than being killed by a dragon?”

“I’m enslaved in a sense by a giant mouth,” I explained “and he wants a taste of dragon egg, or he shall taste falco instead.”

“Well then, you strike first” the beast permitted.

I took the offer he had given and built a sphere. My primary shot was aimed at one of the slight gaps in the scales which Tomic had informed me of. I had almost hit him when he moved his wing, blocking the shot.

“Is that the best you can do?” he taunted “This will be too easy.” He began to fly towards me, mouth agape, with amazing speed. looking into the canyon of his throat and fired a bolt straight inside him, and made the beast gag. In this time as I flew out of its mouth.

I saw a loose scale, slamming him in the side, I tore it off.

“RRRR AAAAA!!!” it screamed dodging to the side, slamming into a wall. I embued the scale with my aura, reinforcing it. I turned it into a sharpened rod and I proceeded to fly at the beast, stabbing him in the side, breaking even more scales.

Whipping its head around it took a bite at me. I quickly stuck the rod vertically in his mouth, the point was caught in his teeth on either side, leaving us in a stalemate his mouth around me, unable to close.

“I’ll make you a deal!” I shouted.

“Hmm?” It sounded in reply, which sounded incredibly loud from inside his mouth.

“I will buy the egg!” I continued, beginning to bargain. I pulled out some of the gold I had gotten from the queen, it smelled the metal and opened its jaw enough to let me out.

I left its jaws and came out to the front of it, the mineral in hand, staring straight at me it said “What makes you think I would simply sell my unborn child?” after Thinking over the question, trying to find a response that wouldn’t get me eaten, I finally spoke.

“Because you don’t have enough of it to feed your brood, adding this amount to the pile and getting rid of one mouth will easily make all the rest and yourself survive with almost no work on your part.” I took a gamble with my opening statement, hoping he’d fold.

“How much are you willing to pay?” It inquired greedily.

“All of it.” I responded to the dark beast.

“I will accept this offer, under one condition.”

“What is it?”

“You must call on me in the fight.”

“What do you mean by that?” I asked, with no knowledge of what he meant.

“You will know.” Confused by his vagueness I agreed, he went to one of the caves and disappeared for a while, returning with the egg I handed over the gold.

“My name is Bartholomewle, I will come if you call, now go, Falco.”
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