Callum Lynx

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Chapter 21

Emperor Daiyes lives in the largest temple on Newern, and is located in the dead center of the island. His temple is guarded by hundreds of samurai, all of which have been trained by his best samurai, Jakar. An interesting fact about Daiyes, is that his origins aren't from the planet Yoric at all. In fact, Daiyes isn't even from the galaxy of Stealtheim. Daiyes himself has never said a word about where he came from, but explained how he and Jakar crash landed on Yoric from a spacecraft years ago. Jakar, on the other hand, mentioned another galaxy known as the Milky Way when asked where he and Daiyes came from, which some believe is where the emperor originated.

What is known about Daiyes' past, was that he was the heir to his father's throne, and when his father died for unknown reasons, Daiyes claimed the title as Emperor. According to Daiyes, all of this took place a year before he and Jakar arrived on the planet Yoric and onto the island of Newern. When the emperor and Jakar arrived on Newern, they both noticed that the population on the island was low, and there wasn't an island leader, nor any large armies. Only a few out of the many villages were in good condition, whereas the rest were in ruins after what looked like constant fighting. Daiyes ordered for Jakar to train several of the knights they came across in the way of the samurai, and after several years, more and more people trained, and the population grew on Newern once more under Daiyes' commands. The ruined villages were rebuilt, what used to be kingdoms were now simply territories led by five of Jakar's greatest samurai, and knights, kings, and queens ceased to exist on the island.

Shogun Kaz and his five generals road on horseback to the Emperor's temple. Six guards stood before the main entrance, and when they spotted the approaching samurai, two of the guards crossed their naginatas to help block the entrance while the other four stood their ground. One of the guards raised his hand to stop Kaz and his generals, in which they did.

"We are here to speak with the Emperor." Kaz stated. The guard looked back at the other generals and then back at the shogun.

"For what reason? What's with the back up too?" the guard asked, slightly nodding in the direction of the generals. Phoenix and Jet, who were side by side, looked at the guard, wondering what he meant by his last question.

"I need his permission to claim another territory, as the shogun over there has made threats and killed some of my people." Kaz explained. The guard took a step away from the shogun's horse.

"Very well. Stay right there." said the guard as he bowed before turning around and walking over to another guard. Phoenix was unable to hear what the guards were talking about, but saw the one Kaz spoke to make several hand gestures. Eventually, the guard turned around and walked back over to Kaz as the second guard headed into the temple.

"Hop off your horses and walk up to the doors. You will be escorted to the Emperor." said the guard. Shogun Kaz and the other generals climbed off of their horses and then walked up to the doors. The samurai who crossed their naginata pulled their weapons back, and the doors opened, allowing the six samurai to enter.

Callum ducked underneath the bokken and spun around to face his opponent. Vilija swung her bokken downwards, and Callum blocked the attack and countered with a diagonal cut to the left. The bokken hit Vilija's shoulder pad, and it threw her off balance a bit. Callum pulled his sword back, preparing to thrust the sword into Vilija's direction. Vilija side-stepped the thrust when she saw it and sent a horizontal slash into Callum's side.

"Oww!" Callum yelped as he bounced back. He held his side with one of his hands.

"Ow? I didn't even hit you that hard." Vilija said. She lowered her bokken and moved closer to Callum.

"It hurt a lot, are you sure you didn't go full power on me right there?" Callum asked in a slightly angry tone.

"I promise, I only went fifty percent on you, Cal." Vilija replied. Callum shook his head and grabbed the handle of his bokken with both hands again.

"Alright, one more go at this and then I'm done." said Callum, his tone still a little angry. Vilija held up her bokken. Callum got into his stance and waited for Vilija's move, but it never came.

"I'm waiting." said Vilija with a smile. Callum lunged forward with a series of cuts and strikes. Vilija back-pedaled and blocked the attacks with ease before sending a strike of her own. Callum felt the tip of the bokken smack against his solar plexus. Because he was wearing his training armor, Callum didn't get the wind knocked out of him, but he did stumbled back. Callum sent an upward diagonal strike at Vilija, who simple stepped back. The samurai feinted a front kick, in which Vilija lowered one of her hands to block. Callum used the time to send another thrust into Vilija's side.

"Nice, that's the first time you actually made contact with me throughout the entire training session." Vilija said with a smile as she took off her training helmet. Callum took his off too and felt all the sweat run off his forehead and down his face. He wiped the sweat with his arm and watched Vilija toss her blonde hair around her shoulder.

"Shouldn't we start training with other samurai here too?" Callum questioned. Vilija nodded.

"Sure, but some of them won't go easy on you like I do." Vilija replied. Callum laughed.

"As much as I want to believe you went easy on me, Vilija. You did block almost every single attack I sent you today. Plus, not to mention how hard your attacks were on me." Callum joked.

"Trust me, if I was going all out, you would be on the floor dying, Cal." Vilija snickered.

"I'm going to the bathhouse, I'll see you later Vilija." said Callum, making sure he had his bokken and helmet before leaving the training yard. Vilija watched Callum as he walked towards the temple entrance, occasionally wiping sweat off of his face with his hand. She started to like him, and was excited to see him again.

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