Callum Lynx

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Chapter 29

Dzin felt the sword re-enter the preexisting stab wound on his chest as his right hand smashed Phoenix's nose. The samurai general staggered and grabbed his nose, which created an opening for Dzin to land several hook punches to the body before rising up with a powerful uppercut. Phoenix literally flipped backward in the air from the punch and landed on his stomach. Dzin took the sword out of his chest and let even more blood escape his wound. He began feeling weak, and very light headed. Phoenix got back to his feet, however, and raised his fists.

"Something you guy's should know, is that I have an iron chin." Phoenix said with a smile. Dzin let out a battle cry as he leapt forward with a punch, but Phoenix threw a spinning back kick that took Dzin out completely. Dzin hit the ground, and knew he was not getting back up. Callum gripped his katana harder, preparing to rush Phoenix. Suddenly, a bright purple light flashed beside Phoenix, and a figure appeared out of the light. Callum recognized the figure immediately.

"Jerall!" Callum shouted.

"Hey, Callum. Long time no see, eh? Well, duty calls. Come on Phoenix, let's get out of here." Jerall replied. Phoenix smiled at Callum.

"You're very lucky, Callum. We'll meet again, and next time, I will be stronger, and more powerful." Phoenix turned his head to look at Vilija.

"Come on, Vilija." Phoenix said.

"No, I'm not coming with you, Phoenix." Vilija stated.

"Vilija, let's go." Phoenix ordered. Vilija simply stepped back.

"Fine, be that way." Phoenix said, and out of the corner of his eye, he saw a figure running towards him. Callum wanted to make one last attempt at defeating Phoenix and had his sword poised for an attack. But before he could reach them, Jerall teleported him and Phoenix out of there. Callum stopped in his tracks and dropped his sword.

"Crap!" Callum shouted. Vilija made her way over to Callum.

"It's okay, we'll encounter him again, and you will be able to defeat him, I promise." Vilija said.

"I hope so." Callum replied. The samurai looked around the area for Dzin, but couldn't find him.

"Where's Dzin? Wasn't he just laying over there?" Callum pointed. Vilija looked around.

"I don't see him, but it looks like we won the battle. Look!" Vilija mentioned. Callum saw only three black clad samurai on their knees surrounded by Lekkyu's samurai half a mile away.

"Take those three with you, we are going back to the temple." Callum heard Lekkyu say.

"Let's go, we are leaving the valley." Callum said.

"Wait, Callum, your shoulder is bleeding. Are you okay?" Vilija asked as she inspected Callum's shoulder. The young samurai was too focused on the battle that he forgot about the wound.

"I'm fine, I'll have Alchar heal it for me." Callum replied. Vilija nodded her head.

"Are you guys okay?" Lekkyu asked as they reached Callum and Vilija's position.

"I have a stab wound but I'll live. What about you, Shogun?" Callum returned.

"Good, we have Kaz and three of his men in our hands now. Let's go." said Lekkyu. As they left the valley, Callum kept looking around for Dzin, but noticed none of the Shadowcloaks were present anywhere, even from behind the boulders on the hill.

"How is he doing in there?" Wolfgang asked Fuljir, as the latter left the healer's room.

"Dzin was very close to death when the healer found him. But right now, the healer said Dzin will make a full recovery." Fuljir replied. Wolfgang nodded his head.

"Wait, the our healer was present during the battle?" Wolfgang questioned.

"Yes, he was with all of us on the hills. He saw Dzin get wounded by that Phoenix guy, and snatched him once the samurai general was gone. Even when carrying someone, the healer is quick and light on his feet," Fuljir explained.

"Okay, I'll check back on him later. For now, let's go. I have an assignment that you will probably love to do for me." Wolfgang began.

"Give me the details." Fuljir replied. Back in the healers room, Dzin was lying on the bed with bandages covering his wound. His eyes were closed, and his breathing was very steady. He didn't get a chance to say goodbye to his friends back in the Valley of the Dead, but he planned to meet up with Callum again once he recovered.

Callum was in the dining room alone eating a bowl of rice. He was told that Tito didn't survive the battle, and Kr'aska was the only general that lived, although he was severely injured. Callum was upset that he would never speak with Tito again. The young samurai enjoyed Tito's presence and appreciated the older samurai for training him.

"Callum, how is your shoulder?" Callum heard Vilija ask from behind. Vilija sat down next to him at the long table and gently rested her hand on his shoulder.

