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John Flask and his fellow Olympians are tasked with putting an end to the new threat, as the fate, and the secrecy of Five Branches is at stake. What happens when you give a man a little taste of power? He monopolizes it or destroys it. Two years after the end of the Patriots, John Flask is now known as Zeus, he heads the Olympian team. A team of advanced humans who have exceeded human limitations. A complete transformation from the timid, unsure of himself John Flask of two years ago. Five Branches are under attack from unknown individuals who seem to have a personal vendetta against Five Branches and the Olympians. The Olympian program has now been perfected and is highly sought after by a power-drunk general who wants the secrets to creating super soldiers thereby granting him and his nation, military superiority. However, things are not as they seem. There is a force in the background pulling strings in their favor to seek out revenge against Five Branches. John Flask and his fellow Olympians are tasked with putting an end to the new threat, as the fate, and the secrecy of Five Branches hangs on the success of the Olympians. While dealing with this new threat, revelations are made, and an unresolved past comes visiting. Lies, Betrayal, pride, dealing with mistakes and family

Adventure / Thriller
Age Rating:

Chapter 1


Phoenix, AZ

Six figures stood in a room with a bulb attached by a wire, which ran upwards into the ceiling. It was difficult to make out anything other than the faces of the four men on the left side of the table while the faces of the two on the right side lacked any form of human resemblance. The bulb was swinging back and forth illuminating the faces of the individuals on either side of the table as the light bulb swung in an arc. The silence was deafening. Tensions were rising. At the center of the table, two laptop computers faced each group. One was facing the two black masked individuals dressed in all black while the other laptop faced the four men on the opposite side of the table. Both sides were eagerly waiting for their convener.

Three men out of the four on the left side of the table are standing in a semi-circle with the man in charge in the middle. They formed a cloak around him. They were all dressed in black-clad body armor, black-clad dress uniforms and all roughly the same height. Their faces expressionless and their rigid posture an indication that they had military exposure, soldier’s maybe, or possibly mercenaries. They looked like men who had seen it all. Men who had seen humankind at its worst so often that they had become desensitized to evil. They were products of violence. The men were all in a circle around a lone individual he seemed to be in charge of them. He had his gaze completely fixated on the laptop while displaying the posture and confidence of a leader.

However, these men paled in all manner of comparison with the two on the opposite side of the table. They were like girl scouts compared to them. They had the human physique, but these two seemed different. It was no longer a matter of who they were but what they were. There were no similarities whatsoever with the other two except for their black outfits.

Closest to the table and evidently in charge was a man whose body language commanded respect and instilled unease. He had remained motionless for the past 45 minutes. He had a well-defined mass of muscle that was evident despite his apparel. A man of average height, no body armor, no dress uniforms, and no visible weapons yet an aura and presence surrounded this monster with menace and determination emanating from him.

His mask, black appeared fused to his face, etched with lines across the forehead of the mask created the sense of menace and dark intent. He had chiseled cheekbones with a well-defined upper and lower jaw along with inset eye sockets. In those eye sockets, a faint red glow can be seen — a genuinely menacing sight. The mask hid any form of humanity left.

The black-clad soldier to the commander’s left stares defiantly to the opposite party and turns to his commander and in Korean remarks.

“사령관 우리는이 사악한 생물이 필요하지 않습니다! “(Commander we do not need these vile creatures!)

Before the commander could act, and in the blink of an eye, this man was dangling eighteen inches off the floor.

The only companion to the menacing and masked individual had covered the distance between the two groups, had grabbed the soldier by his cheekbones, and without an evidence of strain had lifted the man off the floor. Based on the physique, it was evident that this creature was a woman. A green-eyed, black masked woman with black hair that fused with her body. The only thing that was visible was the glow of green emanating from the eyes. She had her right hand around his neck, her nails digging dip into his skin with blood drooling down his neck. Fear evident on his face now as he realized his mistake could be the end of him — a pitiful way to die. He struggles to catch his breath while his right arm attempts to grab his sidearm. She quickly grabs his right arm and holds him in place with no indication of letting him go. This powerful and menacing women stare at him, a gripping feeling begins to permeates his mind and her eyes convey a message that she has a deaths chokehold on him with no way to escape.

