Callum Lynx

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Chapter 27

"...I guess that will have to be the final solution." Callum heard Kaz say followed by the unsheathing of a blade. Callum immediately froze in place as the realization of what was about to happen struck him. Within seconds, the young samurai heard blades hitting blades and samurai from both sides screaming in either intimidation, or pain. Callum drew his katana once he noticed several enemy samurai break through the lines, cutting down Lekkyu's samurai along the way.

"Come here you little worthless pieces of-" Dzin began as he charged forward, drawing two blade tonfas. A black-clad samurai on horseback came straight for Dzin, who managed to weave himself out of the way of the horse. As the horse passed, the samurai swung his sword down at Dzin, who ducked and used both of his tonfa to slash the side of the horse. The horse screamed as it stumbled forward, knocking the rider right off its back. Before the samurai was able to rise to his feet, Dzin pounced on top of him and stabbed the warrior in an opening on the neck.

"Callum! Look out!" Vilija shouted from behind. Callum was too busy focusing on Dzin, and didn't see the enemy samurai quickly approaching. Callum raised his katana as he saw the swing coming straight for him, and blocked the attack. Callum counter-attacked with a quick thrust, but the enemy samurai blocked it before galloping around back towards the young samurai. Callum waited for the samurai to attack first, but the attack never came, as Vilija came from behind on her horse and pierced a naginata from an enemy samurai right into the one Callum fought. The samurai cried out as he fell and hit the ground hard.

"I knew this came in handy. Come on!" Vilija said, a bit out of breath. Callum followed Vilija towards everyone else, who began gathering in the center of the valley.

"I've always been the best at iaido than you, Lekkyu." said Shogun Kaz, twirling his katana around expertly.

"Yeah? Well you have also been the one that has always wound up on the floor during free sparring." Lekkyu returned as he pulled out his katana.

"Just letting you know, you will be dead before we even get to hand to hand combat." Kaz threatened. Lekkyu sensed a presence behind him.

"I've got your back, Shogun." said General Kr'aska, holding his naginata, ready to fight.

"I can take him on my own, you go help your fellow brothers and sisters." Lekkyu ordered. Kr'aska nodded his head without question.

"Hei!" Kr'aska said before turning around and trotting away to fight some samurai.

"Enough talk, let's finish this!" Kaz shouted before pulling the reigns on the horse to lead it into a charge. Lekkyu leaned to the side swiftly and let Kaz's sword miss him by mere inches. The two shoguns exchanged blows from horseback.

Phoenix and Jet saw some of their fellow samurai get knocked down by series of arrows coming out of seemingly nowhere. Phoenix led his horse out of the raging battle and scanned the valley. Eventually, he saw head poking out from behind boulders. Every so often, the figures jumped out from behind the boulders and fire a barrage of arrows out into the battle.

"Jet! Follow me!" shouted Phoenix over the screams and clinging of swords. Jet immediately led his horse over to Phoenix, and the two cousins began making their way over to some of the Shadowcloaks. Fuljir, who was hiding behind a boulder, turned from the boulder and release seven arrows at seven targets. Five of them reached their targets, but the other two missed. Before Fuljir could turn back around the boulder, he saw two samurai heading his direction.

"Hey, put down your bows and draw your weapons, we've got company." said Fuljir, dropping his bow and pulling out a dagger.

"You go left, I'll go right." said Jet. Phoenix nodded and quickly cut in front of his cousin before leading his horse towards another unit of samurai. Jet pulled out his sword and swung low at a Shadowcloak, who stood in front of Fuljir. The Shadowcloak didn't react quick enough and was decapitated by the blow. Fuljir pulled a dangerous move and threw a front kick at the horses left knee. The horse cried out and stopped it's momentum for a brief second. During this time, Fuljir ran forward with his dagger raised, ready to pierce an exposed part on Jet's leg. But before the Shadowcloak could reach Jet, the samurai general kicked the assassin right in the face. Fuljir stumbled back dazed. Jet suddenly felt his horse fall to its side, taking him down with it and dropping his katana.

"Prepare to die, samurai." said a Shadowcloak with a kusarigama, wrapping it around Jet's neck. Before the Shadowcloak could strangle the general, Jet threw his knee straight into the face of his attacker with the kusarigama. Jet pulled out his wakizashi and quickly stabbed the assassin and ducked from the other Shadowcloak's spinning hook kick. Jet used one hand to block the knee kick before smashing the assassin's nose with a back fist followed by a quick cut across the body, which dropped the assassin. Fuljir regained his focus and crept up behind Jet as he finished off the other assassins. Fuljir took his dagger and stabbed Jet in the shoulder area. Jet let out a quick yelp before throwing his elbow into Fuljir's chest. Fuljir stumbled back, but threw a couple kicks, which knocked Jet down. However, Fuljir's victory was short-lived, as Jet got right back up and swung his wakizashi at the Shadowcloak. Fuljir blocked most of the attacks, but was kicked in the groin.

"Awwwww, really? Out of all the places you could have hit me, it had to be the groin?" Fuljir groaned.

"Shut up you big baby." said Jet before knocking the Shadowcloak out with a knee to the head. Jet looked over to see Phoenix finish his last enemy off with a stab to the chest. Jet ran over to his cousin.

"My horse is seriously wounded. I think we got all of the assassins from this side of the valley at least. Let's head back down there." Jet said out of breath.

"Right, I need to find Callum and finish him off." Phoenix stated, leaving his horse and leading the way back down towards the battle.

Dzin was in the process of stabbing a samurai when an arrow flew straight into the samurai, and finishing him off. Dzin looked up and saluted a Shadowcloak off in the distance before moving onto the next samurai. Meanwhile, Callum and Vilija were still paired up, defeating multiple samurai at once. Callum had abandoned his horse, as he found it much easier to fight on the ground, whereas Vilija was still on her horse. Callum blocked an attack and threw his knee into the samurai's chest. Vilija finished the enemy with the naginata before letting it go and stay impaled in the samurai. Callum looked around the battlefield, and what he saw disturbed him. Bodies of dead samurai, both from Lekkyu's and Kaz's army, lie on the ground. Some with their entire face covered in mass blood, other's with arrows sticking out of their chests or backs.

"Callum, Callum, Callum." said a voice from behind. Callum turned around, and saw Phoenix standing ten feet away, katana drawn, and Jet standing right beside him.

"We meet again. So are you and Ketra a thing now?" Phoenix mocked.

"Not yet, but we may be soon." Callum replied.

"Don't get your hopes up. Because right now, you are a dead man walking, and not Lekkyu, or anyone, is going to save you from me." said Phoenix. Callum took a deep breath.

"I've been waiting for this for a long time." Phoenix stated, before letting out a war cry and charging forward.

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