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Her Warrior Mate

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Naomi winters, an omega of Crescent moon pack met her mate on a Pack gathering but he declines to acknowledge her. She fears for a rejection. She saw a figure ascending the stairs. Her heart fluttered at the sight in front of her. She felt her wolf going crazy inside her head, Jumping and yelling with joy. Mate... Mate..... Mate... She heard her wolf chanting it like a mantra in her head. Naomi stood frozen in place. There he is, her long-awaited mate, her other half. His stance was rigid, his eyes were calculative, he wore a serious expression on his handsome face. Handsome, that's what Naomi thought about him, her first impression. She continuously stared at him, waiting for him to look at her. He looked at his pack mates instead. More like staring them down. And indeed they squirmed at his intense gaze. "I asked you a question, what are you doing? " His voice held so much power and Naomi wondered what rank he is in. If he can scare two bulking monsters like this, he definitely holds a higher rank for sure. Her heart sank at the realisation. She expected her mate to be an omega like her. She really hoped it to be the case. Then she does not have to worry about rejection. But just her luck, she got something much higher than she hoped for. Now she can only hope that her mate wouldn't reject her because she is

Adventure / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Naomi huffed in exasperation as she tried so hard to wipe the expensive Italian marble floor clean, hoping that it would magically turn into its once original white from the current yellow one. There is no use, the floor is still yellowish. Dropping the wet towel in the bucket she straightened herself. A jolt of pain travelling all the way up through her spine from the amount of time she used to crouch down on the floor and she almost heard a snap.

Looking around her alpha’s office room she felt somewhat pleased with her hard work. She didn’t know how time had flown by until she looked out the window to see hazy yellowish clouds adorned the evening sky. The sun had begun to set.

Naomi grabbed her bucket and all the cleaning stuff and began walking out of the office room only to bump into someone. She almost lost her hold on the things she had in her hands. She looked at who she had bumped into and realized it was only her best friend Clara with a mop and bucket in her hand.

“Oh! Watch it, girl, ” Clara didn’t see who had bumped into her and was annoyed. Naomi smiled at how short-tempered her friend can get at times. Naomi almost laughed at how annoying her friend looked at that moment.

" I am sorry Clara, I didn’t see you there. ” Clara was not looking at her at all but Naomi’s voice had captured her attention. Instantly, her face lit up by seeing her and gave her a big smile, her forest green eyes shining in delight. Naomi huffed at her friend’s childishness.

" It’s only you.” She said. “It’s alright.” She waved her hand and dismissed it. Her temper had gone down in a matter of seconds. Sometimes Clara would forget that she is a werewolf, otherwise, how could she not recognise her best friend's scent.

“Bad day? ” Naomi asked when they walked together to dispose of the cleaning stuff in the utility room.

“Yes, the amount of work had doubled since the news of Shadow Night pack’s visit. It had been a hectic two days of my life. What about you? Still trying to get the Alpha’s office floor white as new?” Clara asked in amusement. Naomi has this fascination with the yellow marble floor of the Alpha’s office. She had been trying to get the floor shine in its former glory ever since she had been appointed as an Omega in the pack. A hum escaped Naomi and Clara huffed, unbelievably at her friend.

“Have you gone crazy? What is this obsession of yours with that marble floor?” Clara asked while they dumped all the equipment in the utility room and closed the door behind them and started walking towards their room. Naomi could only shrug at that. She herself did not understand her behaviour. Maybe it was because whenever she was deeply focused on her work, hopefully, she might forget about her nightmares for a little while.

They walked silently after that. They both shared a room in the Packhouse. Ever since the rogue attack, all the orphaned children were accommodated in the Packhouse. It was three stories building with a lot of rooms on the second and third floor and their room was on the second floor.

The first floor mainly consisted of the office room of Alpha Michael, kitchen, dining area, gathering hall and some other empty room. Alpha Michael and his mate lived in a different building along with his grandfather, the former Alpha Albert and his grandmother Matilda.

