The nerd who became an army officer

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As I got punched in the gut from my following bullies getting hurt as the bell went I ran and ran until I got to the place I where I need to be ..... About girl for leaves for the army but when finished she has to return to school before getting sent back to base

Adventure / Action
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Chapter one

Alexandra pov

Beep beep beep!!

As I reached to turn my alarm off I noticed the Time i was going to be late for school I only have 5 minutes left I jumped out of bed and ran to my closet to get my hoodie and tracksuit bottoms out.

Sorry I should’ve probably tell you about my self hi my name is Alexandra stone but I proffer to be called Alex I know isn’t that a boys name but you see I don’t mind I’m a tomboy but also I am considered as a nerd at my school. I go to John Adams high school and there is a lot of stereotype of people that’s how I got the title of the nerd any way back to the story.

After I was changed I put my hair into a messy bun and ran down stairs and picked an apple up I said good bye to my mum and older brother Noah and grabbed my skateboard and I just arrived in time for the bell to go off.

I was walking down the hall when I sor my ex best friend Samara and her minions talking to her so called ‘boyfriend’ that was until she sor me. She looked at me and smirked and they all then started to walk over to me and before I could get out of there some one pulled my hair and then pushed me against the lockers I then fell a sharp paring go through my sides. I then fell to the ground and held my sides and then they started to kick me but before they could do anything else the bell rang you know the saying saved by the bell that definitely was working for me right about now.

When I could finally manage to stand up by myself I walked out of the building and then started to walk to a place that I never thought I would see again the place where my life was about to change ...

Im joking I wouldn’t leave a cliffhanger like that 😂😂

I walked up to the stand and showed them my ID and driving licence and then they gave me a form to fill out when I went to sit down to fill it out there was people looking at me and I understand why I was the only girl there and who would expect a girl to sighn up. I went back up and handed it in he nodded and gave me a vest top and camouflage tracksuit bottoms and I changed into them when I came out the bus just arrived and we all got on heading to our training base what I will be calling temporary home for now. We made two more stops until we arrived to the base and when we all got of the bus there was a drill Sargent waiting for our arrival. When I walked of the bus I heard a lot of scoffes and talk about how I’m a girl and I should go home and go do shopping instead at that comment I just rolled my eyes I will show you that I mean business.

I went to the cabin I was staying to find out there was 3 more girls and I was relieved at that I was not the only girl on the base and befor I could say hello the Sargent from early came in and started telling us the rules

“Rule 1 no eating in cabins

Rule 2 be up befor 5:00

Rule 3 no being late to sessions

Rule 4 if your asked to do overtime you do it

Rule 5 no complaining about your body

Rule 6 make sure cabins are neat and clean

Rule 7 if you miss a training session then expect to be up until midnight

Rule 8 make sure you go to bed at 18:50

Rule 9 make sure you eat a healthy balanced meal

Rule 10 if you have any problems then come talk to me.”

They seem like good rules to stick two once the Sargent finished talking it was time for our first session training and I was ready.

As we got back in from training my body ached and I never going to take the words ‘I will make your body feel like it will drop’ again and as I soon the bell saying it was time for bed. I can’t wait for training tomorrow. I know what your going to say ‘ why am I excited for training well I know that it’s going to make me a stronger person than I was before.

This is the first chapter finished I hope you have enjoyed it and carry on reading it

If you have any ideas you would like to suggest them don’t be afraid to message me on here. 😇😇❤️❤️

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