The Lycan's mate

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Chapter Eight

Belle's POV

After not being able to find Xander or Will they had to come out anyway because Mum had arrived home with the breakfast ingredients.

I had helped mum make the pancakes and was now sitting down between Xander and Chance, with Will sitting on the other side on Xander.

I had finished eating and was just sitting there quietly not knowing what to say as mum and dad were still eating, dad had just come back from an early morning meeting.

"What was your meeting about Dad?" I say breaking the silence in the room. "Oh, Alex was just letting me know that next week we are going to be having an Alpha conference up in California, which we will all be going to as the Beta family" he then looks at Xander and Will.

"I'm assuming that if you two are still here next week you will be going as well as there will also be other lycans attending the meeting" My dad informs then.

"Ok cool, I'm not sure if we are here next week but we will see," Will says smiling at him. While Xander just nods.

I found it funny how Xander didn't like talking too much, to people he didn't know anyway. I've noticed that he has started talking to me more and more, which made me happy.

Will's POV
I was really happy for Xander, knowing that Belle had accepted him as her mate and things were going good.
They still had to tell Belle's parents of course, although I feel they will accept it fine, considering they are so fine with having two lycans staying in their house.
The only real challenge that they faced was the fact that Belle had to become a lycan. Once Xander marked her she would slowly but surely start converting from wolf to lycan, which might be something her parents won't be okay with.
But we can worry about all of that later. My mate Venus and I met around 300 years ago.
Our meeting hadn't gone well in the slightest, I was different back then.
I wasn't like the person I am now, I used to be a misogynist little prick.
Venus changed that though, she brought out the best in me and now that I look back I am so glad that she changed me. For the better that is.
Now Venus and I lived in a house out in Nevada, we had two children together, Dean and Luke. Who were both grown up and 122 and 124 years old. Dean has already found his mate, Julia, which was lucky because Luke still hasn't found a mate.
It is rare for lycans to find their mates, take Xander for example, he was 427 years old and only just found his mate.
I guess it was because we lived for so long.
But I had learnt my lesson from Venus, you should never wait too long because you never know when it could disappear, which was what she said to me all those years ago when we were having troubles being mates.
So I needed to help Xander and Belle so that things didn't go badly.
It was time to initiate the plan, plan Xelle.

Belle's POV
I was currently lying in my bed reading a book. Well trying to read a book, I kept on getting distracted by my thoughts.
I couldn't get Xander off my mind, not helped by the fact that Bella would not shut up about him in my head.
I was about to go to bed and she was keeping me up. I mean if I couldn't get to sleep because I was this distracted I didn't know how school was going to go tomorrow.
I just wanted him by my side, he was literally in the room across from mine, I was being pathetic.
I needed to get my head straight.
I put my book down and turned off my light, I just needed to close my eyes and hopefully, I would fall asleep.
I looked at the clock to see it was 10:47 pm and then closed my eyes.
I feel like I had my eyes closed for an eternity but when I opened them again and looked at the time it was only 10:53 pm.
I tuned into the sounds around the house, it sounded like everyone was in their rooms getting ready for bed. I couldn't hear any noises from downstairs either which confirmed my first thoughts.
I layed there for a while debating whether or not I should go into Xander's room to sleep.
My mind was begging me to but my more reasonable part of my brain was telling me not to.
Not being able to decide I just lay in bed thinking about what could happen if I did.
In the morning someone could come to wake me up and I wouldn't be in my bed, then they would smell me in Xander's room and I would have some explaining to do.
Which was something I wasn't prepared to do just yet, I didn't know how I was going to be able to do it.
Sighing I close my eyes again and just try to fall asleep.
I lay there for a little while still not able to sleep when I hear my door being opened.
I looked up at the door and smiled when I saw Xander. "Can't sleep?" he asks, probably knowing full well that I wasn't able to get to sleep.
"No" I whisper to him. He closes the door and wanders over to the edge of my bed.
It was then when I noticed he was only wearing boxers, no shirt, just boxers.
My mind wasn't able to function once it had caught a view of his glorious six-pack.
I could hear my wolf howling inside my head.
Realising that I had zoned out I looked up to him to see a cocky smirk on his face.
I could feel my face flush red and knew that he could see it with his enhanced vision because I heard a chuckle leave his mouth.
"As I was saying, I couldn't sleep either," he says in a humorous tone "Can I sleep here?" He asks me.
"It's fine by me but what if we get caught," I ask him, "It's ok, to anyone else I am appearing invisible and scentless, no one will know" he explains to me.
Feeling better knowing that there isn't much chance of getting caught I nod my head.
He walks around to the other side of the bed and hops in.
He lies down next to me on my double bed and pulls the cover back over him.
Feeling so much better than I was a couple of minutes ago I allow myself to take a deep breath of his scent and then start to feel sleep taking its toll on me.
"Goodnight Xander," I say to him quietly as I turn around onto my side to face him. He was already facing me and looked into my eyes.
"Are you ok with me holding you?" he asks, unsure of himself. "Yes that's fine," I say quietly while trying to contain my wolf from exploding inside my head.
I then feel his hands on my shoulders as he turns me around and then spoons me.
I was blushing so hard at this moment and was grateful that he couldn't see my face. I take in his scent once more and enjoy the sparks I was feeling from where his skin was touching mine.
"Goodnight Belle" he whispers into my ear, which causes goosebumps to rise on my arms. I smile to myself "goodnight Xander" I say for the second time that night and then close my eyes.
My body finally feeling at peace allows me to fall into the dark oblivion of sleep.

I wake up surrounded by warmth. I smile and cuddle in closer to the nice source of warmth.
It takes me a few minutes to fully wake up and realise that the warmth I was cuddling into was Xander and the heavyweight resting on my waist was his arm.
My face instantly turns red once again. "Good morning" I hear a deep voice say, very close to my ear I might add.
His voice sounded soo good in my ear and as I breathed in his scent I knew I was going to have trouble getting out of bed this morning.
"Good morning" I say back to him and then looks at the time. It was 6:34 am and I felt like I had just had one of the best sleeps of my life.
I struggle to turn myself around in his arms but once I manage to I look up and meet Xanders deep green eyes, swirling with different shades of the dark green.
"What are you doing today?" I ask him while still admiring his eyes. "Not much, just observing the pack. What are you doing?" he asks me in turn.
"I have school," I say and instantly feel the dread as I already know I won't be able to focus.
"Do you not like school?" He asks me. "No I don't mind it and I actually like a lot of my subjects, I just don't want to go today" I say avoiding the real reason why I don't want to.
"Well I hope you enjoy it" he says to me knowing that I have to go.
We lay there just looking at each other for a little bit longer, "what's the time?" I ask him. He looks behind me at my clock "6:50" he replies.
"Ok I need to be downstairs around 7:10 and I need to shower so I need to get up" I say to him. He nods and releases his hold on me so I can get up.
I pull the covers back and hop out of bed as Xander does the same.
Forgetting that he was only wearing boxers I blushed again and looked down at my feet, "Ill see you in a bit" I say to him and then hurry into my ensuite.
I can hear him laughing behind me as I close the bathroom door, I smile to myself and then get ready for the day.

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