Callum Lynx

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Chapter 19

After taking a fifteen minute nap, Dzin woke up to see Callum sleeping on the ground in a crooked position. Dzin smirked as he got up from the bed and stretched out. I need an actual weapon, Dzin thought as he looked at Callum’s armor stand and his katana. Dzin shrugged and took the wakizashi from the armor stand before putting it in his cloak. He didn’t feel like sneaking around the dungeon downstairs just for a couple blade tonfas. After exiting the dorm, Dzin snuck out of the temple after blending in with the shadows and left Felshire unnoticed.

After several hours of running in the night, Dzin finally reached the village of Knip and snuck in through one of the secret passages that led inside Shogun Kaz's temple. After he entered the small passage way, Dzin sat down on the ground and took a couple minutes to breathe and think about his plan of attack. It takes a lot for Dzin to get worried about something, however, Dzin was scared that his leader, Wolfgang, was going to send his top assassins after him. The reason being, is him not completing his assignment of killing Callum and bringing Ketra back. He only had two more nights to fulfill the contract, and once those two nights pass, Dzin will be the new contract. Dzin pulled out the wakizashi from his cloak and took several expert swings, just to get used to it.

"I don't care who it is, but whoever tries to kill me, they will for sure be getting a piece of me." Dzin spoke to himself before immediately shaking his head. That sounded better in my head, let's pretend I didn't say that dumb line, Dzin thought as he rose to his feet. The Shadowcloak was going to try sneaking into Phoenix's dorm first to see if the samurai general was there. If not, then he would have to wait till he saw Phoenix. Dzin exited the secret path he was originally using and entered the back corner of the shogun's throne room. Dzin stayed in the shadows and looked up at Kaz's throne, and saw Jet, Phoenix, Torl, and two other generals who were grouped around Kaz. Dzin locked his eyes on his target and stayed in his position. He couldn't quite hear what the group were talking about, but it also didn't really matter to him. After what felt like an eternity, Phoenix and Jet both left the group and started making their way down the steps and to the rooms exit. Dzin followed from a distance and quickly cut into another hidden passage. Dzin memorized every passageway in the temple like it was on the back of his hand, so he knew he would eventually reach Phoenix's dorm. Dzin reached the hidden door at the end of the path and opened it slowly and quietly before closing it and hiding underneath Phoenix's bed.

"Alright, well I'm going to catch some z's. Night Jet." Dzin heard Phoenix say. The Shadowcloak heard Jet say something, and assumed the general said something back to Phoenix. Dzin heard the dorm room open and footsteps walking around the room. Dzin was waiting for the best possible moment to strike, the second Phoenix took his armor off and had his back towards the assassin. Sure enough, Dzin poked his head from under the bed and saw Phoenix in his undergarments, about to put his pants on. Dzin pulled the wakizashi out and stood up, silently making his way behind the general. Dzin grabbed Phoenix's left shoulder and went to thrust the blade, when suddenly blue energy surrounded Dzin before throwing him back into a wall and landing on the bed, and causing the assassin to drop his weapon in the process. Phoenix spun around and saw Dzin and through up his fists. Dzin looked over and saw another samurai with a hood over his head standing in the doorway with his hands raised towards Dzin.

"You, what do you think you are doing?" Phoenix asked in an angry tone. Dzin couldn't utter anything as the wind was knocked out of him from slamming into the wall. The blue energy around Dzin prevented him from making any kind of movement.

"He was about to kill you, Phoenix. You're lucky I happened to swing by just in time." said the hooded samurai.

"Thanks, Jerall." Phoenix walked over and put his hand on the hooded samurai's shoulder. Jerall lowered his hands and let the energy die down around Dzin. Dzin got up from his position and eyed the wakizashi, which was laying next to Phoenix's feet. The general saw what Dzin was looking at and kicked it under his nightstand.

"Stay on the bed or I will blast you with fire." Jerall warned, raising a finger towards Dzin. The Shadowcloak pulled down his hood but left his garb on. Things were about to get intense, at least, that's what Dzin thought. Without warning, Dzin launched off the bed with a spiraling kick straight into Jerall's chest, sending him crashing through the dorm door. Before Phoenix was able to react, Dzin sent a fast uppercut into the general's jaw followed by a spinning back kick. Dzin was expecting to feel Phoenix on the other side of his foot, but instead, it was just air. Dzin spun around, right into Phoenix's flying elbow strike. Dzin was knocked out immediately and hit the ground.

"Nice save, Phoenix." Jerall croaked as he rose back to his feet.

"I'm letting Kaz know about this along with this dude's boss. Pick him up and follow me." Phoenix ordered, stepping over Dzin's unconscious body and past Jerall. The samurai mage grabbed Dzin by the waist and hoisted him up and over his shoulder before leaving the dorm. Jerall held his chest, which hurt from the Shadowcloak's kick. He looked at the dorm door, which was on the ground with several cracks running along top of it. Jerall smirked and kept walking.

"Phoenix, you alright? I heard a loud crash!" Jet shouted, rushing up to his younger cousin from down the hall.

"Yes, one of those Shadowcloaks tried to kill me, but luckily Jerall came by and rescued me. You can go back to your dorm, Jerall and I have got this." said Phoenix as he nodded back over to Jerall.

"Okay, I'm glad you are okay." Jet replied as he turned and headed back to his dorm.

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