Day 4 (Book 2)

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Day 4. That's how Mom refers to one of the saddest points in her life. My Day 4 seems to be dragging on and on. Instead I'm at Week 4. Zephirah Rain Woods, the only biological daughter of Leo Woods and Sigourney Woods. After her parents tried to save the world from a war, and just barely escaped with their lives, she finds herself stuck between being royalty or military. On the streets her name is Rain, through her mother's blood she's Princess Zephirah, and through her father's blood she's ought to be another solider for the U.S.. How will such a tiny innocent-looking girl take on the expectations the world has put on her shoulders?

Adventure / Romance
Jasinda Black
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Chapter 1

“Yo, Rain!”

I stop in my tracks, that’s definitely Justice. I sigh, turning on my heel to see him running up to me. Justice’s chocolate brown eyes look down at me, his usually straight black locks are half red at the top. I smile lightly, I like the new splash of color, a lot, actually.

“Check it out.” Justice points to his hair.

Of course, I’m not actually telling him, “You look like some K-Pop member.”

“A hot one at the very least.” Justice grins at me.

“That’s what you said.” I continue walking.

“So, what’re you doing out, it’s going to be raining buckets in a few.”

“I was just coming back home from tutoring.” I grin.

Justice sticks out his pierced tongue, he never liked the guy that Leila has tutor me. Dakota Cox, everyone makes fun of his last name, he’s a smart guy, top of the senior class. Justice doesn’t like Dakota much because Dakota cheated on his sister or something like that.

“What’d he tell you this time?”

“Why’s that your business?”

Another reason Justice doesn’t like Dakota; Dakota is a playboy, he flirts with me sometimes, but nothing major.

“Rain, I’m telling you, one day he’s going to-” He’s going to rape me, I don’t need that lecture.

“Justice, why don’t we talk about your little situation?”

“There’s nothing between me and Tess, I told you already.”

Tess. Theresa Eastwood. A third-year just like Justice and I, not all that smart, but she excels in history, and is a cheerleader. Tess has been Justice’s bestie since forever. I always tease him about her because, well, she’s gorgeous, if I’m being honest.

“Zephirah!” Leila. I freeze up.

“Seriously, why do you always have to be the only one who calls me that?” I groan.

“Zephirah is such a nice name, though.” Leila pats my head.

“Hey, Leila.” Justice waves at her.

“Justice.” Leila nods

We continue walking down the street towards my house. Mom and Dad are probably cooking by now, well Dad would be, he’s the better cook. Mom and Dad are really cool, with Leila, they’re overprotective as hell with me. They say it’s because the age gap is only eleven years apart, and because Leila was able to handle the... “conflict”.

I glance over at Leila, I always thought Leila to be really pretty, light skin, black hair, but what will always and forever pull you in, is her eyes- one brown, and one blue. She has her hair up in a messy bun today and wears a raincoat with a cute little panda design on it. As usual, you can see her boyfriend’s necklace poking out from under her shirt.

“It’s gonna rain soon.” I guess.

“Yes, it is.” Leila meets my eyes. “How’s Dakota been treating you?”

“He’s such a little-” I cut Justice off quickly.

“Dakota is fine, Leila.”

“Good, let me know if he gets too pushy, alright? Anyway, I’m off to Niklas’s place.” Leila pats my head. “Don’t get into any trouble!”

Leila runs off just as the rain begins to fall. Zephirah meaning dawn, Rain meaning abundant blessings from above, and my last name, Woods, the name of a family who’s been serving the US for generations. I look up at the sky, rain sure is a blessing from above, it gives life to the plants and creatures below.

“Rain.” Justice pokes my shoulder.

“Hm?” I turn to him.

“Crooks.” Justice points ahead.

Three guys. To anyone they’d look like some normal people just waiting around. But to a New Yorker, waiting around means they’re waiting for someone to rape, steal from, or kill to walk by them. Especially with the fact that two are on the side by the street and the other is standing across from them, they’d have any pedestrian surrounded. And they’re standing there at a good time, all pedestrians are being redirected here for the time being due to construction being done to the sidewalk on the other side. Great, just fabulous.

“Guess we’re taking a detour.” I’m about to turn the corner, but Justice grabs my arm.

“Nope, I’d be damned if I let the princess of my block take a detour home over just a couple of crooks.” Justice keeps walking forward.

“Justice, idiot! Just avoid the stupid situation.” I try to yank my arm free from his.

“Chill, Rain, if you just walk by quietly they’ll either attack you right there or follow us home. Just chat with me, specifically about your family.” Justice tugs me along.

“Uh...” I blush as he entwines his fingers with my own. “W-Well...”

“Go on.” Justice encourages me.

“My grandpa on the Woods side was a part of the military he fought in the last big American war.” I manage to get out. “Mom was sort of like an assassin, she and her friends killed lots of people on just her and my uncle’s eighteenth birthday.”

We’re walking by the guys now, two of them look at me, the other just stands smoking a cigarette.

“Your dad?” Justice tucks his fingers under my chin.

“My dad is a really great agent, he’s practically a ninja, especially after he fell in love with mom, he used to be a psychopath, but falling in love with mom helped him regain his sanity. And now that his mind’s clear he’s collecting info left and right...” I grin.

One of the guys that were looking at me push off the wall, I turn on my heel quickly looking at the two, I point at one of them, a brunette.

“He could probably find where that guy lives quicker than anyone else I know.” I grin as the guy takes a step back. “Heck, my dad taught me a few tricks, I might be able to do it myself, just not as fast. If I were to get caught, though, mom’s taught me some tricks too... It would be a loss of info, but it’d be better than getting caught.”

“You tryin’ to start a fight, little girl?” One of the guys growl.

The one who was smoking glances over at me, “From what I hear, the only girl down that way with parents like that is Princess Rain. So, she can back it up.”

I smile at the guy who was smoking, I know this asshole. Every time he’s hanging around some guys who are about to fight me and he just pulls the ‘Princess Rain’ card. This stuff started back when I was thirteen and some guy tried to rape my adopted sister. It was my birthday, and one of my little cousins had put a little princess tiara on my head. I went to go look for my sister, and she was in the bathroom doorway, I took off the tiara, and with the most serious face said, ‘Let go of my sister, or I’ll stab this tiara here, right through your eye, and you’d better pray I don’t kill you in the process.’

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