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Her Warrior Mate

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Chapter 2

Naomi woke up rather startled, the dream she had was horrible. It has always been the same dream since her parents died. Ever since the rogue attack which caused her parent’s death, she has been having the same dream over and over again and sometimes it made her what to erase all her memories from that dreadful day. But she couldn’t, it had already been imprinted on her mind and haunted her for life.

She sat in her bed for how long, she didn’t know. Her brown wavy hair falling loosely around her shoulder, some of them falling on her forehead and chocolate brown eyes as she sat on the bed drifting into her usual train of thoughts. She slowly regained her composure, turning to her bedside stand and noticed that it has already been seven o’clock in the morning.

“Oh shit... ” She stood up hastily remembering that she has her chemistry test first thing in the morning and didn’t want to be late. Quickly grabbing a pair of jeans and a white crop top from her wardrobe she walked to the bathroom only to be blocked by the locked door. Oh! Right... Clara,

Naomi shook her head and sat on her bed with a sigh, once again drifting back to her thoughts. Truth to be told, she was not the only one who became an orphan that day. Clara lost her parents and an elder brother to the rogues. So has so many other children. That day their pack had been nearly ravaged by rogues.

How she wishes that she could forget and move on but somehow it felt like a selfish thing to do. It felt like the most dishonest and cruel thing to do. Naomi felt like those kinds of thought would bring insult to her parent’s memories who fought so hard to defend what they loved despite their ranks.

Their sacrifice deserves to be remembered, honoured. Just like all the others who had shed their life and blood to save the pack. They all deserved to be remembered.

Naomi could never forget...

She would not forget, even if that means it would bring all those terrible nightmares to her sleep. It has already been a part of her life. She would swallow her fear and hurt and would live her life to honour her parent’s wishes.

Just like how they wanted her to be...

She drowned in her train of thought too much that she didn’t even hear the clicking of the bathroom door open or her friend walking out of the bathroom calling for her.

“Naomi? Naomi, are you alright?” Clara asked her, her long dark hair was all wet and sticking to her back. Her shining green eyes held worry and Naomi stared at them for the longest of times. Clara had witnessed her nightmares many times so she knows what was going on with her. Naomi also knew that Clara had her own grievance but she held herself much better than Naomi. And finding her mate had done significantly good.

Now Clara always had a content smile on her face and she was happy. Naomi felt when she would find her mate she would feel much better and would eventually find happiness. And with a bitter sad smile, she realises no a days, all she thinks about is about her mate.

“Naomi,” Clara stood at her bedside damping her hair while looking at Naomi. She had seen the emotions that run on her friend’s face. Without a word, she understood what was going on in her head.

“I am alright,” Naomi responded calmly. She didn’t want Clara to be worried but she knew for a fact that she already does. “I am just thinking, that’s all.” Clara without saying a word nodded her head in understanding. Naomi stood up and went straight to the bathroom. Since she was already late, she didn’t take much time in the shower and cleaned up quickly and got out.

After getting ready, they both headed downstairs to the kitchen. The kitchen smelled like heaven like it always used to be when they walked in. As usual, Amanda was barking orders to her helps. Cooking for a whole pack of werewolves was never an ordinary job. Not only they had such a huge stomach but also had such improbable taste buds. Meaning they prefer food to be absolutely delicious.

Amanda never failed them in that area but it still seems stressful to cook for an entire pack. Amanda noticed Clara and Naomi walking in and smiled at them.

“My sweets, how were you this morning? Did you sleep well?” she asked while meeting them halfways and grabbing them both in a tight hug. Man! was she strong.

“Fine, Amanda. We slept well just fine ” They both answered in unison. Amanda released both of them and smiled. Naomi’s mood instantly lifting as a fresh smell of egg and bacon hitting her nostrils.

Amanda handed each of them a plate. “Go to the dining hall, I have already set the table with the food.”

Both walked straight to the dining hall to find it mostly empty. Pack warriors and hunters would have already finished with their breakfast and gone practising. There were still some women present with their kids. They were all chatting while feeding their children. Amanda’s younger sister Emily was sitting with a few other expecting omegas. They all seemed round and full of life, happily chatting away. Due to their current state, they are off duty by the order of their Alpha. Any she-wolf that has reached her six months of pregnancy would be relieved of her duties. It was for so that they could enjoy their time of pregnancy tension free.

Naomi remembers distinctly that her pack was as ruthless as any other pack would be. But it all changed after the rogue attack. Former Alpha Gabriel was ruthless, like any other he also wanted his pack to be one of the strongest. Taking pride in every birth of a Warrior. But what he couldn’t realize was that each member was special in their own way, playing a part as important as it could be. Omegas were used to be vilified by the pack’s higher ranks. Abusing them was a common occurrence in those times.

Naomi remembers her parents coming home all beaten up from the hard work, having no energy left in their body. Even though their life was tough, they loved each other so dearly and they cherished their only daughter to no end.

