Callum Lynx

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Chapter 30

Callum and Vilija walked down the village streets side by side, wearing their normal outfits instead of their armor. They were walking around to shake off any remaining stress from the battle.

"Callum, I want to ask you something that has been on my mind for a long time." Vilija started.

"Shoot." Callum replied.

"I began to grow feelings for you ever since I met you in the dining hall back at the temple." Vilija continued. Callum turned to look at Vilija.

"I know you said you had an interest in Ketra, and I understand you probably don't feel the same way towards me, but I wanted to tell you my feelings for you." Vilija explained. Callum processed what Vilija had just told him. He thought about the times he spent with her training, meditating, eating, and fighting enemies with her. Callum began to realize how much he appreciated her, and how much he loved Vilija in return. Even though Callum had feelings for Ketra in the beginning, the young samurai realized he also had feelings for Vilija too.

"You know, I actually feel the same way towards you, Vilija. Don't get me wrong, I did love Ketra, but I haven't seen her in such a long time, that I realized that I spend more time with you, and I appreciate everything you have done for me." Callum explained.

"Follow me." Vilija said as she grabbed Callum's hand. She led him to an alleyway between some buildings.

"What is it?" Callum asked, thinking Vilija was trying to hide from something.

"Nothing, just this." Vilija responded, grabbing the back of Callum's head and pulling him in for a kiss. Callum felt Vilija's warm lips against his, he synchronized his lip movements with hers. Unbeknownst to the both of them, the building they were leaning up against was across from the inn, where Ketra lived. Ketra, who just so happened to return the village, looked out her window and saw Callum making out with another girl.

"Well, crap." Ketra said, choking on her words.

"Hey! I need something to eat and drink! Guys! Let me out!" shouted Daiyes as he pounded on the now invisible box. The Emperor had his hopes up when the blue energy faded away, but when he rammed his face into the invisible wall, he immediately felt hopeless again.

"Shut up!" shouted Phoenix, who sat in Kaz's throne. Jerall transported them back to the temple after escaping the Valley of the Dead.

"Jerall?" Phoenix called out.

"Yes!" Jerall replied, walking into the throne room.

"Why did you even come to the battle anyway?" Phoenix asked.

"I just had a bad feeling you guys needed my help, and when I came, I saw that you guys were losing, and only you and three other samurai were still alive from your side. I wanted to get you out of there quick before you found yourself dead." Jerall explained.

"Okay, you had me wondering after we came back here." Phoenix said.

"Well, what are we going to do now that Kaz and his army are defeated?" Jerall asked.

"Can't you, like, create an army with your powers?" Phoenix thought.

"Unfortunately, no. I wish." Jerall replied.

"Actually, I know someone who can help us out." Phoenix said, standing up from the throne.

"Who?" Jerall asked.

"They aren't on this island, their from another one called Mowadaxa. That's as much as I'm telling you. Leave the Emperor here or something, because we won't need him." Phoenix ordered. Jerall walked up to Daiyes.

"I'll send you back to your temple and let you free, but remember this. We are more powerful than you, so don't try anything stupid." Jerall said, and with a soft clap of his hands, the Emperor vanished from the temple.

"Let's get going. Take us to Mowadaxa." said Phoenix.

"Why there?" Jerall questioned.

"Let's just say it's a good starting point for my plan." Phoenix replied.

"Alright, let's do it." And in a purple flash, both men were gone.

To be continued...

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