Callum Lynx

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Chapter 14

It was the worst possible moment for Callum to be ambushed. He wasn't wearing his armor, he didn't have his katana, and he was all alone besides several villagers looking at the scene. Callum looked back at Ketra, who didn't see what was happening and then looked at the hooded figure. Callum couldn't see the figure's face underneath the hood, which made him feel even more scared.

"Lars, go get the girl. Me and the other two will take this samurai. Actually, let me rephrase that. Ex samurai." said the figure standing in front of Callum.

"Kill him good, Dzin." said one of the other Shadowcloaks. The samurai raised his fists and stared straight at the hooded figure and watched as the figure named Lars rushed past him out of the corner of his eye.

"Give me your best shot." said Callum, getting into a fighting stance. He heard the figure chuckle and put his blade back into his cloak.

"Alright, this should be fun. Hit me first." said Dzin, keeping his fists lowered. Callum immediately stepped forward with a right cross, aimed at the cloaked man's head. Dzin ducked underneath the cross and countered with a jump front kick. Callum staggered back but feinted a jab at the Shadowcloak, who began to raise his hands to block. Callum used the time to come low with a round kick, however, Dzin raised his leg and checked the kick with his shin. Pain shot up the samurai's leg, as he wasn't expecting the block and bounced back on one foot.

"I'm sure a real samurai would be able to take the pain from that." Dzin mocked. Callum growled and charged forward. Dzin stepped to the side and watched the samurai rush past and into the arms of another Shadowcloak, who grabbed the samurai and locked his arms. Dzin pulled out a blade tonfa and flipped it around expertly. Callum saw Lars holding Ketra at knife point. Why does this always happen to me? I guess I'm not cut out to be a samurai like I thought I was, Callum thought as he tried to wiggle his way out of the grip.

"Have fun in the afterlife. Phoenix is very jealous of me right now." said Dzin, coming closer to Callum with the blade. Phoenix, he's behind all of this? I'm going to kill that little--, Callum didn't finish his thought and kicked back, smashing the knee of the Shadowcloak who stood behind him. Callum popped a back fist into the hooded mans face, sending them back. Callum saw Dzin rush up towards him with the blade tonfa raised. The samurai ducked under Dzin's attack and blocked the other figure's knee strike. Callum finished the other cloaked figure with a quick left to the liver and an uppercut which lifted the attacker off his feet before crashing back down on a vending stall behind him. Dzin pulled out a second blade and performed a quick demonstration of his knife skills, ending it with a backflip and a tornado kick. Callum looked around, trying to find something to use against Dzin, when he saw Vilija running up behind the Shadowcloak.

"Callum, catch!" Vilija shouted, throwing a bokken over Dzin's head. Callum reached up and caught it as Vilija jumped in the air with a flying knee strike towards Dzin. Because Dzin heard Vilija behind him, however, he instinctively ducked and let Vilija glide over top of him. Vilija landed next to Callum and pulled out her katana. Callum slid the bokken out of the wooden scabbard and held it out in front of him.

"Look it that, you got yourself a little hero. Those katana aren't going to save you from my tonfas." said Dzin. As he spoke, the two Shadowcloaks Callum took out earlier rose back to their feet. Callum heard a groan from behind him, and he turned to see Lars laying on the ground with Ketra standing over him with a knife of her own directed down at him.

"Who are these people?" Vilija snapped Callum's attention back into the three men in front of them.

"I don't know, but the one with the blade tonfa's mentioned your brother earlier, so I know he is behind this." Callum replied. Vilija shook her head.

"I can't believe him." said Vilija.

"Break time's over, I'm finishing you off, Callum!" Dzin shouted, charging forward. He swung one tonfa downward at Callum, who blocked the attack with the bokken and lowered the sword to block another attack. Dzin spun around and jumped, throwing a round kick straight towards Callum's head. The samurai ducked under the kick and bashed Dzin in the head with the handle of the katana. Dzin grunted as he staggered back and he held his face, which prevented him from seeing Callum swing his bokken right in the hooded man's face. Dzin took the head hit and fell to the ground, but was not knocked out, however. Callum spun around just in time to see Ketra get swept to her feet by Lars, who sprung himself to his feet.