“Running away with thoughts, are we? ” Naomi looked to her left to find Clara staring at her with a thoughtful expression on her face.“What are you thinking, Naomi?” Clara asked.

“Nothing, really... ” Naomi filled her plate with crumbled eggs and bacon along with a glass of orange juice. She felt like her mood had drifted back to that certain gloomy self with all these thoughts. Clara did the same and they both took a seat near the table.

“Please tell me,” Clara finds herself asking the same question. Clara could tell that Naomi was disturbed by her endless thoughts. Nowadays, it had increased enormously. Naomi sighed before answering.

“I was just thinking about my parents,” Naomi spoke after sometimes. Clara made an ‘o’ with her mouth, understanding what she meant by it.

“I was thinking how everything changed after that. ” Clara didn’t respond at all. She also had painful memories within hers, she also lost her parents in the rogue attack but when she met Jason, it helped to a certain level. She was finally able to let go of all her pain.

It was true though. After the rogue attack crescent moon pack had changed its old ways for good. Now all the pack members are treated with equal importance and respect. Nobody disrespected any lower rank anymore. It all came to existence due to the guilt Alpha Gabriel had felt at that time.

“It will all be alright when you meet your mate, you know?” Clara slowly said. Naomi smiled at that. Clara held her and patted her shoulder in a comforting way like trying to soothe her friend’s mind. They both shared a bond, one knows exactly what goes on in the other’s mind and always made sure to be there for each other. Those who don’t know about them would think they are siblings but of course, there is the appearance that would give them away. Clara had long straight black hair and pale skin. Her eyes were green as forest and she was tall, taller than Naomi. Naomi, on the other hand, had brown wavy hair that reached her waist and chocolate brown eyes to go with it. She had fair skin that was not as pale as Clara’s. She was shorter than most of the girls her age and had a petite figure considering her friend's tall frame.

When they finished their breakfast, both exited the kitchen. Grabbing their school bags from their room and heading out, they both had relaxed into a comfortable silence. They almost reached the muddy path to their school when Clara’s mate called her.

“Clara,” Jason started jogging towards them. He and his friends were coming back from the night shift patrolling around the pack grounds. Clara stopped in her tracks and waited for him to reach her. He was tall and had a very muscular figure like any werewolf. His sandy hair had cut short, his eyes were of a shade of dark brown and had a depth to it. He neared her and claimed her by her waist and kissed her wasting no time at all. When it comes to kissing Clara, Jason never held back. Naomi and Jason’s other patrol team had to look away. Clara blushed beet red and instantly melted into him. That made Jason purr, again.

“Man! get a room, Jason ” Daniel, another scout and close friend with Jason yelled from behind. Clara giggled and pulled away making Jason growl in disapproval. He was possessive of her. With a wide smile spreading all over her face, Clara pulled all the way away from him.

“We gotta get to school, Jason ” Clara told him holding him back with her palm pressed against his chest. Jason wanted to protest but one look from his mate shut him up. Male wolves are mighty and held their pride next to their heart but when it comes to their mate, they had no issue throwing out whatever they held even if that is their pride, out the window.

“We will meet after that, okay?” Clara looked at her mate, expecting an answer from him. Jason nodded with a smile. Clara began to turn around but Jason stopped her.

“How about we go for a run tonight, huh?” a sly smile forming on his lips. Clara’s face turned red, she bit her lips in embarrassment as Jason’s friends made some exclamations, nodding her head agreeing. He was asking her for a date and how can she not accept it. In were-world, going for a run means something more what the words could describe.

Naomi wrapped her own smile that was forming on her lips with her hand, her heart swelled with unsaid emotions. She gets to see her friend’s joy being held in her mate’s arms and she wanted to know how it would feel like. Clara did tell her how it felt most of the time but Naomi was certain that she could understand the mate bond to its full extent only when she finds her mate. Suddenly she craved for him.

Clara and Jason shared one more kiss before they said goodbye. Their way to school was pleasant after that. Seeing Clara so much in love and the way Jason caring for her lifted Naomi’s spirits for the day. She looked at Clara who had an unwavering smile still intact on her face. But it is still so weird to see the otherwise bold Clara would always seem to be shy around her mate.

Clara noticed her staring and mouthed a 'what' at her. Naomi shook her head and said 'it's nothing'.

Reaching school they went straight to their lockers and after that headed to their classes. Being the first period was their chemistry test, the day’s excitement ended there. After school, they spend some time in the library doing their homework and assignments.

The meeting with shadow night pack is going to be dragged on for sure. If they go back to the Packhouse, there will be no time for them to finish their homework. And Naomi doubted that the meeting would go favourably for their side. Considering that both the packs had issues in the past. It was news to the entire pack when they heard that their alpha had decided to join hands with the Shadow Night Pack. But they remained indifferent about it and made no protested since they all had faith in their alpha.