Around the Pack main building, there were small cottages which accommodated mated couples and their children. Grownup kids usually tend to come and start to live in the Packhouse to have their own freedom after they shift into their wolf for the first time.

Clara and Naomi started being friends when they were assigned a room to share for the first time. That was when they were eight years old. Ten years ago, their pack was attacked by a group of wolves and both Naomi and Clara lost their parents in the battle.

ItWhen reaching the room, they both got ready quickly and went down to the dining hall and when they reached there, Jason, Clara’s mate greeted them.

“Hey, babe! How’s my girl? ” Jason went straight to Clara after saying a quick ‘hi’ to Naomi and grabbed her by her waist. Clara giggled, her cheek involuntarily turning red like tomatoes.

“Oh you know, we see each other every single day,” She said and Jason kissed her instantly and Clara went red. Jason purred at her reaction to him. He moved his hands to place them around her waist and held her onto him, close.

Clara only shifted for the first time last month and immediately found her mate. She was lucky that her mate was a fellow pack member. Jason is a Pack Scout. He was a level higher in Pack hierarchy than an Omega. But those words do not hold any value in their pack. Everyone is considered equal and nobody treated anyone any lower than the other in Crescent Moon Pack.

Naomi looked at her best friend so consumed with love and could not help herself feel a pang of hurt. She was happy to see her otherwise bold friend melting against her mate. Naomi hoped, someday that would happen for her too. Leaving the newly found love birds to their device, saying a quick bye to the guys staying aside shamelessly watching the interaction, she walked ahead to the Kitchen to Find Amanda.

Kitchen is situated where anyone could get easy access. It is still in the Pack Building. While she was walking, she couldn't help but think about her own mate. It has been a year since she shifted but couldn’t find her mate in her Pack. During these time there were six Pack gatherings held by her pack and numerous wolves came for the gathering but she wasn’t lucky enough to find her mate.

Maybe it’s because of losing her parents at a young age or having nobody to call family that made her crave for her mate more. Or maybe it’s a natural thing for a werewolf. Either way, she dearly misses the one connection she was craving for and hoped to find it soon.

Amanda their kitchen chief was busy making dinner. She was busy throwing numerous commands around for her staffs and yelling at them from time to time that she didn’t see Naomi walking into the kitchen. She tightened her light blonde hair in a bun and wore an apron around her waist. She had dark brown eyes that were all fiery but at the same time comforting. Nobody would guess she is the mother of a seventeen-year-old but she was. More or less, she was an Omega wolf and an excellent cook.

“Amanda, how are you? ” Naomi asked while checking the stew that was boiling in the huge pot near the fire. The stew smells like heaven. Anything Amanda cooks came out delicious, maybe that is why their Alpha put her in the kitchen duties. Or maybe it is because of her mate Jonathan blabbering around the pack how amazing a cook his mate is. Anyhow Naomi was glad that she could eat a nice meal every time.

“Ah! Naomi, darling. How are you? When did you get in? ” She walked towards Naomi to give her a bone-crushing hug. Naomi gives a hug back for her motherly affection. She is a great woman, took care of both her and Clara after their parent’s death.

“I am fine, Amanda. Where is Nick, didn’t see him all day.” She asked her.

“Oh! That boy,” Amanda sighed and let me go from her bear hug. “I don’t know where he disappears to. He seemed to be gone all the time ever since he shifted. Nathan is so worried about him.” Amanda said.

Nick had just shifted a few days ago and had been immediately appointed as our pack’s new warrior. Amanda couldn’t be more proud of her son for being blessed by the moon goddess to be able to follow in his father’s footsteps.

“Don’t worry Amanda, he will be fine. I heard training for the newest recruits will begin shortly. He will be too busy to disappear even for a second after that. ” Naomi consoled her. Amanda let out a huge sigh.

" I hope you are right, dear. ”

After some more talk, Naomi headed to the dining area to take a seat. Clara was sitting beside her mate along with his fellow scouts. Naomi felt left out but she knew Clara can’t help it. It is like that when you meet your mate, your entire world would change as in default. It would be like your entire world start revolving around your mate. Naomi knew that now Clara was like on cloud nine and nothing could waver her feelings at this moment. And also, it wasn't like Clara didn't offer her a place around the table, It was just not that comfortable around so many boys.

