The Twist

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Every story ever told can be broken down into three distinct parts: The Beginning, The Middle and The TWIST! The second part in the series... No one had a clue what's happening and the one who knew, couldn't share it with others. But she shared it with Allura, the only person she could trust in such a situation. Life disappointed her at every turn. Being taken away at a very young age and after seven years, when she was found, her brother didn't trust her. She found her mate. He was ready to be with her. But she couldn't stay with him for long. She had to make everything right before she could even think of a happy ending for herself. And now, she's back. She's going to take her revenge. She will avenge the death of her best friend. And finally return to her mate. But will she be able to do this? Read on to uncover the secrets that were hidden away from all but not hidden well. After all, she discovered them...

Adventure / Mystery
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Chapter 1

Life is never fair. It hurts the most vulnerable people in such a way that they are left with nothing. But that’s what makes them tough. They have nothing left to lose. That makes them powerful. That makes them brave enough to take risks. Huge risks.

That’s what exactly happened with me.

My parents were killed by a group of rouges. Scary ones. They took me with them and taught me how to be one of them. They attacked packs, destroying everything that was alive in that area, but always leaving one person. One person, who had to go on to another pack and warn them about the attack. Then he would be killed too.

The pack warned, will be their next target. But, my brother stopped that. He killed the rouges with the help of the warriors. My brother, from whom I was separated approximately seven years ago.

But then, he left me. My brother left me. Just because I didn’t disclose any of the secrets of the rouges. Just because I didn’t say anything against them.

Still, his friend or rather his senior, a girl, helped me. She taught me how to fight. She trained me to be a warrior. She gave me all that one needs to live. A shelter. A place. Food. Everything. But my brother told me to leave. To go away forever. And I left. The girl who helped me was not able to stop me.

And then I found a friend. Though she was human, she was my best buddy. She was family. She was all I had. With her, I believed that I can just forget about my past and live a normal life. A life as a normal human being. I thought that maybe I can forget my wolf and with time, everything from my past will fade away. I’ll be happy.

It was then that I found my mate. He was hurt. Emotionally hurt. But still, just as our eyes met, I felt the connection I had with him. He made me deal complete. Complete in every sense. I took him to my place. I hid him from my best friend who was also my apartment buddy. I hid him for a few days till I took care of his bruises on his legs and arms due to running for a very long time in his wolf form. I cured him of his trauma. I made him become happy again.

Just when I could have started my life with my mate, my best friend was murdered. Brutally killed by a werewolf. I could have gotten over the grief with time with the help of my mate but I accidentally uncovered some secrets which were not meant to be uncovered. But with the information I had, I couldn’t have done nothing. I had to do something. Especially when I learnt that my mate’s close relative was staying with my best friend’s murder without any clue of what was happening.

My mate was just recently cured of his trauma he was in due to his parent’s death but I had to hurt him again so that I can leave him. Leave him to protect him and his relative, who was a really important person to both me and my mate for our own different reasons.

With all the information I had, I decided to dig deeper into the issue. I was soo deep into this all when I realized that it was so much more than what I had initially assumed.

So here I am. As the one controlling the whole problem, but as a puppet. A puppet who was being controlled by someone else. Someone who was responsible for the death of my parents, who was responsible for my mate’s parent’s death, who was responsible for the death of thousands and thousands of innocent werewolves.

But don’t worry. He doesn’t know who I am. I’m working undercover with a wig and all. Like a spy. Just to ensure that he gets the punishment that he deserves. And that’s my life’s only mission now, because I know, I won’t ever have anyone to love me for long. They will all leave after sometime.

“Please make sure that the rouges are taken care of. They have been bothering me. A few of my warriors from the border told me that they have spotted rouges. Please deal with this stuff.” My boss, the main mastermind behind everything tells me.

This man gives me a little too much work! Doesn’t he know that I’m not a machine?!

“Okay, sir.” I say, keeping my emotions all locked up.

“And yeah, I have to go to another pack. I just received a call from the alpha of the pack. He wanted to talk to me about something. So please handle today’s meeting with the rouges.” He says as he gets up from his seat in his office.

“Okay, sir.” I say.

“And my beta with you. He needs to learn how to control everything when necessary. Teach him to be like you. I’ll soon have to involve my pack in this stuff. The pack we are attacking next is really powerful. They have even gotten help from the warriors of the warrior’s league. I will need my pack to fight the battle with the rouges.” He says as he exits his room. I follow behind him.

This guy thinks that he’s the king of the world!

Come to earth mister! Coz you ain’t hurting anyone from that pack!

“Okay, sir.” I reply.

“And that reminds me,” he says, turning to face me. “Make sure that all the pack members start their training soon.”

“Okay, sir.” I say, bowing my head but not to show respect as he thinks, I bow my head to hide my emotions which broke through on my face.

“That’s all. You can take my beta’s help if you need.” He says.

Really?! Now he thinks that his beta can help me?! His beta can’t handle being in the same room as a rat! How will he help me in a room full of rouges?!

“Thought, I’m sure that you won’t need his help. I trust you. You are my right hand.” He says, smiling.

His smile is like a creepy skeleton’s smile and he looks like a zombie!!

“Hey handsome!” Lizzie, a girl with dirty blond hair and a face caked up with make up, says. She’s a harmless flirty girl who my boss uses for his own entertainment.

This girl is perfect definition of a slut! Or else, how would she be able to flirt with a zombie like guy!

