Callum Lynx

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Chapter 28

Callum leaned back from Phoenix's katana and then countered with a well placed push kick. As Phoenix stumbled back, Callum sent a sword thrust followed by a diagonal slice. Phoenix was able to avoid the attacks with ease and threw a barrage of attacks at Callum, and ended it with a spinning back kick. Callum fell to the ground, and Phoenix ran forward, placing one foot on top of Callum's katana while standing over top of him.

"Between the both of us, I'm a much better samurai than you will ever be, Callum. I gave you one chance to leave Ketra be, but you had to blow it. You just had to steal her from me. Well now, I'm about to steal your life." Phoenix stated, his katana aimed at Callum's throat.

"Callum!" Phoenix and Callum both turned their heads to see Vilija kill a samurai before turning her horse to walk towards them.

"Vilija?" Phoenix said, a little confused at the situation.

"Phoenix, don't you dare kill him." Vilija ordered in a calm voice.

"He stole Ketra from me, and he is the reason why I got banished from Lekkyu's territory. I want him to get what he deserves." Phoenix argued, looking down at Callum.

"Look, brother. Killing him isn't the right thing to do. Trust me." Vilija replied. Phoenix shook his head.

"No matter what you say, Vilija. I'm not going to let him live." Phoenix said, and with that, he kicked Callum on the chin before swinging his katana at his rival. Suddenly, Phoenix was shoved to the side before he could kill Callum. Phoenix looked around and saw Dzin with his tonfas raised, blood dripping from them.

"Something tells me you are the one that-" Phoenix began.

"Tried to kill you? Yeah, it is me. And I'm not letting you kill him." Dzin finished for Phoenix. Callum quickly got back to his feet during this time.

"Every time I get close to finishing him, something always gets in the way. Jet, kill this Shadowcloak while I actually finish Callum." Phoenix ordered in frustration. Dzin leapt in the air with a twist in Jet's direction, kicking him before he could react. Callum swung his katana at Phoenix, who blocked the attack and pushed his enemy back with his katana. The two rivals exchanged blows for several moments before Phoenix stabbed through an opening in Callum's armor. Callum felt a sharp pain envelope his body as he saw the blade insert through his shoulder. Callum cried out in pain, and saw Phoenix send another thrust with his sword, but managed to duck underneath and used a sweep kick to knock Phoenix off of his feet.

Vilija was watching the fight taking place in front of her when she heard a loud yell from behind her. Vilija turned just in time to see a naginata coming straight towards her face. She ducked underneath it and slid off of her horse. It was one of the other generals from Kaz's army. Vilija looked back at Callum and then at the general.

"Even though I was given orders to not kill you, you are still an enemy of mine, so that is enough to let me end your life." said the general.

"I'd like to see you try and kill me." Vilija returned.

