Life of a Falco

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Chapter 9

Chapter 9

It has been weeks since I joined the legion of gold, I learned more about my new commander, Daniel, and I believe we are of like mind, we must destroy the king from within. I now plan to use my spells to talk to him using telepathy. It took days to learn how, and much practice against the small animals throughout the castle, now I plan to use it on him.

“Daniel.” I told him.

“Who’s there?” He responded defensively.

“It’s me”

“Ah, so, what do you wish to discuss without the king’s knowledge?”

“We must end his reign.” I put quite bluntly.

“Yes, we will be sent on a mission to another country, across the sea, soon, we will then remove our rings, and raise an army.”

I did not argue with this, This will be our first unsupervised mission, and even on the ones where we had escorts, he tried his best to delay the mission, he would do everything he could without being discovered, but now we had no supervision, no guards.

“I will see you then.”

We had one more occurrence before our voyage. A new prisoner came in, he had promise. Daniel and I were assigned to assess him. We came to the man, Brenden's, cell, the short, thick men was balled up in the corner, mumbling strange words.

“Stand” Daniel demanded, the prisoner complied, growing silent. We led him to the courtyard, he requested a broad sword, a gladiator came out just like the previous ones. Daniel gave the signal and they began. This fight was uninteresting, the same parrying as before, no unique style, they both fought very uniform, until Brenden threw his sword, cleaving clear through the man's throat, and he erupted into a fountain of blood. Brenden retrieved his blade, immediately rushing towards Daniel.

“Peanut Butter HOHOHO.” Daniel said abruptly, and Brenden fell to the ground, curling into the fetal position and mumbling incoherently.

“We set a lock on his mind, he will break down if those words are spoken.”

After we brought Brenden back to reality he was assigned to Daniel’s team and we informed him of our plan, he obviously disliked the king, and agreed to our plan faster than Daniel had. We departed two days later on the ship.

We destroyed the rings after five days on the warship, ready for the war we had just triggered. We killed the majority of our crew, they all refused to join our cause, except for one young cabin boy with amazing dexterity, throwing weaponry was his specialty.

We were one week into the journey, we would have just reached our destination, but we began to head back, we would be back to the kingdom in three days, this is what Bartholomew had told me about, this was the war. We then encountered an unexpected opponent, pirates.

Yes it seems idiotic, but here they were, a large ship of the thugs, against our ship of four. The vessel docked right next to us, and only one of the men came over, or should I say women.

These pirates seemed to have a captain who was female, the well built, red haired woman simply jumped, clearing the 20 foot gap easily, and landed straight in front of me, her dark blue eyes looking straight into mine. She threw a punch, straight into my gut, knocking me back into the mast. Brendan and Daniel didn’t hesitate for even a second after that, both rushing the woman while I got up. Daniel attempted to stare into her eyes, but she never stood still long enough for him to use his ability. Brenden unleashed furious swipes at the woman, but she parried the blows, with her bare hands. I began to deal with her crew, who had begun to cross over onto our ship, my confrontation with them didn’t go past single blows to the large, unhygienic men, but Brendan and Daniel were having issues with their captain.

“This is pathetic,” She taunted “can’t you do any better? I am becoming bored.”

“Look me in the eyes and say that” Daniel retorted.

“I know your abilities charismat, you will take control of my body if I do so.”

“So you are well versed in my, unique style.”

Brenden was still unable to speak, trying to keep up with the woman. I had just finished dealing with the other seamen when I turned to find brenden knocked down and daniel was beginning to have issues with the woman. I rushed over, leaving the few men left to our new ally, I sealed her, wrapping her in a jacket of aura. She was immobilized, Daniel knocked her in the head, she was out cold. We burned their ship, threw her into the ocean with the rest of the men who got off of their ship.

We sailed back to the kingdom, but we didn’t port, foreseeing an attack we went onto one of the small life boats, I sailed the ship into the port on my own, waiting in the hull until I heard the king’s guards boarding the ship, I heard at least 10 pairs of footsteps when I unleashed a pulse of energy destroying the entirety of the ship, and all of the men aboard other than myself. I flew up above the dock, the smell of ash still burned in the air, and the sound of shouts from the confused militia soldiers, scrambling around the docks, the war has begun.
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