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Desire of the Lost

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Chpater 2

I stepped forward carefully. Crackles of electricity caused me to wince as I walked up to the fallen boy. The lamp post whizzed its light out. The only light illuminating any kind of illumination was the sparks that flew out of his body.

This is freaky, I thought. Immediately I turned around, but my foot steps were slow. Looking at the fallen boy, his hands sprawled out over the ground, his eyes scarred by the sudden blast of electricity--I just could not help but run over and talk to him.

"Hello?" I asked as I made my way in the midst of sparkling ashes. I tip-toed carefully as I struggled among some of the blue electricity. The boys' hands lay limp on the ground. My hands hovered over him, wanting to lift him from the ground but also not desiring to be shocked. Should I call 9-1-1? Should I call the police? What should I do?

My heart beat slowed down. I lay my hand on his back. His breathing was calm, almost as if he was inside of a deep sleep. Nobody else is ever going to accept him in this tpe of condition, I thought to myself. The sparks of electricity sparkled to a closing halt as I slung him onto my back, barely able to carry him through the searing molten wreckage of the broken lamp.

Laying him on the ground of my room, I observed him. His body lay very limp, spread out over the floor. Come on! Come on! What do I do to wake him up? If Mom found him, she'd have a frickin' heart attack! And imagine the interrogation that my father would have with me? Rummaging through all the different types I had, I squeezed my eyes shut as I did the only thing that I could think of--I pulled two electrical wires out of the outlet and placed them into his system.

"WAAAAHHHH!!!!" screamed the boy with a start.
"Not so loud!" I cried before covering my own mouth. "We don't want my parents learning that you are inside my own room."
Ok, ok, this is going to be all good, I told myself. The boy looked around. His breath quickened (robots have breaths?).
"Where am I?! What has the world come to?! Who are you, and how did you manage to set me up again?!"
"You are in Woodbury, New Jersey. The world is still...around...ummmm....I'm Libby, and I set you up by using two wires from the poles to set you up again Frankenstein-style." The boy gave a puzzled look.
"Yeah, the scientist who made the monster with the--" I tried to conjure up the details up into my brain. Unfortunately my illiteracy that my parents so often complain about continued to be a bane against my shoulder whenever I try to make references to literature characters.
"I am not from your planet," he said quickly. "Or at least, not from your society. You can call me XJ-0467, however, to you all, I am known as Tash."
"Tash," I thought to myself. I leaned in closer, believing that he probably had a lot of explaining to do with how he came here.

"Here take this chip," Tash said. A small bolt came out of his stomach. Several of his bolts came loose to reveal one large device shaped in a disk.
"I use this if I ever have the need to communicate with anyone on my journey," he said.
"Must be pretty nifty," I replied. The air started to become a drafty scent as I looked around at the room around me.
Suddenly the room started to spin like I had just taken an over-dosage of my pills from the cabinet. I collapsed, struggling to breathe. My fingers clinging onto the ground, I screeched for Tash to stop.
"TASH!!! What are you doing?" I cried, but there was Tash--wringing and shaking as sparkles of electricity came through the room. Finally, his vibrating stopped. The movement came to a close. "What was that?" I asked as I rubbed the side of my head. Tash looked down at his hands. From the way he shook, I could tell that he was frustrated.
"Dang it! Still can't find a way to get back home!" he said to himself. A knock sounded on my door. Without warning, Tash hid underneath the covers while I went to go encounter my parents.
"What was all that shaking and banging?" my dad asked. I hesitated for a moment, thinking about a good response that I could use in order to cover myself up.
"Uhhh, just me with one of those experiments," I said. My father gave a look of suspicion, but he nodded with a yawn like a hypnotic had come and rushed him out of his sleep.
"OOOOOOOOOOOOOKKKK...." he said. Closing the door, I returned to Tash, who was just rusting off several of the bolts that had been dusted in the event.
"Ok, do you want to come with me or not?" he asked. I paused.
"Sure," I said to him.
"Ok, but I need something to help me in order to evacuate this place," he said. Looking around the room, he sent out an explosion that rocked the radius of the house.
I felt like my own feet were starting to disappear underneath / First my legs, then my entire body.

The night my eyes opened up, I could tell that I was in a different universe.
"Hello?" I called. The bushes rumbled. Out sprang a fox with red gleaming eyes.
"AHHHHHH!!!!!" I screamed. I raced through the jungle. The fox burst through the woods. Twigs and brambles fell out of the way as I raced through the forest. I felt a clamp on the back of my shirt. Panic streamed through my body like several youtbe videos being played at once. I could feel a sharp tear go across the back of my shirt.
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