Callum Lynx

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Chapter 17

"Jerall is our samurai mage. He was originally our prisoner, but I felt like he could be useful, so I let him out of his cell, and brought a friend of mine over here who was one of the greatest mages on Newern to help give Jerall some powers." said Shogun Kaz, scratching his goatee. Jet nodded his head in approval while Phoenix scanned the mage once again.
"I don't know why, but after the mage casted the spell on me, he started freaking out and just vanished into thin air, literally. He disappeared right in front of me, and I haven't seen him since." said Jerall, looking at Phoenix.
"Maybe it was some kind of side effect or something." Jet suggested. Jerall nodded and rubbed the back of his head.
"So, you said your name is Phoenix, right?" asked Jerall, looking at the image of the bird on the general's chest plate. Phoenix nodded.
"I like your armor, it looks pretty cool with that phoenix on there." said Jerall, quickly pointing at the insignia.
"Thank you." Phoenix returned with a smile.
"Shogun Kaz said you had beef with a samurai named Callum Lynx. He told me you lost your girlfriend because of him." Jerall started. Phoenix nodded his head and shifted his stance.
"Yeah, I have a squad of Shadowcloaks who are supposed to be bringing her back to me soon and killing Callum." Phoenix explained. Jerall smiled.
"Well, believe it or not. I actually used to be good friends with him." said Jerall. Both Phoenix and Jet opened their eyes wide.
"You serious?" Jet questioned. Jerall quickly nodded.
"Oh yeah, I used to run a grocery store with him, we would go hunting together. We were brothers. However, I was taken by some samurai here, and Shogun Kaz allowed me to live outside the prison cell and get paid to be a part of this samurai army. That's really all I could ask for, you know?" Jerall explained.
"If there is a chance we would run into Callum again, will you kill him yourself?" asked Phoenix, his tone turning serious. Jerall reached up and scratched his head.
"Possibly, but you and Callum have a bigger rivalry, so I would let you take him." Jerall replied. Phoenix smiled.
"I was hoping you would say that." said the general.
"What kind of spells can you cast, Jerall?" Jet asked.
"A lot of things. I have fire, ice, lightning, wind, and water based skills. Those are just a few though, as I can cast more spells too. Speaking of which, I'll need to train in a bit because I haven't really practiced all of them fully yet." Jerall replied.
"I need to see this." Jet said in an excited voice. Shogun Kaz looked at Jerall and Jet with a smile.
"Go train together, I don't have anything I need you to do right now." said Kaz. Jerall and Jet bowed towards the shogun before heading out of the throne room. Phoenix moved a little closer to Kaz once the two were out of the room.
"Are you sure we can trust Jerall, Shogun? I mean, no offense to the guy, I just don't know if he will try and turn against us if he does get in contact with Callum again." Phoenix asked. Kaz looked up at Phoenix.
"He won't. I made a deal with Jerall that if he were to try something like that, then he will have a large bounty on his head. I know when you asked him if he would kill Callum, he said possibly, but I told him that Callum is your kill only." the shogun replied.
"Good, I just wanted to make sure. And thank you, because to be honest, if he was about to kill Callum, I would shove Jerall out of the way."

Callum slowly opened his dorm door after grabbing his keys. It was that time when every samurai minus the sentries were to go to their dorms for the night. Callum wore only a pair of pants and a dark tank top as he didn't want to make a ton of noise with his armor while sneaking to the temple dungeons. Callum slowly closed the door and locked it before crouching beside the wall and making his way to the end. The young samurai looked both ways before making his turn and snuck down the dark hall. Callum knew that every night, the sentries would walk up and down each and every corridor and if they were to catch anyone sneaking around, they would immediately be sent to Shogun Lekkyu for punishment.
Luckily for Callum, however, he knew the different times each sentry would enter a specific hallway because of Vilija, since she is sometimes assigned to be on night patrol too. Callum carefully made the rest of the way to the dungeon door and opened it. He peeked into the large dark room, and after seeing no sentries, Callum walked into the dimly lit dungeon and closed the door. As he turned around from the door, he suddenly heard two of the sentries in the dungeon begin a conversation.
"Eww, do you see that prisoner slouching in the back there?"
"No, where?"
"Right there, the one right next to you, you dumb little--"
"Ohh, I see it. Is he rotting away?"
"Yes, I'm assuming we had him here for a long time and never really gave two flying--"
"Hey, don't you dare say what you were about to say, you know the shogun hates that kind of talk."
"I was just going to say craps, calm down."
"Yeah, suuuuurree you were."
Callum slowly turned the corner and saw the two sentries talking at the other end of the corridor. Their voices bounced off the walls, which made it seem like they were closer than they really were. Before Callum could head over to Dzin's cell, he needed a cell key, and the only way to get one is from the sentries. I need a plan, I should've thought about this before I left my dorm, Callum thought as he looked around the area. He saw the stairs that led to another floor containing prison cells and saw a third sentry sitting at a table with her back facing the stairs. Callum looked back down the hallway to make sure the two sentries didn't see him before Callum quickly ran across the intersection and up the steps, skipping two at a time until he reached the top.
Callum crouched back down and eyed the sentry at the table for the keys. He eventually saw several keys hanging from her belt. Callum crept behind the sentry and slowly unclipped the keys from her belt, his heart racing the entire time. After he had the keys in his hand, Callum quietly backed up and moved back down to the bottom floor. The two sentries were still in the same spot, still arguing about the dead prisoner in the cell and too busy to notice Callum. The young samurai made his way through the dimly lit corridor to Dzin's cell, and crouched in the darkest corner he could find beside the cell. Callum let out a sigh of relief.
The hard part is over, now it's time for the harder part....
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