6 Dragons (The Mystery of Zane)

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"Zane, you have to let her go now or else she's going to die!" Nicola yelled but he didn't let the unconscious girl go. The fire he had made fell... They are in a group of six and all powerful dragons who all have different views, opinions and backstories. It makes them stronger as they go through different adventures. Two of the six dragons are Alexandra and Zane; Alexandra is a weird, introverted girl with bad anger issues who has different beliefs about certain things. Unlike other people who awe at a proposal, she snorts loudly and breaks the romance. While others console the injured, she tries to do the same but just ends up laughing or she tries to help bandage their wounds but just increases their pain. She decides to stay away from people for that reason. Zane is a calm guy who dosen't talk much. He needs his personal space more than he needs people. He believes that everything will be much better if he dosen't make friends cause they always end up hurt. He is an emotionless freak. He's antisocial and just minds his own business or only comes out few times to do things that he believes would help him feel better about himself. When these two finally meet, will Zane share his story or will he still be a mystery to everyone around him or will they finally understand him? Read The Mystery of Zane now to find out!

Adventure / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Alexandra walked down the lonely street as it snowed heavily but she felt oddly refreshed. People had passed her by, hugging their jackets closer and keeping their face towards the ground to shield their already snow bitten red faces from the snow storm that managed to get heavier and heavier by the second. The few people that had looked up gave her weird glances, she didn’t blame them though. Who wouldn’t send weird glances to someone who was wearing a T-shirt and casual jeans when it was snowing so badly? No one said a word though except a little boy who had asked her if she was crazy.

“I don’t know. Maybe I am,” she shrugged and gave the boy a little smile but he just kept glancing back at her weirdly as his mother dragged him away from the stranger he had talked to while scolding him against talking to strangers.

She looked around her environments and gave out a little sigh of content, but even as she did, she couldn’t see the little puffs of air that she saw when she looked at the other people who had passed her by earlier. Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of voices behind her.

“Little girl, what are you doing alone in the middle of the streets at this time?” she rolled her eyes at the question. She was a nineteen year old, she was pretty sure that shouldn’t be referred to as little.

“Hey, I’m talking to you!” She immediately reacted to the feeling of a hand on her shoulder and twisted the owners hand until he was screaming and crying.

“Don’t touch me!” she responded and let go of the man’s now red arm.

“Stupid prick!” the man responded and whistled for back up.

Alexandra didn’t wait to see what would have happened and ran. She was grabbed by someone into a dark alleyway and yelped but a hand covered her mouth. She bit the person’s hand until she could taste the metallic taste of blood. Footsteps of her chasers had come and gone before she was pushed away harshly.

“You shouldn’t go biting everyone you see you know,” a harsh voice said.

Alexandra turned around but was met with a chest covered by a black T-shirt. She looked up and saw dark red hair and beautifully tan skin. She watched the movements of a strong arm flexing around and found out that he was wiping her saliva and his blood on his dark jeans.

“Well you should when you are being chased by a bunch of creeps and was suddenly pulled into a dark alleyway. For doing that, you deserved the bite,” Alexandra responded coldly making the guy to look at her and she gasped when she was greeted by a pair of golden eyes.

“I’ll make sure not to save girls like you again!” he growled and that immediately made her to snap out of whatever phase she was in.

“Oh please. Like you can read characters,” Alexandra scoffed.

“I can read that you are in fact, very much bitter,” he said.

“Thanks for noticing,” she said sarcastically which made the man before her look at her like he was trying to find the pieces to a puzzle.

“What are you doing here dressed like that in a snow storm?” he asked her.

“I should be asking you the same thing...” Alexandra responded with a hard look on her face and the man before her just grinned sarcastically.

“What’s your name?” she asked him.

“I don’t give any information about myself off to strangers,” he said which made Alexandra purse her lips into a thin line out of frustration.

“You should get going. I’m not going to be here to save you again,” he said as he started walking away.

“I didn’t need your help!” she retorted but he didn’t respond as he disappeared into the darkness.

She wanted to ask why he wouldn’t be here and where he was going but she was sure he was just going to leave her hanging in the rudest way possible by referring to her as a stranger.

“I don’t give any information about myself off to strangers,” she mimicked him in a childish voice before kicking a stone and walking back home.

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