Callum Lynx

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Chapter 11

Phoenix entered the armory and saw two armor stands with black samurai armor racked up, with one of them having a golden phoenix insignia on the helmet and body armor. Phoenix smiled, picturing himself wearing the armor.

"Feel free to go ahead and put it on. Wait till you see your katana and wakizashi, among your other weapons." said Jet before turning and leaving the room. After getting all the armor on, Phoenix felt like a new person. He felt stronger, more in control, and even invincible. He held the face mask in his hand and walked out of the armory, where Jet and another samurai general were standing. Jet literally opened his mouth in awe at Phoenix.

"You are looking pretty good in that armor, mate." said the general.

"Thank you." Phoenix replied, rolling his shoulders back in forth as he tested the mobility of the armor. The general stepped forward and raised his hand.

"My name is Torl, by the way." said the general as he and Phoenix shook hands.

"Torl and I have been talking about ranking you up to general, Phoenix." Jet started. Phoenix opened his eyes wide.

"That would be great, but wouldn't it be better if I rise through the ranks like any other samurai, because it wouldn't be fair for the others, even you guys. And it's me that is saying this." Phoenix explained. Jet nodded his head slowly while Torl shifted his stance a little bit.

"You are right, I agree with you on what you said, my friend. But Shogun Kaz himself has mentioned you becoming one of his generals if you were to ever come over here." Torl said.

"Okay, I'll be fine with it, but I hope nobody else here is going to target me for it." Phoenix said. Jet let himself smile.

"No one will, and even if they do, you know what to do. Now let's go get yourself some weapons, General."

"Alright Cal, give me what you've got." said Vilija, throwing her fists up. Callum hesitated before making a move. Today, Callum was allowed to be off samurai duty and do whatever he wanted, and he was going to go see Ketra. But at the last possible second, Vilija came and knocked on his door and asked for him to spar her. Callum didn't want to say yes, but knew if he said no, Vilija would still make him anyway. So he got his training armor on and followed her outside the temple in the training yard.
Callum raised his fists and looked at Vilija. Never hit a girl a day in my life, and I'm seriously debating just picking up my bokken and asking if we can practice striking and blocking, Callum thought as he looked over at the wooden katana that he also brought with him after seeing Vilija with hers.
"Come on, Cal. I'm letting you make the first move here. We can play with the swords later." Vilija snapped Callum back into attention. Callum let out a sigh. Well, there's a first time for everything. Callum stepped forward and feinted a high punch, expecting for Vilija to raise her guard to block it. But Vilija knew what Callum was trying to do and blocked his right cross using a double bone block. Callum was surprised when Vilija blocked the punch and saw her raise her knee for a strike. Callum pushed her knee down with both hands, and didn't see her fist flying towards his face. Vilija stopped the punch before it could hit Callum.
"Don't block a kick with both hands, because it will leave your face exposed." said Vilija as she stepped back and got into another fighting stance. Callum shook his head and waited for her to make the first move. He felt a lot of sweat underneath his training helmet already, and they haven't been sparring long. Vilija jumped forward with a front kick, which Callum sidestepped and pushed away with one of his hands. Vilija popped a quick jab at Callum, who blocked the punch and countered with a left hook, hitting Vilija on the side with only half of his strength. Vilija jumped back and nodded her head and clapped once, giving Callum quick applaud. Callum threw a round kick followed by a spinning hook kick. Vilija blocked the first kick, but didn't catch the hook kick coming. Callum stopped his foot inches from Vilija's face.
"How'd you like that?" asked Callum, lowering his foot. Vilija let out a laugh.
"Not very much if you actually hit me with it." Vilija replied. Callum smiled. Crap, I'm actually starting to like this girl too. Vilija wiped some sweat off of her chin and without another second to waste, threw a heavy barrage of punches. Callum blocked most of the punches, but was caught off guard when Vilija feinted another knee strike. Callum lowered his left hand to block it, which allowed Vilija to quickly throw an uppercut into Callum's stomach before turning around and pushing the samurai back with a back kick. Callum felt the air rush out of his lungs as he stumbled and then fell onto his back. He laid on the ground, trying to catch his breath. Dang she's good, Callum thought as he saw Vilija walk up to him and held out her hand. Callum grabbed her hand and she helped lift him up.
"Good match, Cal." said Vilija, patting him on the back.
"Thanks." Callum was able to breathe out as he took his helmet off.
"Come on, I didn't hit you that hard." Vilija joked. Callum looked up at Vilija with a confused look.
"It was still enough to knock the wind out of me." Callum retorted.
"But if I were to have kicked you with all my strength you wouldn't be standing right now. Or breathing. Shogun Lekkyu isn't the only one with extremely powerful kicks. He was the one who trained me on kicks instead of Tito." said Vilija.
"What's the secret?" asked Callum.
"That's between Lekkyu and me." Vilija replied. Callum wiped his sweat off of his face.
"As much as I want to spar with you more, I'd actually rather go meditate. You can go, Cal." said Vilija before leaving in the opposite direction. Callum looked up at Vilija as she walked away. Meditate for what? Well, I probably shouldn't be talking because I'm going to my dorm and meditate my breath back, Callum thought as he walked over to grab his bokken before going back into the temple.

Phoenix slid the scabbard off of the katana just enough to see the blade. It shined under the light of the lantern. Another golden phoenix insignia was on the scabbard, which was black in color, matching Phoenix's armor. He slid the scabbard back on all the way and slid it through his belt on the side of his armor. There was a sudden knock on Phoenix's dorm door.
"Hey, Phoenix. It's Jet. Shogun Kaz wants you to come to the throne room." said Jet. Phoenix walked out of his dorm and closed the door behind him before locking it.
"Let's go." said Phoenix.

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