Callum Lynx

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Chapter 16

Dzin stood up and walked over towards Callum, just enough for the samurai to see him. He saw the katana and wakizashi clipped on the left side of the samurai and then looked up at Callum's face, which was in a look of determination. Dzin scanned Callum's red and gold armor and noticed some of the openings in it, such as the front side of the neck, some openings on the legs and some on the sides of his body.

"That armor of yours has enough openings for me to be able to kill you in seconds." Dzin greeted Callum.

"With what? Your fingernails?" Callum asked.

"Trust me, I can still kill you with my bare hands. I threatened whoever it is in the cell behind you that I will kill them with my hands too." Dzin spoke. Callum looked at the cell behind himself and saw the silver armored prisoner sitting on the ground crisscrossed.

"I believe we have a mutual friend, by the name of Phoenix Jorgensen." Callum started, turning back around to face the Shadowcloak in the prison cell before him. Dzin said nothing and shifted his feet.

"Was he the one that sent you to kill me and Ketra?" Callum questioned. Dzin smiled underneath his garb.

"Technically, we were only suppose to kill you and take Ketra back to Phoenix, but as you can tell, that didn't end up happening. If it weren't for your stupid girlfriend to come by and throw you your little wooden sword, I would have been able to kill you then and there myself." Dzin replied. Callum rested his hand on the hilt of his katana. He really wanted to give Dzin a taste of his own medicine.

"A, she isn't my girlfriend. And B, it's called a bokken, if you want to be technical, like you were just now." Callum retorted.

"I know what it's called, Callum. I'm not stupid. Now let me out of here so we can finish our fight." Dzin said.

"Not happening." said Callum, moving away from the cell a bit. Dzin shook his head.

"You're so meeeeaaaaaannnn." Dzin whined, sitting down and throwing his hands on the ground.

"Wow, that's a man-child right there for ya." said Kr'aska, who just walked up behind Callum. Dzin looked at the samurai general and then at his naginata.

"That weapon of yours, would prove very useless in a fight against anyone." said Dzin, nodding his head towards the pole weapon. Kr'aska spun the naginata around in his hand and stepped back from Callum and the prison cell before twirling the naginata expertly and thrusting the weapon into invisible enemies.

"Actually, I've killed over a thousand enemies with this weapon." Kr'aska mentioned, moving back over to Callum.

"Yeah, very dumb people. Anyone could dodge an attack from that thing." said Dzin.

"It's called a naginata." Callum added.

"Shut up! I know what it's called, do you seriously think I'm that stupid?" Dzin asked, throwing his arms out wide. Callum smirked.

"If you know what it was called then why did you call it a thing?" Callum asked.

"I'll kill you when I get released from this cell, is that answer good enough for you? Or would you like a better one?" Dzin threatened.

"You don't intimidate me one bit, buddy. So stop trying." said Kr'aska. Dzin pointed a thumb at the general.

"I promise you will be my next kill after that Callum." Kr'aska shook his head and turned around.

"Cal, you've got about fifteen minutes left." said Kr'aska before walking down the dimly lit corridor. Callum looked back into the cell, and jumped back in shock after looking directly into Dzin's concealed face.

"Why do you get so scared?" asked Dzin. Callum quickly threw his hands out and back to his sides.

"Are you expecting a kiss from me or something?" asked the samurai.

"Eww, no. Gross." said Dzin turning around and shaking his head. This is going to take much longer than fifteen minutes to get anything else from this guy, Callum thought as he let out a long sigh.

"What are you sighing about? Are you sad I didn't want a kiss from you?" Dzin said, smiling beneath his garb.

"Why are you like this? Seriously, why?" Callum asked.

"Maybe I want to be. Why are you still here anyway?" the Shadowcloak questioned.

"Has Phoenix explained why he wanted you to kill me?" Callum said in a low voice.

"No, he just gave us your name and description, along with the girls, plus the coin." Dzin replied.

"Do you want to know why he sent you to kill me and get Ketra?" Callum asked.

"To be, I don't. I really don't want to hear a boring story. I'm going to sleep because I'm exhausted." said Dzin, walking back into the darkness of the cell. Callum wrapped both of his hands around the bamboo poles of the prison cell and leaned forward after looking down towards Kr'aska and the other samurai sentries.

"Dzin. Can you hear me?" Callum whispered into the darkness.

"What?" Dzin replied, speaking loudly.

"I'm sneaking in here tomorrow night and potentially make a deal with you." Callum whispered as he kept looking down the corridor.

"What kind of deal?" Dzin asked from the shadows.

"You'll see." said Callum, letting go of the poles and then walking away from the cell.

"What do you mean they aren't back yet?" Jet asked as him and Phoenix were walking back from the dining room after eating breakfast. Phoenix shrugged his shoulders.

"I absolutely thought that the Shadowcloak people would be back by now with Ketra, I mean, it's a simple task in my opinion and it really should have only taken one night." said Phoenix. It's been a full day since Phoenix payed some Shadowcloaks to go after Callum and Ketra. The black clad samurai with the phoenix insignia desperately wanted his girlfriend back after not seeing her for a couple weeks. Phoenix also wanted his rival, Callum dead.

"Maybe they are on their way back right now and ran into a problem or something. Give them some time, Phoenix. They'll be here before you know it." Jet helped calm Phoenix a bit as he and his younger cousin entered the throne room.

"I know their leader, Wolfgang, has given them five days to complete this assignment, so if they aren't back by the end of this week, then he is going to find the squad he sent and kill them." said Phoenix. As the two samurai made their way up the steps leading to Shogun Kaz's throne, Phoenix noticed a well-built samurai kneeling in front of Kaz with a black and red hood on instead of the usual kabuto. The hooded samurai appeared to not have any weapons equipped to him. Phoenix and Jet stopped behind the unusual samurai and looked at Kaz.

"With those powers you have, we will be an unstoppable army. Actually, you will be an army on your own." said Kaz, smiling down at the kneeling samurai.

"It's too bad the mage went crazy after casting a spell on me, otherwise he would have given the rest of your army the same powers as me." said the hooded samurai. Jet and Phoenix both looked at each other and shared the same thought. Powers?

"Awww, it's nice to see some of my cousins again. I believe you haven't met my other generals yet." said the shogun, looking up at Jet and Phoenix before nodding his head towards them. The hooded samurai stood up and turned around. The samurai pulled down the hood, revealing a young man with his dirty blond hair cut very low and a half serious, half interested expression on his face. The samurai bowed in front of Jet and Phoenix before sticking out his hand.

"What are your names?" asked the samurai with a smile.

"I'm Phoenix, this is my cousin Jet, and you are?" Phoenix returned, shaking the samurai's hand.


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