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Wild Knight Adventures - Future Jill

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Based on the events in Wild Knight Adventures book 1. Jill Dejah of the Good Knights is sent back in time by her father, Midnight Chaotix, to change certain events to prevent disaster and change the outcome of the future. Filled with information and events of the future, Jill has to investigate the past and find out who leaked information, and who betrayed the Good Knights. As she travels back in time, she cannot reveal her identity to anyone because it can have a catastrophic change to her future as well as others. How will Jill survive this dilemma? This is Wild Knight Adventures, future Jill's story.

Adventure / Fantasy
A.I Medina
Age Rating:


Wild Knight Adventures - Future Jill

written by A.I MEDINA


I dedicated this book to my daughter, Mia. I love you with all my heart and joy. If your father can write a book and publish it, you can too. Thank you, my love, for always listening to my stories as you fell asleep. Even when you are older, I will still read you my stories. God bless you so much!

I also dedicated this book to the fans of Wild Knight Adventures Book 1 and 2. May you enjoy reading this new wild adventure to the fullest. I wish you a fantastic day.

Good Knights to action!

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

This book's genre is fantasy-adventure with a mix of time travel. Our lead character is a young female who will kick your @$$ if you mess with her.

Welcome to Wild Knight Adventures - Future Jill.

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