Callum Lynx

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Chapter 24

Callum's jaw dropped when Dzin told him about Jerall working with Kaz, how the Emperor was captured, and now that Kaz is about to lead his army into Shogun Lekkyu's territory.

"So every single thing you just told me is true?" Callum asked, looking out into the horizon to see if there was an approaching army off in the distance.

"Sure is, I don't know exactly when they will be coming to attack, but I know it will be sometime soon." Dzin said calmly. Callum shook his head in panic.

"No, no, no. There's no way I can't fight Jerall, he's a brother to me." Callum quickly said. Dzin threw up his hands.

"At least you know he is still alive though, right?" Dzin tried.

"Yeah, but I wasn't hoping he would turn against me or anything. Don't you realize how much trouble we are about to be in right now, Dzin? Felshire is about to be attacked by another army of samurai, and I've never been in a battle before. So the chances of me surviving is taking a very steady drop." Callum said while making a downhill motion with his hand.

"Cal, relax. My guild are going to be allies with you. My boss, Wolfgang, is speaking with your leader at this time about it. We will help you fight off Shogun Kaz's army." Dzin explained.

"Don't take this the wrong way, Dzin. But I don't think we will be able to survive a fight with any army who has a samurai mage allied with them." Callum mentioned.

"We are just going to have to hope for the best. For now, you might want to prepare yourself. Me and several other Shadowcloaks will stay on the lookout for Kaz's army. If we see them coming, we will let you know immediately." Dzin said. Callum nodded and turned around to climb down the tower. As he was about to head down the stairs, Callum faced Dzin again.

"Thanks, Dzin."

"Shogun, we got all of your samurai in formation in the training yard. Are you ready to go speak with them?" Phoenix asked as he and Jet climbed the stairs to Kaz's throne.

"Yes, but first, I need to speak with Jerall. Head out and keep my samurai in line." Kaz ordered.

"Hei" Jet and Phoenix said in unison as they bowed. Kaz looked over at the Emperor, who was still trying to punch his way out of the box made out of blue energy. Jerall was standing right beside it, laughing at Daiyes' torture.

"Jerall." Kaz said as he made his way down the stairs and over to the samurai mage. Jerall looked over at the shogun.

"I want you to stay here and not join us when we attack Shogun Lekkyu's army." Kaz started.

"Why, shogun? Won't you guy's need me in order to win the battle?" Jerall asked.

"As much as I would really enjoy seeing you cast spells on every one of his samurai, I would rather let Lekkyu's army have a fair fight. I want to settle this like real samurai." Kaz explained.

"Are you sure? I'm literally a one man army, I was able to defeat every guard in the Emperor's throne room, minus for two, but that's beside the point." Jerall questioned.

"I'm sure. Just stay here and do whatever with the Emperor. We will be back by tomorrow at least." the shogun replied before turning around to leave the throne room.

"Good luck." Jerall said. Kaz nodded his head as he left the room.

Callum was frantically pacing back and forth in his dorm room. He was very nervous about the upcoming battle. Callum has never fought another well-trained samurai, minus Phoenix, even though it wasn't much of a fight. The young samurai had a lot of stuff going through his head. One of which, was Ketra. Callum was concerned about her, as he hasn't seen or heard from her. Maybe she is with her family at home, if so, she will be much safer there than here, Callum thought. He missed her so much, and could feel her within his arms. Callum had no idea if he would ever see her again after the battle.

"Cal, you in there?" said a voice from the other side of the door. Callum walked over and opened the door, revealing Vilija.

"What do you want?" Callum asked, looking at Vilija.

"Tito wants to speak with both of us. Come on." Vilija replied. Callum nodded and put on his sandals, which were dirty and falling apart, before grabbing the keys to his room and closing the door behind him. After making sure it was locked, Callum followed Vilija over to the training room, where Tito was.

"Okay, so Lekkyu has told me that Shogun Kaz will be leading his army here at some point in the future to battle us. And luckily for us, we have received the help of the Shadowcloaks." Tito began.

"Wait, aren't those the assassins that attacked Callum?" Vilija asked.

"Yes, but they are cool with us now. Let's hope we keep it that way." Tito replied.

"Well hopefully they don't back stab us during this battle." Vilija said as she flipped her hair to her other shoulder.

"Anyway, the reason why I wanted to speak with the two of you, is because I wanted to help prepare you guys for this event. I know both of you have never experienced a large war, and trust me, war is never good. Lots of people die, and battles last quite a while. I want you both to meditate for , and release all the fear you guys may be carrying. Trust me, it will help." Tito explained. Callum and Vilija nodded their heads.

"I know this may scare you guys, but these may be your very last days of life. Once you step out into battle, the only thing you can do to prevent yourself from dying, is to fight. Some enemies will be easy to kill, others will prove to be a challenge. Just as long as you keep fighting hard, you should be able to live to see another day." Tito added. Callum saw Vilija look at him from his peripheral vision.

"Lekkyu is going to give his morale speech tomorrow morning, that is, if the enemy hasn't came yet. Be ready for it, and wear your full armor. Hei?" Tito said.

"Hei" Callum and Vilija returned.

"Now go meditate. I'll see you guys tomorrow." said Tito, before bowing towards his students. After they returned the bow, Callum and Vilija left the room.

"Can I meditate with you, Cal? I don't really like meditating on my own." Vilija asked. Callum glanced at Vilija.

"How come?" Callum questioned.

"For various reasons." Vilija replied.

"Yes, you can. Where do you want to do it?" said Callum.

"Let's go to the training yard, there's a secluded area there where a lot of the samurai here meditate" Vilija suggested.

"You lead, I follow." Callum said.

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