"It's as sore as can be, but at least it ain't bleeding." Callum replied with a smile.

"It'll get better by the end of the week, I promise." Vilija said. Callum took a bite of rice and then drank some water.

"So, have you heard about what Lekkyu is going to do with Kaz?" Vilija brought up. Callum looked at Vilija.

"What?" Callum asked.

"He is going to have Kaz commit seppuku in front of him, and he wants me, you, and General Kr'aska to watch." Vilija explained. Callum nodded his head.

"I was wondering if Lekkyu was going to leave Kaz to rot away in prison or not." Callum said.

"Me too, actually." Vilija agreed.

"So when is Kaz going to commit seppuku?" Callum asked.

"In the evening. After you are done eating, do you want to take a walk around the village to kill some time? Lekkyu is letting all of his samurai take today off since we've been busy trying to recruit more men and women these past several days." said Vilija.

"Yeah, sure."

Before Kaz was led to the throne room, he was allowed to eat his favorite meal one last time, which consisted of rice, salad, and green tea. After he ate, Kaz was given a clean white kimono to wear after taking his last bath. As Kaz entered the throne room, he noticed a wakizashi laying on the floor several feet away from the foot of a samurai. The wakizashi had a small white cloth around the handle. Kaz was ordered to kneel behind the wakizashi.

"Shogun Kaz, you have found yourself in a bad place. You were going to try and take usurp the Emperor's throne, and claim this land for yourself. Because of this attempted crime, you will be subjected to capital punishment, and in this case, seppuku." Lekkyu began as he stood in front of his throne with General Kr'aska standing beside him, bandages covering his face, body, and legs. Callum and Vilija, who stood next to one another on the balcony overlooking the throne room.

"Oh crap, I forgot about the Emperor, we still have to rescue him." Callum whispered to Vilija.

"It's okay, we can worry about this later. I'm sure he will be fine, let's keep watching the ritual." Vilija replied.

"I ask if you want to write a death poem before you commit seppuku?" Lekkyu asked. Kaz shook his head as he held back tears.

"No, I've got nothing I want to say." Kaz choked on his words.

"Very well. Take the wakizashi, and you know what to do." Lekkyu replied. Kaz looked up at the samurai who stood next to him, his katana raised in the air, ready to finish the job. Kaz opened his kimono and then grabbed the wakizashi, positioning it near to the left of his abdomen. After taking a deep breath, Kaz plunged the blade into his abdomen and began cutting the blade to his right, all the while holding a scream along with tears back. Blood soaked his knees and the cloths in front of him. Kaz cried out as he was in immense pain, and closed his eyes as he waited. The shogun thought about Phoenix and Jet, along with his stone statue at his temple. He was certain he would win the battle with Lekkyu. Before Kaz could think about anything else, the samurai with the raised katana sliced Kaz's head off with precision. The head bounced on the ground a couple times before coming to a stop, with Kaz's face looking straight at Lekkyu. Callum felt good with Kaz dead, as justice has been served to his aunt and uncle. But the young samurai still missed both, along with his own parents, and wished they would all come back.

"Clean the area. I want no trace of what has happened here." Lekkyu ordered.

"Do you want us to bury him at the graveyard here, Shogun?" asked one of the samurai.

"Yes. I want everyone else to leave the room besides Callum and Vilija." Lekkyu said. The two young samurai looked at each other and then back at the shogun before walking over to him. After climbing the stairs, they both kneeled on the ground.

"Before Tito trained both of you, he told me he could see you both being general's for me, and he was right. Although I see great skill in many of my samurai, what I saw in both of you makes me believe you two are perfect for this position. Callum Lynx and Vilija Jorgensen, you are both officially now Samurai Generals. Congratulations." Lekkyu said as he stood up. Callum and Vilija stood up as well and then bowed to Lekkyu, who returned the bow.

"I'm very proud of both of you. Now that you are both generals, you will receive new armor. So whenever you are ready, Kr'aska will give you the armor." Lekkyu explained with a smile.

"Thank you, Shogun." Callum said, offering his hand for Lekkyu to shake, in which he did. Callum turned to face Kr'aska.

"General, I'm going to wait to receive the armor until later tonight." Callum requested.

"Me too." Vilija added. Kr'aska nodded his head.

"That's fine with me, Generals." Kr'aska replied with a smile. Callum and Vilija turned and descended the stairs, passing the samurai cleaning the bloody mess as the exited the throne room.

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