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After the death of his love, Jolly Dejah, Chaotix falls into a depression. Sakura throws him into a portal that sends him to another dimension to awaken from his depression. Within time, he heals and becomes the father Jill needs. Former friends who turned enemies join together to reform the dying, Evil Knights. The Mad Scientist emerges from hiding and begins to raise havoc around Orallion City. It is up to Midnight Chaotix and his team to come together to stop this evil once and for all. Bella Mist, Jake Cender, Gem Octavus, and the sudden appearance of the Mad Scientist all spark questions. Evil has returned and they want payback. The adventure continues! This is Wild Knight Adventures, book 2.

Adventure / Fantasy
A.I Medina
Age Rating:


He stands in the rain high above a mountain. Clenching his fist, he screams very loudly in tremendous pain, injury, heartbreak, depression, but mostly, for the loss of his loved one.


Chaotix begins to perform several movements and attacks of various fighting styles as if trying to release the pain. He falls to his knees after a while, he cries striking the ground with his fists repeatedly. Feeling an immense pain in his heart, Chaotix misses Jolly. He does not know what else to do. Landing from above, Sakura comes to his aide quickly placing her arms around Chaotix to comfort him.

“Chaotix-sama, it is going to be all right. Jolly loved you so much. There is nothing more you could have done. Let it all out my dear,” Sakura says giving him a hug.

“Why does it hurt? Why do I feel like my heart has been shattered into a thousand pieces?”

“That is because the love you had with Jolly was true. You do not want to let go, but you must,” she replies.

“It hurts all the time, day and night. I look for her and cannot find her anywhere. I feel she is right here with me and everywhere I go as well. What is wrong with me?” he says continuing to cry.

“True love is not always easy. Sometimes in life, there are consequences that come with the package. Sadly Chaotix, Jolly is gone. If you want to heal and continue to live, you must let her go. The sole memories of Jolly are keeping you from overcoming this incident. While it is okay to grieve, we have all grieved with you, but it has been it is time to let go. I hate to see you like this. Jill needs you and I need you as well.”

“What do I do?” he questions.

“You have suffered from the shock and the aftershock of the incident. it from inside you and only remember the positive and the good about Jolly. If she saw you from Heaven, do you think she would be happy seeing that you have given up hope for your daughter and yourself?” Chaotix understands what she is saying.

Chaotix-sama, daijobu!”

Feeling Sakura’s tears fall to his face, they feel warm and gentle. Almost like human tears, but rather with a magical healing ability.

“Aishiteru, Chaotix-sama! [I love you] You must continue to live! You must choose to overcome this and fight back no matter how much it hurts. Is this what all that Knight’s training was for? Will you let Jolly’s death be in vain? Will you be a father to your daughter, Chaotix? Jolly would want you to be strong and overcome this for all of us.” Sakura says.

He does not respond.

“I cannot bare to see you like this. You leave me with only one choice.”

After the events of the first incident, Chaotix’s love, Jolly Dejah, perished. He was devastated, heartbroken, and depressed.

Chaotix was unable to heal. He did not wish to seek out help or assistance from anyone. Not having enough willpower to live, he could not even take care of his daughter. Having dealt with Chaotix enough, Sakura decides to throw him into a portal that lead to another dimension. She left him alone to fend for himself for a month. It was a matter of life and death inside this dimension.

Sakura, the fairy of Love and Happiness, assisted in taking care of Chaotix’s baby girl, Jill. While in the other dimension, Chaotix could not summon Sakura or Princess Wyndia. It was as if he was in a game. Every time he cleared an area, another level shows up. If he died, he would feel the intense pain or feelings that came with the consequence. Reviving only made him seek a different path. This violently shook him as it caused Chaotix to wake up and realize he needs to live.

This place would mess with your mind as it would increase the difficulty based on your feelings. Thus, bringing to life your worst fears and allowing you to continuously experience them in a worst-case scenario. Sometimes, you would be helpless. Other times, you could do something about it. In the end, it was a training simulator meant to break your body, mind, heart, and soul. Once you completed all 1,000 stages, you would have sharpened your senses, increased your strength, become more self-aware of your environment, and you would have a new outlook on life. Only then would this place release you.

Once Chaotix came back, Sakura was waiting for him with baby Jill in her arms, as she received him with a hug and kiss to his lips. He did feel upset at first but knew that she had to do it. Chaotix’s state of depression would have worsen. Why didn’t Sakura heal him instantly? As Sakura stated before, sometimes the body must adapt and learn how to deal with certain things without the use of magic. Otherwise, one can never learn to do it on their own.

Being happy to be back in the real world, his thoughts came about on his daughter. He wanted to see his baby princess, but she was already sleeping like an angel. He promised and rededicated himself to love her, protect her, to be there for her, and to be the very best father Chaotix could ever be for his daughter, Jill.

Giving her a kiss to her forehead, he puts her in to rest in her crib as he covers her with a blanket. Baby Jill removes the blanket from her as she is hesitant in not wanting to be covered. So little and already expressing feelings of discomfort. Sakura states that Jill will be all right.

His next thoughts are on Caitlin. Chaotix wants to know where she is as Caitlin appeared in the training simulator due to one of the levels being a fight to the death with his ex-girlfriend. Sakura expresses that Caitlin chose to go into hiding and wishes to be left alone. Not even her own mother knows where she is. He cannot help but feel sad and can share the heartbreak that Caitlin felt during the time they broke up. He wishes to find her to know how she is. Perhaps, there is something he can do to make things better. Chaotix can feel her, and knows Caitlin is out there somewhere.

Where is Princess Wyndia? She had to return to Fairylandia on official princess duties, but she fairy Princess will return. The only thing left for Chaotix to do is to shower, eat something, and rest. Sakura expresses her feelings towards him by cuddling with him later in the night.

She wakes Chaotix by filling him with kisses all over his body. Removing his shorts, the only piece of clothing he had on him, Sakura now kisses his lips.

“I told you one day I would have you, Chaotix.”

“You were always on my mind no matter whom I was with. Why is that?”

“I made sure to always be in your dreams.”

“It felt so real...”

“I invaded your dreams. As our minds fuse, it becomes real. I am going to show you why I am the fairy of love and happiness.”

“I love you my gorgeous Sakura.”

“I adore you and love you as well, Master Chaotix.”

The rest of their night endured pleasures from hugs, kisses, neck bites, and various sexual deeds.

And a great night it was for Midnight Chaotix and Sakura Fairy...

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