Callum Lynx

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Chapter 15

"Shogun, what are we going to do with the three cloaked people?" asked Tito, who kneeled before Lekkyu. The shogun placed his hand under his chin, thinking.

"Either let them serve some time in the dungeons just like every other prisoner in there or take them out in several days and have them commit seppuku out in the courtyard." Lekkyu replied.

"I thought only samurai can perform that ritual, Shogun? Those men aren't samurai, they're just a bunch of random people who attacked Callum Lynx and Vilija Jorgensen." said Kr'aska, joining the conversation.

"Exactly, they attacked my samurai. Yes, it is a ritual that is usually reserved for us samurai only, but I can still have non-samurai perform the ritual too." said the shogun. Kr'aska shifted the naginata in his hands.

"Okay, so does that mean we will have the new prisoners disembowel themselves now?" asked Tito, still kneeling in front of the shogun.

"Yes, but not now. Let's wait for several days. I still want them to stand behind bars for a little bit." said Lekkyu.

"Hei" said Tito and Kr'aska in unison. Tito stood back up and walked down the flight of steps and out of the throne room. Right after he left, Callum entered, wearing his full armor, minus the face mask. Callum walked up the flight of steps and then kneeled in front of Lekkyu.

"What is it, Cal?" asked Shogun Lekkyu in a light friendly tone.

"May I speak to the people that attacked me last night?" Callum spoke. Kr'aska looked down at Callum with a confused look.

"I'm sorry, Cal. But I don't normally let any samurai down there besides my generals or my assigned sentries." Lekkyu replied.

"I don't mean to be argumentative with you or anything, Shogun. But the reason I asked is because one of the people mentioned Phoenix. Phoenix Jorgensen, the one that attacked me in the halls a couple weeks ago." Callum began. Lekkyu leaned forward in this throne.

"Tell me more." said the shogun.

"I wanted to see if Phoenix is behind this and get to the bottom of it all. I also want to see who these people really are and why they were in on it." Callum finished. Lekkyu nodded and sat back. Kr'aska looked over at Lekkyu and then back at Callum.

"General, I want you to go down there with Callum. I'll let him get the information he wants. However, after twenty minutes, lead Callum back out." said Lekkyu, looking over at Kr'aska, who bowed towards him. Lekkyu then looked at Callum and signaled for him to stand back up.

"Report back to me with whatever information you have. I'm curious myself now too." said Shogun Lekkyu with a smile.

"Hei, shogun." said Callum with a bow.

Dzin woke up in a dimly lit room. He looked around, his eyes adjusting to the darkness. Dzin slowly got to his feet and felt sore everywhere, due to him being dragged all the way to the dungeon cell. He noticed the bamboo poles lined up and a bamboo door, which kept him from exiting the cell. Dzin looked through the poles and saw other prison cells, along with torches placed every so often on the walls. Samurai sentries were pacing through the darkness, armed with the keys to the cages and only their katana. Dzin turned around and pulled back his hood, revealing a garb wrapped around his face minus his eyes. Dzin pulled the garb off of his face and ran a hand through his short yet somewhat bushy hair.

"Phoenix and Shogun Kaz aren't going to be too pleased with me and the others." Dzin muttered to himself. Dzin was placed in charge of the squad that went after Callum and Ketra after being paid five hundred coin by Phoenix. They were given five days to kill Callum and bring Ketra back to Phoenix, however, things didn't go as planned. In Dzin's guild, a failed mission would mean death to the entire squad. No ands, ifs, nor buts about. Dzin had know idea where the rest of his squad was, but he knew Wolfgang and his top assassins would start hunting Dzin and his squad down in four days.

"Hey, you!" shouted a voice in the darkness. Dzin quickly spun around and reached for his blade tonfa, but couldn't find it anywhere in his cloak. Crap, they took my weapons, Dzin thought as he scanned ahead of him.

"You, in the cell right across from me!" The voice shouted again, echoing through the dungeons. Dzin moved closer to the edge of the cell only after putting his garb on and throwing his hood back up.

"What do you want, scum?" asked Dzin in an annoyed tone.

"You are about to have the worst days of your life in here. If you plan on ever leaving here, you are wrong." said the voice. Dzin squinted into the cell ahead, and saw a silver armored figure behind the bamboo poles of their cell.

"Who are you? What do you want?" Dzin shook the bamboo poles, hoping they would snap, but they would only bend slightly.

"I'm not giving you a name, but I'll let you know I've nearly destroyed every single army on this island by myself." said the silver armored figure.

"No way, I don't believe that." said Dzin.

"You don't have to, my friend. You can ask the samurai in this dungeon, however, and they will say it is true." the armored man said.

"First, I'm not your friend. Second, how were you able to fight every army on this island on your own? You do realize that there are still five armies here, right?" Dzin brought up, starting to get angry for really no reason.

"Shut up down there!" a voice rang out through the dungeons. Dzin assumed it was one of the samurai sentries.

"It's been fifty years since I've been out there. Tell me, do you want to hear a story?" the armored man asked.

"No" Dzin immediately rejected.

"I'm going to tell you anyway." said the man. Dzin quickly threw up his hands, giving up.

"Seventy years ago, Newern, was still being explored by the people who first discovered it." the man started.

"I know the name of the island I live on, you didn't have to tell me that." Dzin muttered under his breath.

"Originally, there were no samurai armies on this island. There were knights, led by the kings and queens. Around that time, the fifth territory had yet to be discovered, and back then, we called the sections of land, kingdoms." The man explained.

"Shut up" Dzin muttered yet again.

"I was trained by one of the most legendary swordsman in the galaxy, Arch Malnoram. I believe he might still be alive, anyway. He gave me this set of armor, which is impenetrable. Even the sharpest sword can't pierce through this. Plus, the only openings in the armor are too small for a sword to penetrate. And the sword I carried, crap I can't remember the name of it." said the armored man, becoming quiet for a moment. Dzin looked up from his feet over at the man. Please be quiet, I don't want to hear anymore of your boring story, Dzin thought.

"The Vassenvuud, that's what it is. Anyway, Arch taught me everything he knew, and I wanted to rule this island for myself. So I defeated three out of the four armies of knights, and killed the kings and queens single handedly, until I came across the fourth army, which one of the knights had this weird power and---"

"Shut Up!" Dzin shouted as he sprung to his feet and lunged over into the bamboo poles, slamming into them and making them bend a bit. The armored man looked at Dzin in shock.

"Uhh, rude. I wasn't finished." said the man.

"Yeah, and I don't want you to finish your stupid story. It doesn't matter to me one bit. If I hear one more word from you, I will break through this cell door and kill you with my bare hands, how would you like that!" Dzin screamed, pounding his fists onto the bamboo poles after each sentence. The armored man slowly stepped back into the darkness, remaining silent.

"That's what I thought." Dzin said under his breath before walking back to the other side of his cell.

"One of them is over there at the far end of the corridor. The other two are still unconscious." said a voice from down the hall. Does nobody here know how to keep quiet, Dzin asked himself in his head. Dzin saw the reflection of a shadow sprawled out on the floor outside of his cell. Dzin glanced at the end of the bamboo poles, waiting for someone to appear. Finally, a samurai walked over and peered through the poles. Dzin was unable to make out who it was underneath the red and gold armor.

"What?" Dzin asked from the shadows.

"Perfect, you are just the one I wanted." said the samurai. Dzin recognized the samurai's voice. It was the one he tried to kill. Callum Lynx.

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