The Gang leaders Betrayal

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Everything turn upside down when she starts living with him and the gangs.Danger lurked around the dark watching their every move and ready to strike. Gang Leaders: A person who leads a gang who deal with people either legally or illegally. Depends on what they do and how their actions affect other people around them. There are stories of love, friendship, allies, trust. Not to forget, There are also stories about war, betrayal, lies, sacrifice, blackmails, enemies and so on. What happens when all of it combines into one story? Come to this adventure of a gang leaders betrayal.

Adventure / Romance
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Little Secret


I open my eyes to see the man I love with all my heart for nearly 3 years.

It is impossible to say that we can stay together for so long to think about how much fights and pains we have experienced.

I mean, he’s a handsome man and a rich man as a plus. There are so many women in the world he can choose and will certainly make a beeline just for a day with him.

And, he chose me. A normal woman or so I thought.

I came from a middle-class family and I liked to put it like that. My father, Andrew Rodriguez owned his own company and my mom, Lovy Arden owned her own company. So, basically, they merged the company after marriage and become the most famous company merged ever.

I have 4 siblings. Mason the eldest, Peter the second, me the third and Anne the youngest of us. When mother and father said they wanted to retire, I practically tried to jump into the sea. When they announced Mason and Peter to take over, I literally cried to the sky shouting,

‘Thank you for taking me away from all of the busy worlds...,’ and so on.

Name, Valentina Rodriguez.

Age, 22

He’s a good man. His body is what all women dreamed about.

His abs..oh, no.

I totally drooled at the sight of it.

It is a reward for working out after work if he is not busy. Of course.

He is from a wealthy family that owns several companies in the world. The K Company is the main company.

Umm... What?


And he is the boss who runs the K company.

However, we do not work in the same company as I like to work in human sociality rather than working in the business.

Pfft. The irony.

I’ll explain why I said that. But, not now.

He once offered me to work as his aide. But, I love my work. Although, I hate my boss.

My family accepted him as my boyfriend. But, before that happens, we went through their interrogation and they instantly like him. He was a charmer.

Except for my eldest brother. Mason. He despises Kayden. I stopped figuring out why after a while.

Name, Mason Rodriguez

Age, 26

My parents said they were waiting for our wedding. Even though, I’m not all set to get married yet. I need to talk to him about it.

His family also treated me well. I’m relieved to know that my parents have met them in business meetings.

He looked after me very well all this while. Whether it’s in a good time or a bad one.

Just like my parents, both of his parents are business people themselves. River Ilmanto and Nova Larsch get into an arranged marriage and Kayden is their only son. Which my parents appreciated so much when they know I was dating their only son. If we actually get married, then we will be buried with money.

Which I don't bother to care. I only want his love.

Name, Kayden Ilmanto

Age, 24

“Are you done with the staring?”

My thoughts fly away when he suddenly talk. Whereas, he is still closing his eyes.

“How do you know that I’m staring at you? ” I blush.

“Well, I have my way, ”

He opened his dark brown eyes staring at my own light blue or grey-blue eyes. I look at him with love swimming in my eyes. He scooted closer and gave me a peck on the lips and after that a full-blown kiss.

Well, this is how we almost get late to work.

His phone rang stopping the almost heated session. His light blonde hair was a mess.

He groans and I chuckle. He gets off of me and takes his phone. Meanwhile, I go to the bathroom to shower.

I walk out just as he is about to end his call. He had his back on me as I walk out with just the towel wrapped on my body.

“So, it’s tonight, right?”


He turns to me ending his call.

I stopped walking and look at him with a curious look.

“My friends are holding a party tonight. Want to join us? ”

I smile and shake my head. I’m glad he didn’t force me to come.

I disliked going to a party, getting drunk or dancing with strangers. Unless I want to remove my stress, forced by a friend or maybe even to complete my mission or my little secret.

I have nothing to do tonight. Maybe, I can take this opportunity to enjoy my little secret.

A sudden realization dawned upon me. Do I really enjoy it?

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