Callum Lynx

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Chapter 5

"Here is all the armor you will wear as a samurai. You've got the helmet, face mask, chest plate, neck guard, shin guards, arm guards, and your boots. From now on, you must wear this armor at all times whenever you are on duty. Tito will explain all of that stuff once you have been fully trained." Kr'aska explained as he pointed at an armor stand that housed Callum's armor.

"What do you mean by 'fully' trained?" asked Callum, looking at his armor and back at Kr'aska.

"Once you know how to wield a katana, know hand to hand combat, wield various weapons, such as a nodachi, naginata, bow, tonfas, several others." Kr'aska began.

"So you are saying that I can only begin duties and stuff once I complete my training, and I can only save my friend Jerall after weeks of training?" Callum questioned. Kr'aska slowly nodded his head.

"By the time I'm done training, Jerall is going to be either dead, or something bad is going to happen to him. I thought you guys would help me rescue him as soon as possible." said Callum, a little frustrated.

"I did say we will help you as soon as we can, but I never said we will help you get him immediately. Let me show you to your dorm." said Kr'aska, walking past Callum and out of the armory room they were standing in.

"Don't forget to grab your armor." Kr'aska said to Callum without turning his head back. Callum let out a sigh and grabbed as much of his armor as he could. He left the chest armor and behind but he decided he'll come back for it. After catching up with Kr'aska, Callum followed the general into yet another long hallway filled with doors. Kr'aska led Callum to one door and unlocked it before handing him two keys.

"This is your dorm. I'll let you take a look in it and everything. Tito will be over here soon to start your training. Good luck and I hope to see you around." said Kr'aska, before bowing towards Callum, who bowed right back. Callum watched the general walk away and then looked at his dorm door, which had the number 35 painted on it. He walked into the room and placed his armor on the stand on the bed to his right. It wasn't very large to begin with. The dorm contained a bed just big enough for Callum, a nightstand, a lantern, an armor stand, and a dresser. Callum opened the dresser and found a bunch of loose shirts and pants along with socks and loincloth. Callum closed the door and started putting his armor on the stand before turning around to head back out to grab the chest armor. As Callum opened the door, he saw Tito standing right in front of him, causing Callum to jump back in fright. Tito smiled.

"I was just about to knock. Here is your chest armor you left behind." said Tito, handing Callum the piece of armor. Callum took it and was about to turn and place it on the stand when he felt Tito put a hand on his shoulder.

"Put the training uniform on that is in your dresser there, and then come back out and meet me in the weapons room. Kr'aska showed you around already, didn't he?" asked Tito.

"Yes, he did." Callum replied.

"Good, like I said, meet me there and we will begin your training." said Tito, before turning and leaving. Callum shut the door and looked at his armor. This will be fun, Callum though sarcastically. He did want to be a samurai, but he really wanted to rescue

Callum walked into the weapons room in his armor and saw Tito performing various techniques with a katana. His movements were slow but precise. Callum heard Tito occasionally let out a deep breath as he performed the techniques. Callum walked a little closer to Tito and then stopped to continue watching the samurai. Eventually, Tito stopped and slowly put his katana between his thumb and index finger and then back into the scabbard while looking straight ahead. Wow, Callum thought. Tito spun around and looked at Tito with his usual smile.

"I heard you come in. Trust me, you weren't as silent as you thought." said Tito with a little laugh. Callum smiled back.

"So, Kr'aska told me that I can only rescue Jerall after I have 'fully' trained with you." said Callum, using his fingers to quote the word.

"Well, that's a little true, if I were to be honest. However, I know you really want to rescue him but also eliminate the enemy army. So what I'll do, is halfway through your training, I will let you start formulating a plan to rescue Jerall." Tito explained. A wide smile formed on his face.

"Thank you, Tito. I don't think I told you or Kr'aska this, but the reason I want to save Jerall so badly is because he is a brother to me." Callum explained, after bowing to Tito.

"I understand, my friend. Okay, so let's get started with training." Tito started. Here we go. Callum thought.

"So are we starting off with weapons." said Callum, very excited. Tito shook his head.

"No, you must learn how to fight without any weapons besides your hands and feet. Raise your fists, I want to see how you punch." said Tito. Callum raised his fists, and watched Tito raise a hand as if it was a punching dummy. Callum threw his right fist forward and smashed it into Tito's hand. Tito shook his hand as he lowered it.

"Not bad, you had a lot of power behind that. However, the jab itself looked a bit sloppy. Let me help you fix it." said Tito. He began to teach Callum how to throw a jab, cross, hook, uppercut, elbow strikes, and other punches. Tito also taught him how to block punches using down block, double bone block, high block, and cross body block. Callum was liking it so far.

"Now that you know how to use your hands, you now need to learn how to kick." said Tito.

"I have a question though, aren't kicks a little flashy?" asked Callum.

"Some are, some aren't. Here, we teach you the ones that are effective, for example-" Tito started, before throwing a front snap kick into Callum's stomach. Even though he was wearing padding under his training uniform, Callum still felt the power behind the kick.

"You couldn't give me a warning before you did that?" asked Callum.

"I'm not going to tell my enemy, 'Hey, I'm about to throw a round kick at you, watch out' and throw the kick. What's the point of that? Kicks surprise most attackers, because most of them are focused on punching you in the head or stabbing you through the chest with the sword and what not. They aren't paying attention to your legs, at least, most of the time they aren't. And one more thing, Lekkyu's kicks are far more powerful. He has killed many people just by popping a front kick into their stomachs." Tito explained. Callum tried throwing a front kick like Tito but nearly toppled over.

"You always want to make sure you have good balance before throwing a kick. And definitely have a strong stance too. Always keep your back foot at a forty-five degree angle while your front foot faces the front. You may occasionally be in a different stance before some kicks though." Tito added. Callum was taught several of the basic kicks, like front push kick, front snap kick, round kick, side kick, back kick, and hook kick. Tito then showed Callum stretches to help for flexibility.

"Okay, that will be enough for the day. I expect you to stretch every morning and night to help you get flexible with your kicks. Trust me, that will be helpful one day. Tomorrow, I will teach you some Iaido. Now go back to your dorm and practice some." said Tito before bowing towards Callum. Callum bowed back before turning around and walking out of the training room. He knew he had a long road ahead of him, but it was a road worth taking.

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