An Assassin's Loyalty

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Sazami Altileth never favored magic. After a haunting encounter leaves her orphaned, she flees to the kingdom of Valerie. As she grows and trains with her uncle – the leader of a powerful assassin’s guild – she not only becomes the kingdom’s greatest killer, but also gains the friendship of the headstrong Princess Aela. But while the memories of her past are forgotten, they are not gone. Soon she is employed by the king to investigate a vast disappearance of citizens, mutilated bodies turning up around the regions, and rumors spreading about the practices of dark magic. Her trials take her to frozen tundras, to enchanted forests as she tries to untangle the mystery. Meanwhile, her friendship with Princess Aela begins to falter, as the princess could be hiding a staggering secret that could change the hearts of those she loves. Then, when an unthinkable discovery brings forth the darkness of her past, Sazami finds herself struggling to stay and fight. As the magic-wielding murderer narrows in on Valerie, Sazami’s loyalties will be put to the test, and prove who it is she's willing to fight for.

Adventure / Romance
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Pronunciation Guide

An Assassin’s Loyalty



Sazami Altileth: Sa-zahm-mee All-ti (like tip) -leth

Aela Kormeloth: A-ella Core-meh-loth (like ‘sloth’)

Dahnor Altileth: Da-nore (like door) All-ti-leth

Ja’zirr Altileth: Ja-zeer All-ti-leth

Zanalya Samarin: Zan-all-ee-ya Sam-are (like mare) -in

Elrys Glendeylin: El-wris (like wrist) Glen-day-lin


Orvryn: Or-v-rin (like rim)

Jokul: Joe-cool

Ciiral: See-rall

Chelsea: Chell-say

Pakkanen: Pak-a-nen

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