Thinking about this meeting with Shadow night pack had her worry. She couldn't come up with a reasonable explanation for why Alpha Micheal tried so hard to get the Shadow night pack to have a treaty with their pack. Shadow night pack was notorious all around the were-world for their ruthless ways. It was the only pack around them that has well-trained warriors who happen to be so damn good in hunting and killing of the rogues. A shiver ran down her body just by thinking about coming face to face with all the members who are coming to the meeting.

After sometime Clara gave up on her assignment and started reading a novel she took from the library. Naomi bent on finishing her assignment before they headed back to the Packhouse. She always had a love for literature so when Mr Roberts asked her to write a three-page essay on Romeo and Juliet, she was so happy to oblige.

“Naomi, are you done? It’s getting late, ” Clara asked. Naomi looked out the window to find it’s getting darker. Naomi rushed to finish the last two paragraphs of her essay.

“Finished,” She smiled at her friend and dropped her pencil on the book.

“Oh! finally,” Clara stood up from her seat with an exasperated sigh. Naomi found an urge to roll her eyes but didn’t. Stretching her hands and back, she packed her stuff into her backpack and stood up. They both left the school premises and headed to their Pack.


Alpha Michael stood at the front of the Packhouse, expecting the Shadow night pack to arrive. His Luna stood by his side along with his beta Laurence and third in command Patrick. The usual playfulness on his face was nowhere to be found as he impatiently waited for the other pack to arrive.

Only he knew how important this pack meeting was. He needed a capable hand to secure his territory. So even if he distaste the way of Shadow night pack, he had to overcome this and prioritise what is important at the moment.

He looked at his mate and her hand securing her round belly and realised he had a lot more to protect than he had thought.

The sun was coming down, the trees around the packhouse stood still, there was a certain chill in the air. The winter time was nearing and soon all the trees will shed the colourful leaves. A moment passed before they heard the sound of vehicles drawing near their pack house. Alpha Michael’s eyes automatically drowned to the pathway between the thickly grown trees. The first vehicle that came to their line of vision was a black SUV. After that a few more cars came, they all lined up in front of the packhouse.

Alpha Jackson came out from the SUV. He was in his thirties, a rigid man, unlike Alpha Michael. His dark hair was cut in short and his even darker eyes had some kind of cruel dept in them. His beta Brad and his third in command Victor came beside him and a few of his warriors whom alpha Micheal not met before came out as well. They all looked monstrous in appearance justified for their ruthlessness. Among them, he had particularly noticed a man with short dark hair and blue eyes who looked similar to Alpha Jackson.

Alpha Michael came forward to greet them.

“Welcome to crescent moon pack, Alpha Jackson. I am glad that you could make it.”

Alpha Jackson shook his hand.

“It is likewise. I hope this meeting will go smooth and favourable for both sides.” He responded curtly.

“Yes indeed, let me introduce my mate and Luna of this pack, ” He turned around to motion his mate to come forward. Gloria took a step forward and stood in front of Alpha Jackson.

“It’s a pleasure, Alpha Jackson. I heard that you recently found your mate.” She said in her melodious voice. Sending her eyes around the alpha to look at his Oh so rigid warriors.

“Yes, you heard right.” His voice was rather cold and Luna Gloria took hint realising that he is not there for a friendly chat. "Please come inside," she motioned to the entrance. After taking one more quick look around the Pack ground, Alpha Jackson entered the Crescent moon Packhouse with his usual rigidness.


Sam felt his wolf all anxious, whining and whimpering at times since he set foot in the territory. But he couldn’t figure out why his wolf was behaving out of his usual self. He also had this faint ache in his heart. He thought it was strange to feel so when in that morning he felt completely fine. He watched the dull sky as he moved swiftly through the corridor. He was told by Victor to take a look around the packhouse. That must mean that the two Alphas had to come to terms with the meeting. He was accessing the pack territory with interest. The packhouse was obviously for the children orphaned during the rogue attack that happened ten years ago. The building had three floors and wide enough to have numerous rooms to accommodate all the pack members but most rooms were empty because families lived in separate cottages that were built around the Pack ground.

He had already sent two of his pack members to check on the top floors and the ground floor mostly held gathering hall, kitchen, dining area and such and had taken note of everything. It was when he reached the stairs that he began to feel the same sensation he felt before, his wolf who had gone quiet for a while perked up and started to jump in excitement. Sam frowned at the behaviour. Not knowing what, he began to climb the stairs, each step he took felt painfully long to his destination.

But what was waiting on the other end of the stair left him speechless. The scent that hit him was nothing like he ever smelt before, enveloping him in a tight embrace, making him go all hot. His wolf howling in joy. He looked at the girl standing at the top of the stairs and finally realised what was happening.

She had brown hair loosely falling over her shoulder to her waist. She wore a gown which reached her calf. Her shuffling feet had him mesmerised. He was seeing his mate for the first time but the other girl with long black hair was standing in the way blocking the view. The girl with black hair was having a staring contest with one of his pack members.

Wthout even realising it, he started walking towards them.


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