Daggers line her thighs, four of them on each leg. All are black with white handles and loops at the end. In a mesh pouch on her inner thighs, small linked chains coiled like little snakes can be seen. Her rib cage is covered with smaller knives and daggers of different sizes. A utility belt has three inch long small cylinders with a flat, smooth side that are facing her. Her muscular build evident through her clothing.

The other soldiers immediately grab their side arms in anticipation of retaliating, ready to fire.

The commander’s arms comes up in a command to stop as he then turns to face the red-eyed masked man. Without a word said, he stares at the red-eyed man intently till he finally responds.

“Your man should his place in all this he is not here to think. I will let it slide this time around.” The black masked man retorts.

“Hecate would you please release that man; he will be part of the group that will be accompanying you.”

“He needs to be taught a lesson.” She then brings him closer to her mask and peers into his eyes. “Hecate!” the leader asserts more sternly. They were not here to play.

“As you wish Hades.”

He falls to the floor gasping for breath. Paralyzed with fear he could do nothing but tremble while gasping for air. He felt helpless — something he had not felt in a long time.

‘Hecate’ according to Greek mythology was the goddess of deception. Known for her choice of daggers and knives. Looking at her, she instilled fear befitting of a god-like being but was more devil-like than god-like.

Just then, the laptop’s screen changes to display a formally dressed military soldier. He was aged and based on his appearance he had to be a high-ranking official. He had numerous medals adorning his jacket.

He surveys the room; the Asian descent soldiers all bow their heads acknowledging the superior officer in their presence. While the other two seem indifferent.

The general appraises the room it was apparent that both sides had become “acquainted” with each other.

He acknowledges Hades. Then addressing his question to the Commander in the room, he asks in

English “Commander have you confirmed the information given to you by Hades and his associate?”

The Commander rigid in composure responds in English “Yes general, we have validated the specifications, position, and layout. It is as they described.” Gesturing to the individuals across the table from him.

The General nods his head contemplating his next move. A few months ago Hades and his companion had approached the General through non-official channels with a proposition supply them with men, weapons and the resources to infiltrate Five Branches and its facilities and in return they would provide them with schematic designs as well as the main essential component to the “Olympian” program- the much-coveted algorithm.

Breaking into Five Branches was not an easy stroll on a military base, and then driving off. Five branches combined all US Military organizations where all the branches of the government contribute personal resources and funds towards the development of weapons, vehicles, transportation, and other desirable technology. It is rumored, that when a recruit is brought into the program, an official release is made to family and friends that he or she had been “killed off during a military exercise” or “found missing in action” secrecy was absolute. The recruits are then relocated to any one of a dozen installations covertly, to support the Five Branches and its advancement of US military superiority.

Tucson, AZ houses on such an installation. Until now, the General was unsure if the rumors about Five Branches having a secret underground facility were true until Hades came to them confirming it to be true. Hades had done some initial investigating, even going as far as entering the facility and having pictures taken of every entry point and exit point present. It seemed right that it had to be him. Hades had proven repeatedly why he fitted his name, and this was no exception.

The General was well aware that it could have been a trap. He had reasons not to believe them but knowing who they were and more importantly, what they were, he had no choice but to take the risk. It was too much of an excellent opportunity to pass on, besides if things went wrong, there were no ties to him. The General lost in his thoughts brings his eyes up and looks into the computer monitor.

“Hades, if your information and description of the facility is correct we should be able to infiltrate and acquire the information needed, correct?”

A slight nod of his heads answers the Generals question.

Hades displays no visible indication that he is thrilled, but internally he relishes the sudden turn of event. He had dangled bait, and it worked. Men in power only respond to one thing-more power.

“Commander, your orders are to assist Hades and his companions into the facilities and acquire the information we desire. I am sanctioning the mission as agreed. All resources at your disposal are to be made available to Hades and his associate immediately.”

The commander along with his fellow soldiers are cynical about the collaboration. They hated being in the same room with these people, let alone share resources, but they had no choice. The command has been given, and it was not their place to question a superior officer’s question.

“Hades, my soldiers are at your command. We will begin as planned with the infiltration of the Tucson facility. From what we know the “Olympians,” based on intel are on leave, the window of opportunity is now.”

Hades turns to Hecate; there was a mutual understanding between them. Everything was going according to plan.

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