Okay... He’s not that ugly... But that’s just because he’s an alpha! That’s the only reason that all the girls want his attention. Otherwise he would have been the most disgusting zombie guy ever!

“Not now, Liz. I have to go somewhere.” My boss says, dismissing Lizzie with a wave of his hand.

“But can’t you skip it?” Lizzie pouts. “I’ll make you happy!” She says, instantly getting excited due to her own idea.

Ew.... I think I just saw a giant smelly animal excretion. Oh wait! It’s Lizzie’s face!

“Ughh! Deal with her!” My boss says to me.

So he is aware of how ugly and disgusting this girl is?!

“Yes, sir.” I say. He leaves me standing with Lizzie who is glaring at me.

“You are nothing to him!” Lizzie spats with an angry look on her face.

“I don’t even want to be.” I mutter under my breath.

“What did you say, you ugly bag of... of... of...” She starts trying to search for appropriate words.

“Well, whatever I am, at least I have a nice vocabulary. Unlike some sluts I know.” I say before grabbing her arm and dragging her to the training grounds with me.

Lizzie continues to whine, telling me to leave my hand and clawing my hand away from her arm.

Girl, my hands are trained to be like steel! I ain’t as weak as you!

“Drake, deal with this garbage!” I tell one of the warriors when I reach the training grounds. I push Lizzie by her arm to Drake, making her fall face first on the ground.

I leave the place with Lizzie’s whines and moans of pain in my ears.

Well, Drake isn’t the best torturer for no reason!

“You devil!” I hear Lizzie shouting at me. I smirk.

At least she’s got that right!

“Drake! At least leave her face. Or else how will we recognize her later?” I say, trying to control my laughter when I see Lizzie’s make-up all flowing down her face because of her sweat.

“It wasn’t recognisable in the first place! It was covered in such a thick layer of make-up!” Drake says, shaking her head.

“Okay. That’s enough. Send someone with her to get her back on her feet. Go and get freshen up yourself too. I have to go for a meeting and I want you there.” I say as I turn around to leave.

“The rouge thing again?” Drake asks in a sad voice. I stop but don’t turn around.

“Yes.” I say and leave. I know that Drake doesn’t like all this but I can’t do anything right now. I’m tired of this all to. But I cannot stop now. Not until I achieve my goals.

“But you know he’s supposed to come to at least one meeting in a month. He’s leading this whole thing, he’s doing everything. He’s supposed to be here.” One the old rogue says.

“He is currently busy.” I say, sternly.

“Busy with what? With maintaining his two identities?” Another one says.

Exactly! At least someone from the disgusting rouges understand me!

“What he’s busy with, is none of your business.” I say.

“So what are you here for?” One of them asks.

“I’m here to remind you that you are being supported by the guy on whose land some of you have been found roaming. A few rouges were spotted by the border patrol of the pack. I’m here to remind you that if anymore of you are found roaming anywhere near the pack, we will withdraw our support.” I say.

The faces of all the rouges are drained off their colours just as they hear my warning.

“It won’t happen again.” One of them says.

“Good. So now that you know what to do, I’ll leave you to deal with those who have not been following the rules.” I say and get up with Drake right behind me.

“Uhh... When will the next attack happen?” One of the rouges asks just as I am about to leave.

“You’ll be informed.” I say before leaving the place.

“Sometimes I think that we should work under her. She is scarier than that Alpha dude.” One rouge murmurs to the other beside him. I smirk at that.

“Sometime? I always think that! I swear if she and that Alpha dude were against each other, I’ll be on her side!” The other says.

Nice choice!

“You are right. I don’t know why but her presence makes me tremble. And that Alpha dude is the one who trembles when we are in the same room!” Some other rouge says. My smirk grows bigger.

I can’t believe that these rouges have a better brain than that stupid mastermind boss of mine!

“Why is he doing all this?” Drake asks in a tired voice when we are in the car.

“I don’t know, Drake. But for now, all we have to do is just follow his instructions.” I say as I sigh, looking out of the window.

“Hey! Umm... He is calling you at the pack house.” The beta informs me, appearing at my door, just as I sit down on my bed to relax.

Can’t he be a little sensitive?! I’m only a little girl!

“I’ll be there.” I say, massaging my temples.

After all these jobs, he still expects me to be able to do more! I can challenge him. He himself cannot do this!

I get up and straighten my back and make my way to the pack house.

“Sir.” I say just as I reach the pack house where he’s standing with a girl. A girl I know too well. I recognise her just as I see her. I then compose myself to hide my emotions and lock them away.

“Anna, this is Allura. She’ll be staying with us from now on. She’s really special to me. Take good care of her.” My boss says.

“Yes, sir.” I say with a single nod of my head. My voice strong as ever, my face emotionless.

“Okay. Take her to her room.” My boss tells me before facing the girl. “Ally, I have some work to do. I’ll see you later?” He says, his hands on her cheeks and his staring right into hers.

This disgusts me. But I know that she’s here because I left clues for her. I need her help. And she’s the only one I trust.

“Okay.” The girl replies in a small voice, nodding her head with a smile.

“Okay. Bye” the cruel guy says before placing a kiss on the girl’s forehead and leaving.

Eww.... I think she needs to scrub her face with a few hundred thousand bottles of face wash before she can get her face cleaned.

Well now she’s here, I’ll give this stupid cruel boss of mine a taste of his own medicine.

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