Callum Lynx

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Chapter 23

The Emperor's throne room was in total chaos. After Daiyes ordered Kaz and his generals to put their weapons down, Jerall, who disguised himself as one of the generals, began shooting fireballs, streaks of lightning and blasts of wind at anyone who came near him and his allies. Daiyes jumped back behind his throne and watched as his skilled samurai were thrown across the room violently by Jerall's attacks. The samurai mage contained his allies in a blue aura to protect them from his attacks.

"By order of the Emperor, surrender now!" Jakar shouted, his katana out and raised. Jerall was about to release another fireball at a wounded samurai but lowered his hands as he turned to face Jakar.

"You see how bad this looks for you guys, right?" Jerall asked.

"Surrender now while I'm giving you the chance." Jakar ordered, maintaining his composure. Jerall noticed how Jakar appeared to be extremely brave throughout this entire ordeal.

"I'm pretty sure this can go the other way around. As of right now, you only have two samurai left alive in here, and I blocked off the doors to this room so nobody can get in. So you need to surrender." said Jerall, releasing his allies from the blue aura.

"This is your last chance." Jakar uttered.

"This is going to be just as easy." Jerall said as he lifted his hand and a blast of wind sent the samurai crashing back into the far wall. The two samurai guards Jerall hasn't finished off yet began rushing towards the group.

"Phoenix, let's take 'em." said Jet, tapping his cousins shoulder. Phoenix smiled as he pulled out his sword and met up with the two samurai. Jerall saw the Emperor crouched behind the throne and made his way over to him.

"I see you, now step out." Jerall ordered. Daiyes stepped away from his throne and stood right in front of the samurai mage.

"Shogun, should we kill him or spare his life?" Jerall asked, looking back at Kaz. The shogun walked up to them and studied the emperor, who had fear in his eyes.

"Let him isolation." Kaz ordered. Daiyes looked from Jerall to Kaz and then back to the mage. Suddenly, Daiyes saw blue energy swarm around him. Daiyes immediately realized that he was trapped in an impenetrable box made of energy. The Emperor tried punching the wall of the box, but his hand bounced right back.

"You should have just given us permission, Emperor. Otherwise you wouldn't be in this situation." Kaz brought up with a smile.

"Shogun!" a voice shouted from halfway across the room. Kaz spun around and noticed Phoenix, who stood over the dead corpse of the samurai he was previously fighting.

"I can hear a large group of samurai from outside the room. We need to get out of here." Phoenix shouted.

"We need to get together so I can teleport us out. First, let me do this." said Jerall as he raised his hands once more. The energy box containing the Emperor suddenly vanished into thin air.

"Where did you send him?" Kaz asked.

"To your temple. That's where I will leave him for now. Let's go." Jerall replied as he ran back over to the generals with Kaz right behind him.

"I need you guys to circle up in order for this to work." Jerall instructed. Once he, the shogun, and the generals formed a circle, Jerall immediately conjured up his remaining strength to teleport everyone out of the temple safely. Unbeknownst to the group, there was a presence that lurked in the shadows the entire time. Dzin, Wolfgang, and other Shadowcloaks sat on the scaffolding high up in the ceiling.

"I can't believe this. Kaz just completely lied about a lot of things just so that he can claim another shogun's territory and they captured the Emperor." Dzin spoke, shaking his head.

"This coming from an assassin, but even I think that's a bad move." Wolfgang responded. Dzin looked down at all of the dead samurai lying on the ground.

"What should we do now?" Dzin asked.

"We're no longer gonna be allies with Kaz and his army, because what he and his crew just did was uncalled for, and I'm not going to let them get away with it." Wolfgang replied.

"Wolfgang, I think we will have to ally ourselves with the samurai army Kaz is going after. Plus, I know someone from that army who I can trust." Dzin muttered.

"Lead us to them." Wolfgang ordered.

"Have you seen Ketra?" Callum asked the older vendor working the apple stall. The vendor shook his head.
I haven't seen her, sir." The vendor replied. Callum let out a sigh. Ever since the fight with the Shadowcloaks, Callum desperately wanted to speak to Ketra after watching her defeat one of the assassins with ease. Plus, Ketra told the young samurai that she would explain everything to him eventually, and Callum was very curious about it. The catch though, was that Callum has been unable to locate Ketra anywhere. And every time Callum wanted to go see her, he would always have something in the way, like training, speaking with the shogun, among others.
"Okay, thank you." Callum replied with a smile before turning around and heading over to one of the village patrol towers. His duty for today required him to watch over the area for several hours in a patrol tower with another samurai. After climbing up the tower, Callum tapped one of the two samurai's shoulders.
"Hello there, I'm Callum, I'm supposed to watch over the land with you guys." Callum greeted.
"Alright, well I'm about to be off-duty here, so I'll see you guys later." said one of the samurai before descending the tower. The other samurai bowed towards Callum before raising one of his hands. Callum returned the bow and shook the samurai's hand.
"You remember me?" the samurai asked. Callum froze and looked at the samurai, who looked unfamiliar to him. Callum shook his head.
"Do I know you?" Callum asked. The samurai nodded.
"Don't you remember? I tried to kill you out on the village streets." the samurai replied.
"Dzin?" Callum questioned. The samurai nodded.
"There you go." Dzin replied, taking off his helmet. Dzin disguised himself as a samurai so he could speak with Callum.
"Hey, so did you fulfill your task for me? And by the way, how did you get this armor?" Callum asked, scanning Dzin's freshly cut hair which was cut really low to his head.
"I stole it from another samurai here, but I told them I would give them it back by tonight." Dzin replied. Callum shook his head and let out a little laugh.
"Anyway, prepare yourself, because I have a lot to tell you." Dzin started.
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