Callum Lynx

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Chapter 13

After the venison was hot and ready to eat, Ketra took another large plate and sat the venison down on it. She motioned for Callum to sit down and handed him a knife. Callum noticed how Ketra handed him the knife handle first. That's weird, not very many people here know how to properly hand someone a knife like that, the samurai thought.

"Thank you, for making this. You can take a piece of it first." said Callum, being polite. Ketra nodded and pierced the meat with her knife and slid the knife through cleanly in a straight line. She took her fork and held the other side of the piece of venison and quickly placed it on her plate. Callum took a chunk as well and began cutting it into individual pieces.

"Oh, I can't believe I forgot. Do you want ale, wine, or water?" Ketra asked abruptly, standing up and walking over to her bed again, pulling the chest the venison was in back out and opening it.

"I'll have water, thank you." said Callum. Ketra pulled out two tankards from the chest before sliding it back under her bed. Ketra sat one of the tankards next to Callum, who opened it and took a drink from the water. The water was nice and cold, feeling good against Callum's dry throat.

"To answer your questions from earlier, I work two jobs because I need the money for my family. You see, I grew up in a poor family, my dad would work long shifts, morning to night, and would only get ten coins in return, and let me not forget to mention, he would get those ten coins at the end of each week. My mom would stay home and feed my brothers and I with the coin my dad made." Ketra began. Callum nodded and took a bite of venison. After a moment, Ketra spoke again.

"Eventually, when I got old enough to work, I went from building to building in the village we lived in, but no one would take me, as the jobs there were overstaffed. So I decided to go to another village called Bannerfield, and the local tavern accepted me, and I receive twenty-five coins from it a week. I figured I could also work another job, and help make even more coin, so I came over here to Felshire, and took up vending, and with that, I receive fifteen coins at the end of the week, but I'll take it. Every three weeks I send half the coin I make over to my dad so he can feed my mom and brothers much easier." Ketra continued as she ate, taking a long drink once she finished the sentence. Callum shook his head.

"I'm sorry to hear that. I'm glad you are doing what you are doing though, and helping your family out. I'm sure they really appreciate it." said Callum. Ketra smiled as she took another bite of meat.

"They are. I may have to work my fingers to the bone some weeks, but it is worth it." Ketra replied. Callum took a bite of his last piece of venison and got a second chunk. He completely forgot about asking Ketra about the mage.

Meanwhile, four shadows scaled the wooden wall surrounding Felshire and then crouched in the darkness of the night, concealing themselves from the naked eye. One of the shadows crawled onto the roof of the blacksmith shop and looked around the village. As he was looking around, another shadow crawled up beside him.

"Remember, Dzin. Phoenix wants that one samurai guy dead and the girl, Ketra, I believe her name is, alive and brought back to him." said one of the shadows. Dzin nodded his head and smiled from under the hood.

"I know. The hard part will be trying to find these two targets." said Dzin. He turned his head and looked into the shadows behind the blacksmith shop and waved his hand forward. The other two Shadowcloaks made their way up to Dzin and the other member.

"I want you two to make your way to the other side of the village. We need to keep an eye out in the village for a little bit first before we go into that temple." Dzin explained. The two other members nodded before quickly turning and making their way to the other semi circle of the village.

Vilija was patrolling along the bamboo balcony of the temple, looking out at the village and making sure no one tried to climb over the stone wall and into the temple courtyard. She saw the moonlight shining down onto the stone wall and the tip of the naginata's the samurai carried at the stone wall gates. Vilija stopped walking for a moment and leaned onto the railing of the balcony and looked at the villagers walking to their houses and the others coming out of the taverns when something caught her eye. She looked at the roof of the blacksmith shop and noticed two shadowy figures crouched down overlooking the village as well. She blinked several times to make sure she knew what she saw. Vilija noticed they were looking to her left, and she turned her head in the direction as well, and noticed two people leaving the inn. Vilija recognized one of them immediately as Ketra. She looked at the other figure and saw the short brown hair and the ragged pants. It was then that Vilija recognized the other figure as Callum. The samurai looked back at the crouched figures on the rooftop she saw before and noticed they were beginning to descend from the roof. Vilija then saw two more appear from the top of the tavern, which was several buildings away from Callum and Ketra.
"Oh, shoot." said Vilija before turning around and bolting into the temple.

"Thanks for hanging out with me for a little bit, Cal. I really appreciate it." said Ketra, opening the door to her room and letting Callum out first.
"No problem, if you want, we can do it again whenever I'm not on duty or anything." Callum suggested. Ketra smiled.
"Yeah, I would love to do it again." Ketra replied. Callum looked back at the door to Ketra's room and then the number 35.
"You want to know something kinda funny, Ketra?" Callum started as he opened the door to the inn and let Ketra out first.
"What?" Ketra asked.
"Your room number is the same as my dorm number in the temple." Callum said.
"Really?" Ketra said in surprise.
"Yeah, not even kidding. When you wrote the number down on that piece of paper, I was shocked. At first I thought it was some kind of joke and somehow you knew about my dorm number." Callum laughed as he spoke. He was unaware that several concealed eyes were gazing down on him and Ketra as they were walking down the streets. It was about 9:30 pm and villagers were beginning to make their way home for the night. The streets were less crowded, and it was easier to walk down them without accidentally bumping into anyone. As Callum and Ketra reached the stalls, Callum spun around in front of Ketra.
"Well, I'm not going to make you walk with me all the way to the temple entrance and have you walk all the way back to the inn by yourself so I'm gonna let you go here." Callum began. The samurai was completely oblivious to the shadow that was crouched behind one of the stalls, waiting for the right moment to pounce on him.
"Alright, well if you want to hang out again or something, you know where to find me. But please don't tell anyone else where I live, otherwise I'm sure I'll get a lot of visitors." said Ketra. Callum nodded and raised his fist for a bump. But Ketra moved in and wrapped her arms around Callum. He was shocked and wasn't expecting Ketra to hug him. Callum hugged her back, and they stayed in that position for a little bit. Callum felt the warmth from Ketra's body transfer to his, and gently felt her breathe in and out. Eventually, she pulled back and brushed her hair back over her shoulders.
"I'll see you later, Cal." said Ketra, turning around and walking back towards the inn. Callum smiled.
"Bye, Ketra." Callum shouted back. He stood and watched her walk away. I hope her and I are getting closer too-. Callum was suddenly interrupted as he felt a hand grab his shoulder and spin him around. Callum saw a hooded figure standing there with a blade in his hand. Callum's eyes opened wide and he stepped back with his hands up.
"You're Callum Lynx, right? Oh, nevermind. You are about to have your guts spilled everywhere." said the cloaked figure. Callum saw three other figures appear from the darkness, holding blades out as well.
Whatever happens here, is not going to end well for me. That's for sure.

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