Callum Lynx

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Chapter 20

"He tried to kill you in your own dorm?" the shogun asked, raising his voice as he inspected the still unconscious Dzin who was sprawled out on the ground.

"Yes, I saved Phoenix in the nick of time. I was coming to ask him a question and opened the door to see this assassin nearly stab Phoenix in the back." Jerall explained. Shogun Kaz shook his head in anger.

"I thought I could trust these guys. But they are mercenaries too, so I guess I should've seen that coming. Take his hood off and wake him up, I want to hear his explanation behind all of this." Kaz ordered. Phoenix bent down and lifted Dzin's head before pulling down the hood. The general then unwrapped the garb and revealed Dzin's true face. Jerall raised his hand towards Dzin, and streams of water poured out of his fingers and onto the assassin's face. Dzin jerked up in shock and tried to stand up, but Phoenix kept him down.

"You look stupid with that lame hair style, Shadowcloak." Kaz started, standing up from his throne. Dzin shook his head to get some of the water and hair out of his eyes before looking up at Kaz.

"You are about to look stupid once my hands get creative with your face." Dzin shouted, trying to wiggle his way out of Phoenix's iron grip.

"Why did you try to kill my general here?" Kaz changed the subject and gesturing towards Phoenix.

"I was paid to do so by Callum, the one I was suppose to kill in the first place." Dzin replied. Phoenix opened his eyes wide in shock and nearly started to pummel the assassin's face in, but held himself back as he wanted to let Kaz continue interrogating Dzin. Hopefully afterward, Phoenix thought to himself.

"Seriously, I feel like Callum's name is always brought up more than anyone else here." Kaz complained as he sat back down on his throne.

"I paid him and his buddies to kill Callum, and somehow my rival managed to get him to target me." Phoenix explained.

"Speaking of which, you guys are fighting over a girl, which is pathetic. You and Callum need to grow up and talk it out like men." Dzin added.

"Callum started it and----" Phoenix began but was interrupted by Dzin's voice.

"Are you really going to start complaining like a little baby now? Please don't. I'd rather be unconscious than to hear you moan about this." Dzin said.

"This is actually perfect for me now that I think about it." Kaz suddenly spoke. Phoenix, Jerall, and Dzin looked up at the shogun with a look of surprise.

"What do you mean?" Jerall asked.

"I plan on taking over every territory on this island and becoming the new emperor. And because Phoenix has a rivalry with Callum, we can begin with his territory. Before we can do that though, we need to speak with Emperor Daiyes." Kaz explained.

"Can I please be let out since I have no part in this?" Dzin asked.

"No, you are going to help us take over Callum's territory you scum." Phoenix replied.

"Looks like I have to force myself out then." said Dzin. Kaz looked down at the Shadowcloak.

"And how are you going to do that?" the shogun asked.

"Like this." Dzin replied before head butting Phoenix in the face. Phoenix cried out as he let go of Dzin and fell back. Kaz grabbed the hilt of his sword and watched as Dzin ducked under a fireball from Jerall and then jumping forward with a kick. Jerall stumbled back, and Dzin jumped in the air with a 720 degree hook kick, dropping Jerall immediately. Dzin saw Phoenix rise back to his feet along with two samurai who were previously standing by the throne room doors with arrows nocked on their bows. Kaz pulled out his sword and waited for Dzin to make a move. One of the samurai fired an arrow at Dzin, who dodged the arrow with a flip. Dzin dodged several more arrows before landing next to Phoenix and grabbing the samurai into a lock.

"Hey, get off of him!" shouted the shogun, who was about to cut Dzin down with his katana. Dzin grabbed Phoenix's katana and kicked the samurai after pulling the sword out of the scabbard. Dzin blocked Kaz's head strike and threw his knee into the shogun's chest. Dzin heard arrows release from bows, and he instinctively ducked from the arrows. Dzin ran forward and shoved Kaz backward down the stairs before flipping to the floor with the samurai archers. Dzin used the katana to block the arrows being fired at him, and eventually Dzin stabbed one of the samurai through an opening on the side of the armor. The other samurai had a look of fear on his face as he watched his partner drop to the ground, screaming and holding his side.

"You're dead!" shouted the samurai, dropping his bow and charging forward with his katana out and raised. Dzin dodged the samurai's first attack and ducked underneath the horizontal strike. Dzin kicked the samurai's knee before smashing the hilt of the katana into the samurai's uncovered face. The samurai fell back, and Dzin stabbed the katana through the samurai's face. Blood was spraying everywhere. Dzin heard movement from outside of the throne room and assumed it was back up. The Shadowcloak ran back up the stairs leading to the throne and grabbed his garb. At this time, Phoenix and Kaz were both rising back to their feet. Kaz rubbed the back of his head from hitting it on a stair, and Phoenix had blood pouring out of his nose.

"You are messing with the wrong people." said Phoenix, moving closer to Dzin.

"I honestly can say the same thing to you guys." Dzin replied. The Shadowcloak saw the throne room doors open, and a bunch of samurai piled in. Generals Torl and Jet were leading the pack.

"Guess I'll take my leave." said Dzin before throwing up his hood and bolting towards one of the secret passages and then escaping the temple.

"Shogun, Phoenix. Are you guys alright!" General Torl shouted.

"Do I look like I'm alright to you? Do those samurai look alright to you?" Phoenix responded, pointing at his nose and then at the two dead samurai. Jet rushed up the stairs and put his hand over Phoenix's nose.

"I should have come with you guys anyway." Jet said to Phoenix. Kaz walked over and helped Jerall to his feet, who was just now waking back up too. Jerall noticed Phoenix's blood dripping on his armor and walked over to the general.

"Take your hand off of his nose, I'll heal him." Jerall ordered. Jet nodded and stepped back, allowing for Jerall to cast golden colored energy at Phoenix's nose. Within seconds, Phoenix's nose stopped bleeding, and all the blood on his armor vanished.

"Thanks." said Phoenix bowing towards Jerall.

"No problem. Where did that assassin or mercenary or whatever he is go?" Jerall questioned.

"He escaped. But that's our least concerns for now. Tomorrow around noon, we will head to Emperor Daiyes and get confirmation to eliminate Shogun Lekkyu's army and claim his territory." Kaz replied.

"How will you do that?" General Torl asked from across the room.

"I've got a plan." Kaz replied.

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