"You thought you had everything under control, girl? Think again." said Lars, before throwing a quick punch into Ketra's stomach and spinning around with a hook kick. Ketra felt her jaw dislocate and she spun in the air several times before landing hard on the rocks beneath her.

"Ketra!" shouted Callum, charging straight towards Lars. Meanwhile, Vilija was defending herself from the other two Shadowcloaks. She checked one of the men's kicks before pushing him away with a front kick, knocking him into the apple stall behind him. The other Shadowcloak sent a jab which smashed into Vilija's face. Normally, the Shadowcloak was used to knocking the opponent out with his jab, but because Vilija was wearing protective head gear, it only fazed her. Vilija swung her katana fast and hard at her attacker, who ducked underneath it and followed through with a no handed cartwheel. Show off, Vilija thought as she watched the Shadowcloak, waiting for him to attack. She quickly glanced over at the temple and saw one of the sentries give her a quick salute. Before she ran down to rescue Callum, Vilija told the sentries at the temple that they can only come help if she or Callum are knocked down. She knew that she and Callum can take care of the enemies on their own.

"Awww, are you in love with her?" Lars mocked as he ducked Callum's multiple attacks. Callum swung his bokken frantically, not even caring if he was being precise with his attacks or not. After seeing Ketra get hurt, he became enraged and wasn't able to think straight until after he finished off the Shadowcloak who hurt Ketra. Lars blocked Callum's down strike with his knife and punched Callum in the ribs. Callum took the pain and threw his knee into the Shadowcloak's groin before slamming the bokken into the man's guts and spinning around with a back kick. Lars fell back and hit the ground, the wind knocked out of him. Callum turned and ran over to Ketra and helped her up.

"Ketra, are you okay?" asked Callum, out of breath. Ketra nodded and popped her jaw back in place.

"Yeah, are you?" Ketra replied. Callum nodded his head. Ketra was about to say something else, but opened her mouth wide and pointed behind Callum. The samurai had no time to turn around and felt something strike the back of his head. Callum dropped on his knees and let go of his bokken as he grabbed the back of his head. He looked up at Ketra, and saw her launch in the air with a jump spin back kick, knocking Lars back. She then charged forward with several attacks with her own knife, slashing Lars several times before finishing him with a five-forty degree round kick, knocking Lars out for good. What in the world was that, Callum thought as he got to his feet. Ketra saw the look on Callum's face as she put her knife underneath her jacket.

"I'll tell you after all this is settled." said Ketra, staring ahead at the fight a short distance away. Callum saw Shogun Lekkyu along with his generals marching forward towards Vilija and the other Shadowcloak, who were exchanging blows. Callum and Ketra also made their way over as well. Dzin started getting to his feet once more, but Vilija saw him and spun around with a spinning hook kick and knocking him out for real. The Shadowcloak Vilija was currently fighting was about to pounce on the samurai when suddenly an arrow pierced through his chest, dropping him within a second. Vilija saw the Shadowcloak drop and looked up at Lekkyu and the generals.

"How many of them were there?" asked Lekkyu, eyeing the whole scene.

"There were four of them. The other one was down there." said Callum, pointing his thumb in the direction of Lars. The shogun nodded.

"Take the three over to the temple dungeons, the dead one can be discarded into the river outside the village." said Lekkyu, before turning back around and walking back toward the temple. Callum turned to look at Ketra, but only to find her walking back to the inn. Several curious villagers were still standing watching the whole scene. Callum walked over to Vilija and handed her the bokken back.

"Hey, thanks for the help. I really appreciated it. I owe you one." said Callum. Vilija took her helmet and face mask off, sweat dripping from her face.

"Don't worry about it, you don't owe me anything. Do you know where the scabbard for this is?" asked Vilija, holding up the bokken. Callum pointed over to the scabbard, which was laying near one of the wrecked vending stalls. Vilija nodded and walked over to pick it up. Callum looked off and saw the generals dragging the Shadowcloaks away into the temple.

I'm going to get information from the one who attacked me. Dzin, I believe his name was? I'll make sure Phoenix get's his payback, Callum thought, his fists clenched next to his waist.

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