The Blood Of Curses

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Hi name is Trist, and I'm a vamp, I was bitten by a guy named Chris at midnight on December 26, 2023. Here is the story of my life and how it started. Hi my name is Trist, and I'm a vamp, I was bitten by a guy named Chris at midnight on December 26, 2023. Here is the story of my life and how it started.

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How I Met Him

I was walking home from the music store when I saw the cutest guy ever. He walked up to me very slowly. He had blonde hair and green eyes, which was strange because that is the rarest eye color.

“Hey, do you need someone to walk home with,” He asked gently.

“No thank you,” I said very calmly, “but if I were to say yes, would that mean something,” I asked anxiously.

“No, it would not mean anything,” he said looking me up and down.

“Okay then, I would love that, but don’t look at me like that,” I said as though he was flirting, but I felt bad for him, after all, I gave him a horrible attitude.

“Okay, lead the way,” he said

“Well, My home is straight ahead, only two blocks down,” I said pointing in the direction in which we were to go

“Okay then,” He said in an impatient voice.

As soon as we began to walk a sharp, and quick, wind picked up. So I began to stumble, thankfully the boy caught me before I could fall. I looked into his beautiful green eyes and they flashed red for a moment, I thought I was seeing things at the time, but I wasn't

“so what is your name anyways,” I asked sharply

“Chris, my name is Chris,” he said looking calmly into my eyes

Once we got to my home, Chris offered to meet me at the park at 3 o’clock the next day, so naturally, I said yes.

I walked into my doorway and found my parents sitting there waiting for good news because I was at the music store looking for a job, but I didn't get it. The only time they had was full time, and I'm still in high school, seeing as how I'm only 16 years old.

"Mom, Dad, I just met the cutest boy ever," I said jumping up and down, "He had the most beautiful eyes ever." I said biting my lip to keep from screaming.

"Well that's nice hun, but why are you back at near midnight," my parents asked calmly.

"Well, I kind of went out with friends, but I'm tired, so I am sorry, and let's just not talk about this," I said yawning, obviously it was a fake yawn, but my parents didn't notice.

"Okay goodnight, hun," my mom said

I went to bed slowly, getting into my undergarments for the night. I fell straight asleep.

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