Soon Alpha Michael came into the dining room along with Luna Gloria, effectively silencing each and every one. He was in his late twenties and was over six feet tall. He had his grandfather’s green eyes and dirty blond hair. His chiselled jaw and strong arms screamed masculinity. He addressed his pack with his loud and authoritative voice. Luna Gloria stood beside her mate, a hand caressed her huge, round belly. Her silver blond waist-length hair falling loosely around her shoulder. Her hazel eyes held so much kindness and affection towards her pack members. She had gained an enormous amount of weight over the months of pregnancy. Amanda said she is almost due and the pack would soon have an heir.

“Dear pack members, tomorrow we shall receive our guest with warm hearts. This meeting is important for our pack. Making an alliance between the both of us is our ultimate goal. ” He stopped only for a second and continued. “everyone should be on their best behaviour and don’t give them anything to brag about.” His last comment earned a few snickers among the members. he always had a playful side to him besides the fact that he was a powerful Alpha wolf. Naomi understood why their Alpha had to explain this to them. Shadow Night pack is a bit ruthless. It was their Alpha’s continuous effort that made the Shadow Night pack to accept the invitation. It was a crucial meeting to discuss and make an alliance so that in the future if a rogue attack happens, there will be an ensured hand to help.

Naomi had zoned out to her own thought that she didn’t hear the rest of the words that uttered from her Alpha. Soon everyone sat down and had their food. After a while spent with her fellow teenagers, Naomi walked to her room without waiting for her friend. She knew it would take Clara a bit more to come to their room. True to her thoughts, Clara entered their room after an hour and Naomi finished reading her chemistry chapter for tomorrow’s class test.

“We can skip school tomorrow, Naomi. ” Clara declared while resting her head on the soft pillow.

“Why? We have an important test tomorrow.” Naomi reminded her friend. She wanted to sleep early and don’t wanted to be late for her class test.

“Just screw the test. An entire pack of wolves are coming tomorrow for the gathering. You can look for your mate, Naomi. I mean how long has it been since you shifted? A year, right? Too long without a mate. It is your responsibility to find him. ” Clara said in a serious tone. A pitch she never used with her before. Naomi sensed something in her tone. She sat up on her bed and looked across the room where Clara is laying.

“What is it, Clara? Why do I have a feeling that you more to say than this? Are you hiding something from me? ” Now Clara sat up from her bed as well. The question was somewhat unsettling for her as well.

" I am not trying to hide anything from you. It’s just that Jason asked me to move in with him. He had been planning this since the first day we met. And it is my decision too. ” It looked like Clara had let out that last part rather forcefully. Like she is regretting it already.

“But you are not eighteen yet. It is the pack rule. Even if you have met your mate, you have to wait until you are eighteen to actually start living together.” Naomi said in confusion. Clara laughed at her friend.

“No silly, we are not going to live together right away. I know I am not eighteen yet but it’s just that... I will be soon enough and when I leave, I don’t want to leave you all by yourself. ” Naomi blinked once, twice, and several other time. She was slowly processing what Clara had just said and was deeply touched by it as realisation sunk in. She wanted to hug her friend for her faultless care.

“Now who’s been silly,” she said in a teasing voice. “Don’t worry about me, Clara. I will be fine. Besides, it is destiny that brings mates together not planning. So please get some sleep. Tomorrow, we have a test to get to.” with that Naomi switched her table light off and got under the bed cover. But like she wanted, sleep didn’t find her right away.

Even if she assured her friend that she was okay being alone, she really wasn’t. She wanted to find her mate just as bad but she is merely an omega. She can’t go out looking for her mate. As an omega, her life literally stuck inside the pack. After graduation, she is going to be in full-time omega duties as she does not have any other plan for her future. She was like a lost kite, aimlessly floating along with the wind. So her luck on finding her mate completely depended on her mate himself.

With that thought been swirling around her, she slowly drifted to sleep.


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