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An Anglo-Saxon Queen, A Viking King. A battle between the two over land and money. Will their hatred for one another's people get in the way or will they prove that Love does conquer all?

Adventure / Romance
Kayleigh Amber
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I was sixteen when they invaded for the first time, the Vikings that is. The year was 793 AD my father was the King, King Elric the noble, of our province of Lindsey in England. I his only daughter, was to be wed on the eighteenth year of my birth to the prince from the neighbouring kingdom that was until they came and him along with them. His skin was as white as the winter clouds, his eyes were like deep black abysses that never ended, and he had a smile that could charm any woman and he knew it. But behind that smile were weapons of destruction; little knives that could destroy one’s life with one tiny prick. My name is Elaheh it means “Goddess” and that’s what he saw me as.

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