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Callum Lynx is a young man who works at a grocery store in his home village, Gares. After a group of samurai kidnap Callum's friend and burn down Gares, which takes the lives of his aunt and uncle, Callum decides he wants to join the samurai military in his territory and rescue his friend and avenge the deaths of his aunt and uncle. However, the task won’t be easy, as Callum will find himself in many conflicting problems.

Adventure / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Far out in the universe, lies a galaxy known as Stealtheim. The galaxy houses seven planets which were created by a group of aliens known as the Tukan, which are the most powerful beings known to man. This story takes place on a planet called Yoric, a planet mostly covered in water with several islands. One of them, being Newern...

Callum Lynx woke up to the sound of birds chirping. He turned away from the wall he was facing and looked out the window on the other side of his bedroom. A ray of sunlight was shining through the window and Callum felt some of the warmth as it shined on him a little bit. Callum sat up in his bed and brushed the sleep off of his eyes and swung his legs off of his bed before slowly standing up and stretching. He walked over to the window and looked out to the sun, which by its position, he knew it was roughly eight o'clock am. Callum suddenly smelled the scent of eggs and sausage. His aunt was making her special breakfast. Callum loves his aunt's eggs and sausage patties. The eggs were always nice and hot along with the sausage patties, which were juicy and delicious. Callum put on a pair of ragged pants and a loose shirt and quickly combed his short brown hair before making his way downstairs. Callum walked into the kitchen, just as his aunt was putting his plate down on the table. His aunt turned around and saw Callum walking to the table.

"Good morning, Cal. I was just about to go up there to wake you up." said his aunt.

"Good morning, Aunt Nya. Is Uncle Maek out on the farm already?" asked Callum. Nya nodded her head with a smile.

"He got up bright and early."

Callum inhaled both the eggs and sausages within minutes. Too bad mum and dad can't have these anymore, though Callum. Both of his parents were killed while they were hunting when Callum was only four years old. Luckily, his aunt and uncle lived nearby and took care of him at their farm near Gares. Callum's hometown was destroyed by a group of raiders and was never rebuilt. Uncle Maek tends to his farm as his wife Nya works at a tavern in Gares.

"Are you ready for another long day at work?" asked Nya. Callum shook his head and rubbed his eyes.

"Not yet, I'm still pretty tired." said Callum.

"Well, I'm sorry to say Cal, but you need to make money one way or another if you want to be able to live and afford a house like this." Nya mentioned. Nya and Maek's house wasn't too large. It had a second floor but only contained Callum's room and his aunt and uncles along with a bathroom. The downstairs had a kitchen, living room, and a small guest room. After Callum had a second plate of eggs and sausage along with some water, he went back up to his room to put his work clothes on before going back downstairs and hugging his aunt goodbye and kissing her cheek.

"I'm going to say hello to uncle Maek before I go too. I'll be back by late afternoon. I love you, aunt Nya" says Callum as he walks out the front door.

"I love you too, Cal"

Callum scans the fields and sees his uncle near the barn grabbing some farm tools. He walks over to his uncle and raises his fist for a fist bump. Maek turned and smiled, returning the fist bump.

"Good morning, buddy. You already eat?"

"Yep, I sure did."

"You off to work now?

"Yep, and I would much rather work here than at the store because the only work I do there is stand around and exchange money with people who buy things, which that gets old really quick." Callum explains. Maek chuckled and lifted his foot to rest it on the edge of the shovel he held and then rested his hands on the handle of it.

"Trust me, Cal, it gets old shoveling dirt and planting more crops all day everyday." says Maek.

"I'd rather be working out here with you however." Callum replies.

"Alright, you should probably start making your way to work. You don't want to get there too late." said Maek.

"Okay, I'll see you later, uncle Maek." said Callum, giving his hand to his uncle to shake. Maek shook Callum's hand and then watched his nephew walk away towards Gares.

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