Shogun Lekkyu and Shogun Kaz's fight carried across the battlefield. Both dodged the other samurai, every now and then ducking from one of their attacks and stepping over the dead corpses. Kaz threw a round kick followed by a horizontal cut at Lekkyu, who blocked the attack before smashing Kaz's face with a back fist.
"Malakai! Grab him!" Kaz shouted as he put a hand on his nose. Before Lekkyu could do anything, he felt arms grab him in a bearhug. Lekkyu raised one foot to kick the attacker's knee, but also saw Kaz coming in with another attack with his katana. Lekkyu twisted his body around as hard as he could, and managed to spin himself and Malakai around to face the other direction. Kaz gasped and stopped his katana inches from hitting his general and was shocked at what happened. Lekkyu kicked Malakai's knee back before stepping forward and spinning around with a slice of his sword, cleaving the general's head right off of his neck as Malakai lost his helmet during a previous fight.
"No!" Kaz uttered. Lekkyu used a step side kick to knock Kaz down.
"Don't forget Kaz, my skill level with the katana is right below yours." Lekkyu mocked.
"You are so dead." Kaz said as he jumped forward with an attack. Lekkyu stepped to the side and let Kaz jump past him before using a low kick on the shogun's knee. Kaz groaned and dropped his katana to hold his knee, which created an opening for Lekkyu to come in with a strike. But instead of doing just that, Lekkyu decided not to kill Kaz.
"It's over for you, Kaz." said Lekkyu, grabbing Kaz's shoulder and spinning him around. Before Kaz could fight back, Lekkyu sent an uppercut in Kaz's stomach and then finished him with an elbow to the face, knocking Kaz out. Lekkyu let out a deep breath and looked around at the battle still raging on.
Torl spun his naginata around before sending a strike at Vilija, who dodged the attack and sent one of her own. Torl held his naginata horizontally to block the attack, but watched as Vilija's katana cut right through the middle. Vilija used a front kick to push Torl back. The general looked at the two pieces in each hand before dropping the end without the blade. He swung the small blade several times at Vilija, who back pedaled before tripping over a dead body. Vilija fell on her back and watched as Torl swung the blade low. She rolled to the side and quickly got to her feet. Torl cursed under his breath and tried sending more attacks at Vilija. The general was unaware of the Shadowcloak aiming an arrow at him from behind a boulder. Vilija ducked from an attack and threw her knee into Torl's gut followed by a quick stab into the general's lower chest. Vilija bashed Torl's face with the hilt of her katana. At the same time, an arrow smashed through Torl's armor and straight into his back. The general was dead before he hit the ground. Vilija looked up at the valley to see a Shadowcloak salute her before aiming at another target. Thank goodness, Vilija thought to herself as she turned to help Callum and Dzin with Phoenix and Jet.

Dzin used both tonfas to block Jet's down strike and pushed forward, sending the general back. Jet jumped forward with a kick, which Dzin used his forearm to move the kick out of his way and quickly stabbed Jet on his right side. Before Dzin could land another strike, however, Jet used a thrust which pierced Dzin's unarmored chest. As much as Dzin wanted to shout in pain, he did not want to show weakness and composed himself. The Shadowcloak threw a round kick followed by a hook kick, which Jet dodged both. Dzin saw Jet wind up for an attack, and cartwheeled away from the samurai.
"Are you too scared to fight me now that I stabbed you, Shadowcloak?" Jet mocked. Dzin stayed silent as he began to feel a lot of blood in his mouth and didn't want to soak his garb in warm blood. Dzin flipped one of his tonfas in the air before throwing it at Jet. Jet stepped to the side and let it pass him, but at the last second, realized it was a trick. Dzin's second blade tonfa pierced through his armor and into his chest. The general watched as his own blood squirted everywhere, and fell to his knees. Phoenix, who was in the process of blocking an attack from Callum, saw his older cousin on his knees holding the blade sticking out from his chests.
"JET!" Phoenix shouted. The samurai kicked Callum back and then rushed over to his fallen cousin. Vilija watched as her brother kneeled beside Jet. Callum, Vilija, and Dzin stood back and watched the scene unfold.
"Jet, stay with me, man. Can you hear me?" Phoenix took his cousins helmet off and brushed his hair with his hand. Jet's eyes opened and closed again and again.
"Phoenix, run. There's three of them and only one of you. I wouldn't take the chance, just go." Jet croaked.
"No, Jet. I'm not leaving you." Phoenix said as a tear rolled down his face.
"Actually, make that two because I stabbed the Shadowcloak, so he should be dead soon." Jet added. The general opened his mouth to say one more thing, but his eyes glazed as they rolled to the back of his head. Phoenix cursed loudly as he rose to his feet and turned to face his opponents.
"That's it. First, I get my girlfriend taken away, now my cousin. All of you, are dead!" Phoenix shouted. Dzin pulled his hood down and took off his garb.
"You go anywhere near them, and you are going to be the one dead here." Dzin sputtered, blood spilling out of his mouth. Callum opened his eyes in shock and then saw blood escaping a hole in the Shadowcloaks armor.
"You don't have any weapons on you, Dzin. And you are severely wounded. You have no chance against me." Phoenix replied.
"Technically, I do. That being my hands and feet." Dzin shouted before charging straight towards Phoenix. The Shadowcloak felt his life escaping from his body, but before he wanted to die, Dzin wanted to kill Phoenix. Or die trying.
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