Callum Lynx

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Chapter 6

It's been three weeks since Callum got recruited into the samurai military. Throughout those three weeks, he has gotten a ton of training in and now carries a katana, wakizashi, and a longbow with a quiver of arrows. Tito has given him the duty of patrolling through the village of Felshire until Callum can come up with an idea of how to rescue Jerall, but so far, he has come up with nothing. Callum was walking through the busy streets scanning around, looking for anything either out of the ordinary or someone in need of help. He noticed the villagers would back away and give Callum some room whenever he neared them. As he continued walking, something caught his eye. It was the girl from several weeks ago. The girl was eating one of the apples from the stand and winked at Callum. I'm really tempted to go over there and make up for that embarrassing moment I had several weeks ago. Callum thought. He started walking over to the girl, staring at her the entire way over.

"You know it's rude to stare at people." said the girl with a smile on her face. Callum knew she was joking, or at least he hoped. She had her black hair over on one shoulder. Her hair ended midway down her torso. She wore a brown apron and underneath a white t-shirt.

"Hey." said Callum. Really Callum, you had nothing better to say?

"How are you? Besides running into samurai's backs?" asked the girl. Crap.

"I'm good, just patrolling around the village here." Callum replied. She smiled and picked up an apple before washing it off with a cloth after putting it in a bucket with clean water.

"My name's Ketra, by the way. What about you, Mr. Samurai?" asked the girl, putting the apple back into one of the apple buckets.

"Callum." the samurai replied. Ketra drummed her fingers on the stand.

"That's an interesting name. Never heard that one before, or my boyfriend's name, Phoenix." said Ketra. Aww, you have a boyfriend?

"His name is Phoenix?" asked Callum, feeling a bit hurt because he knew he couldn't get with her.

Ketra nodded her head and picked up another apple to clean it.

"Yep, his full name is Phoenix Jorgensen. You might have seen him, he's a samurai like you." said Ketra, pointing at Callum's armor. That makes things even worse.

"Speaking of him, he's actually over there." Ketra added, pointing over Callum's shoulder. He spun around and saw a tall samurai with bleach blonde hair standing near another vending stall with two other samurai. Callum saw Phoenix look over at him and then at Ketra before his eyes widen. Callum heard the samurai say, "Hey, someone's trying to flirt with my girl." before storming over to Callum. Callum backed up with his hands raised as Phoenix reached them.

"Who are you and what are you doing with my girlfriend?" asked Phoenix.

"I'm Callum Lynx, and I'm a samurai." Callum replied.

"I know you are a samurai because you are wearing the same armor as I am. Do you know her?" asked Phoenix, his hands clenched in fists.

"Babe, calm down. He was just getting an apple. He wasn't trying anything, I promise." Ketra said quickly as she held up an apple and simultaneously taking some coins out of her pocket and laying them on the stand as if they were Callum's. Right as she laid them down, Phoenix spun around and looked at Ketra. She was holding the apple up in Callum's direction. Phoenix stepped back and let Callum grab the apple and then watched Ketra grab the coins on the stand and put them in her pocket.

"I'm sorry for the confusion and all that." said Callum, nodding towards Phoenix and Ketra before turning around. Callum started walking down the street again while taking a bite out of his apple. That was too close. Callum thought.

Callum turned a corner and into an alleyway to regain his senses. His heart was racing from what happened earlier. He took another bite of his apple, and saw a samurai walk around the corner. Phoenix.

"Hey, I know what you were trying to do, Callum. You were trying to flirt with my girlfriend." said Callum, the two samurai that were with Phoenix earlier were flanking him. They pushed Callum back against one of the buildings.

"Please, man. I don't want any trouble, okay?" said Callum, his heart starting to race faster.

"Keep this in mind, Callum. You lay a finger on Ketra." Phoenix started, before grabbing his katana and sliding it out of the scabbard and slicing Callum's apple in half in blinding speed. Callum saw one half of the apple fall down to the ground. The other half fell over in his hand.

"Then that will be your head being sliced off your neck." Phoenix finished as he slid his katana back into the scabbard. He and the other samurai turned around and left Callum standing in the alleyway in shock. Callum walked out of the alleyway and watched the three samurai walking down the village streets.

Callum walked into the temple once it was sunset and into the dining room. He walked up to one of the chef's and picked up one of the cups.

"May I have a full cup of water, preferably cold please?" asked Callum, holding the cup out. The chef nodded and walked back into the kitchen. Callum stood there for about thirty seconds before the chef came back with his cup of water.

"Thank you." said Callum, bowing towards the chef and then over to a table. He sat down and took a sip of the water. He saw a samurai walk into the dining room and ask for tea. He couldn't see the samurai's face due to the helmet plus their back was facing towards Callum. When they turned around with the cup of tea, they say Callum and walked over to him before sitting down across from him. They took their helmet off, and Callum saw it was a girl. She had long blond hair tied in a ponytail.

"I've never seen you before." said the samurai, taking a long drink of her tea.

"Yea, I just got recruited several weeks ago. My name is Callum."

"Vilija." Callum nodded and drank some more water.

"Have you met my brother yet?" asked Vilija, scratching the back of her neck.

"No, I don't think so. I haven't spoken to very many samurai here yet." said Callum.

"I will say he is overprotective of his girlfriend. What's her name again, Ketra?" Vilija questioned herself. Callum opened his eyes wide. I'm talking to Phoenix's sister, at least she seems much nicer. Callum thought as he took another drink of water.

"Actually, I have already met him, in a rather, terrifying way. He sliced an apple in half with his katana." Callum explained. Vilija smiled and shook her head as she raised her tea to her mouth to drink.

"I will give you some advice about my brother. Don't get him too angry, or he will attack you. And once he starts attacking, you will not be able to stop him. One other thing. If you do find yourself in a fight with him, always remember that he is weak to low kicks and quick hooks. Trust me, that's how I've always beaten him when we sparred." said Vilija.

"I'll keep that in mind, thanks." said Callum, rolling his shoulders a little bit. Vilija nodded before standing back up from the table.

"Well, I'm gonna get going. It was nice meeting you, Callum. Don't get yourself in too much trouble." said Vilija before turning around the put her cup next to the pile of dishes and then leaving the dining room. I'll try not to, Callum thought, getting up from the table and returning his cup. He walked out of the room and headed to his dorm.

At least I made a friend here, besides the shogun, Tito, and Kr'aska.

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