Callum Lynx

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Chapter 8

Callum closed his eyes and held his breath.

I failed Jerall, and there's nothing I can do now. Hopefully in the afterlife, he will forgive me somehow, Callum quickly thought. Phoenix let out a war cry as he brought the katana down. Suddenly, Phoenix felt an iron grip on his dominant hand and then felt a blow straight in his ribs. Phoenix cried out and dropped his katana, holding his ribs. Callum opened his eyes to see what the cause of Phoenix's pain was, and saw Lekkyu standing right next to Phoenix. Lekkyu had a calm look on his face, but Callum knew that deep down, the shogun was very angry. Phoenix looked at Lekkyu and then at Callum before throwing a wild hook at Lekkyu, who blocked the hook with his forearm and then elbowed the samurai in the stomach before throwing Phoenix to the ground.

"Phoenix, I ask for you to stop, now." the shogun said, adding emphasis to the word 'now'. Phoenix stood back up to his feet and got into a fighting stance.

"That's not going to happen Lekkyu. If my cousin Kaz was here, he wouldn't stop until you were dead too." Phoenix growled before charging at the shogun. Phoenix threw several punches at Lekkyu, who blocked each without breaking a sweat. Kaz? That name sounds very familiar. I know I heard a samurai say that name before, Callum thought as he watched the fight in front of him. Lekkyu threw a jab cross combo, which caused Phoenix to stumble back. One of Phoenix's cronies came behind Lekkyu and tried to get him in a chokehold, but the shogun sensed the attacker from behind and launched a back kick, sending the crony flying back onto the ground. The other crony pulled his katana out and sent a downward head strike at the shogun. Lekkyu stepped to the side and let the sword fly past him and then sent a forearm strike to the cronies chin. The crony fell to the ground knocked out. Phoenix recovered from the combo Lekkyu sent and sent a jump front kick towards the shogun. Callum watched as the shogun used a down block to send the kick another direction before blocking one of Phoenix's punches. Callum noticed several other samurai walk out of their dorms and walk over to watch the fight taking place. He also saw Tito and Kr'aska appear and watch in amazement. Lekkyu dodged several more of Phoenix's strikes before throwing a front push kick, square in the attacker's stomach. Phoenix was launched back in the air several feet and smashed into the wall behind him, actually putting a dent into the stone wall. Phoenix slumped to the ground, winded. The crony Lekkyu back kicked got up to his feet and looked at the shogun, who spun around to look right at him. The crony immediately raised his hands and backed up, right into Tito.

"Phoenix, you will be stripped of your samurai status and you are banished from this temple, and my territory, forever, along with your friends here. If I ever see you here again, you will be executed on the spot." said the shogun, kneeling down next to Phoenix, who looked up at the shogun with a look of anger.

"You just made a big mistake, Lekkyu. Shogun Kaz will hear about this, and he will come back and kill all of you. That's a promise, and a threat." said Phoenix, as he was picked up by Kr'aska and one of the other generals. The second crony was picked up by the other two generals and then was led away with the first crony. Kr'aska and the other general began to carry Phoenix away when Lekkyu raised his hand.

"Stop," Lekkyu started. Kr'aska turned Phoenix to face the shogun.

"I would like to see you try, Phoenix. I always knew there was something up with you, you always would pick up the new recruits whenever you had the chance. I shouldn't have ever let you join the military. You are not worthy of being a samurai. Generals, take him away. I wish to see him gone from here in the next twenty minutes. Put his armor in the armory and don't let him grab his stuff from the dorm. He'll live in his ragged clothing when you release him from the territory. Tell Tito to do the same with the other cronies." the shogun ordered before waving his hand, dismissing the generals. The samurai who watched the fight separated back into their dorms. Callum was still standing where he has been for the past ten minutes, still processing all that has happened.

"Are you alright, Callum?" asked the shogun, alerting Callum back into the present.

"Ye-yeah." Callum stuttered. The shogun put a hand on Callum's shoulder and smiled.

"I promise, you won't have to go through that again, at least not under my watch. I'll take you to our healer. He will pop your nose back in place and help stop the bleeding." said the shogun, before leading Callum to his throne room and over to a room where a short, bald elderly man with a long wispy white beard wearing red and gold robes stood by a desk. The room was about the size of Callum's dorm and had a shelf and a bed. Glass bottles of what looked like potions among other items were on the shelf.

"Alchar, treat this young warrior back to health." said the shogun.

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