Adventures Of The Crypt Kids: Ivar, Doxx, And Binko

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A book about three boys who grow up under the care of a psychotic doctor and learn to serve him in his work. Bringing the wrong to justice. The boys will follow every command of there care taker, but what will come from that?

Adventure / Horror
Plant Mom
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Ivar sat in his room thinking of what to do next. His two brothers, not by blood of course, sat in there own rooms thinking as well.

"What have I done." said Ivar as he stared at his hands. Blood stained all over his white silk gloves.
He slipped the gloves off and set them on his bedside table. Who would have thought?! Ivar, punching someone until they bleed just to knock them out. That innocent little boy that grew up spying on people in the park and playfully scaring other kids with his mask, could turn into something so dangerous so fast.
Ivar got up off his bed and walked over to his dresser. He slipped off his mask and set it down. He then grabbed some clean clothes out of the second drawer. He slipped off his bloody clothes and threw them in the basket that sit in the corner of his bedroom. He sighed as he got dressed. He fluffed out his hair and slipped his mask back on.
"This is my life. Better get used to it." he said walking over to the door.
He put one hand on the door knob and took a deep breath then slowley turned the knob and opned the door.
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