Life of a Falco

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Chapter 7

Chapter 7

I returned to the cave with the egg in hand, I immediately pulled it out and gave it to the beast in the wall.

“I am pleased Falco, I have eaten enough for the time, you shall have a time while I am hibernating” it continued opening a wall he continued “This is the direction to your village, you may go home.” Not questioning further about its knowledge of my home I put my bag back on my back and left the cave, heading home for the first time in weeks.

As I came to my front door I hesitated, with an uneasy feeling I knocked on the door before entering. As I went through I found myself immediately assaulted by a falco with long blond feathers and short, powerful wings.

I was tackled to the ground by the female falco and heard my name screamed in a deafeningly high pitch. I pushed the person off me to come face to face with my best friend Lucy. We had met many years ago, but I only then realised that I hadn’t said goodbye to her.

“Where have you been???!!!” she yelled moving into chastisement for being so forgetful.

She was exactly the same as she had been weeks ago, loud, angry, and a great friend. She began to fill me in on gossip that had been happening in the village for almost an hour while I half-heartedly replied.

“OH!” She exclaimed half way through a rant, “Your friends came here! They have a little settlement off in one of the empty fields!”

“Friends? What friends?”

“The humans! The frail little guys came in rambling in a strange language, when we translated they began talking about rain gods and described you, saying “His people shall protect us from the lord of dark gold!””

I quickly realized it was the tribe I had helped before I fought the dragon, but I hadn’t the slightest clue what they meant by the lord of dark gold.

“Take me to their settlement.” I requested of Lucy, She agreed quickly and jumped up dragging me out of my house and onto the street. We immediately saw my father, who had been out shopping, and told him our agenda. The graying falco said I needed to be back quickly so he could see his son for a while. We promised and left towards the settlement.

“Here we are!” Lucy said cheerily, “The main tent is over there!” She said pointing towards a large fabric structure in the center of the settlement. I walked quickly towards and into the cloth castle and found Dr.Tomic inside.

“Ah! ‘God of Rain’ it’s great to see you!” The old man greeted, gaining the attention of some other humans who immediately knelt and began prayer. We walked inside and began discussion about the occurrence which caused the tribes migration. “The same man who attacked the kingdom I was missionary too came to the village and began slaughtering the occupancy, our army went out and he simply hit the earth turning them to gold.”

“How did you escape?” I inquired the man.

“We used the river you had made for us, escaping by boats and under the water while most our men attacked the king’s forces.” He continued to describe the happening until we heard alarms outside.

“What are those?” The doctor asked “Worship bells?”

“War bells.” I responded, rushing out of the tent.

We ran outside to see the entire military force of the village rushing to the walls and climbing the towers. I flew up, looking over the wall to see an army clad in gold, with one man walking far ahead of the others. The golden king, I assumed, rushing out to tell the men who had went out into face him.

“PULL BACK!!!” I said as the king raised his blade. As he brought it to the earth I knew I was too late. A wave of golden energy swept through our forces, leaving them covered, and filled in a precious metal to suffocate. The wave halted at the wall, coating it too, as the man yelled “I claim this land in my name! Weisheim!” He continued with mockery until concluding, “All those who wish to live, and spare your loved ones, come forward now and join my ranks, three will be saved for each participant." His offer enticed many people, quickly gaining enough to save the village, I went forward with intent to stop this man, from right by his side.
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