The Lycan's mate

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Chapter Nine

Belle's POV

I parked my car outside of the school and sit there for a couple of minutes dreading actually going into school.

I knew that today was going to be hell. I mean I had spent the whole drive to school thinking of Xander which was dangerous because I could've crashed!

I let out a frustrated sigh and open my car door and head to my homeroom.

When I open the door I am greeted by Ben and Izzy who were already here. "Hey, guys" I greet them as I sit down and do another mental preparation for the school day.

I was now just sitting in science looking out of the window trying to find something that would catch my attention.
We were learning all about genetics and about the dominant and recessive genes. Meanwhile, my wolf was impatiently pacing in my head wanting to go home.
It was weird how quickly we had formed such a strong bond with Xander.
After a while, I started thinking about how I needed to tell my parents about how I had found my mate.
There was no way of knowing how they would react and I didn't want to get my hopes up so I was expecting a bad reaction.
I was thinking of telling my mum first since she really wanted me to find a mate. Then if she approved, which hopefully she would, I would move onto telling dad.
I also needed to tell George and Eve. Hopefully Chance would help me since he already knew what was going on.
Making up my mind I decided that I would tell my mum soon and then the rest of the family afterwards.
I just had to figure out how.
I glanced at my watch to see that barely any time had passed since the last time I looked at it.
I rest my head on my arms that are on the desk and close my eyes for a few seconds.
I then get nudged by Izzy who was sitting next to me. She gave me a concerned look and I mouthed at her that I was just tired.
Which wasn't a complete lie because even though I had the best sleep ever in Xander's arms last night, my mind was tired of thinking about everything.
And I could swear my wolf was burning a hole into my head with all the pacing she was doing in there.
Sorry, I just want to be close to our mate. She states through our mindlink. I know me too but we still need to do some school work. I reply to her.
I hear her sigh in my head as I sigh out loud.
I hear the bell ring indicating that lunch was starting.
I pack up my things that lay unused on the table and follow Izzy out of the classroom and outside.
We sit down with the rest of our group and start talking about random things.
"How was your class guys?" Max says looking at Izzy and I.
"It was good" Izzy replies to him and I just nod.
"When is your test supposed to be?" he asks us.
"Um I can't remember, do you Belle" Izzy asks turning to me.
"What?" I say finally snapping out of my inner mind and thoughts.
Izzy throws me another concerned look. "Do you know when our test is?" she asks me again.
"No I wasn't listening too much during that lesson" I confess to her and the rest of my friends who were listening in.
Izzy and Max nod at me and then Max turns back around as Oli asks him a question.
"Are you okay, you seem pretty out of it" Izzy asks me with concern.
"Yeah I'm fine just tired" I lie to her again.
She gives me a disbelieving look but leaves the topic alone, knowing she wasn't going to get anything out of me just yet.
We were sitting in a circle and I wasn't feeling physically tired necessarily but I was emotionally tired of my own thoughts.
I put my bag behind my back on the field and lay down on it and close my eyes.
I hear on my side Izzy telling our friends that I was tired.
I lay there for a while until I smell something that awakes my wolf.
I sit up and discreetly take in a deep breathe of the new scent that was entering the school.
It was my mate.
Suddenly feeling a lot better knowing that he was near I perk up and join in the conversation my friends were having while trying to find Xander who I knew was nearby.
I check my phone to see we had around 30 minutes left of lunch until our last period.
I turn and look around the tree line for any indication that my mate was in the forest but found nothing.
I can smell his scent getting closer and that was when I saw him coming round the side of one of the buildings talking with Alpha Alex, Will and the schools principal who was also a werewolf apart of our pack.
As if he knew I was there his eyes meet mine and we look at each other in silence. He breaks the eye contact to look at the principal who had just asked him a question.
I wanted to go and talk to him but I knew that my friends would find that weird and they would definitely start getting suspicious.
I try and keep up with the conversation going on amongst my friends but I keep on getting distracted by my mate who was standing less than 100 meters away and in my direct line of sight.
I watch them carry on walking and enter the building heading inside of the school. I was a little sad that I couldn't see my mate anymore but being able to see him for a bit had made me feel a bit better.
I look at my watch and see that we have around 10 minutes left so I stand up and tell them I have to go toilet and go to my locker before class starts and then I leave.
I go into the school building and try to follow the scent of my mate, hoping that I might be able to talk to him.
I get nearer to the principles office and see him saying goodbye to Xander, Will and Alex. I decide to go up and say hi to all of them, feeling the need to be closer to my mate was really getting to me.
"Hi, what are you guys doing here?" I ask them innocently and then look to Xander and find that he was already looking at me.
"Lycan Xander and Will wanted to look over the school and check that everything was running nicely here aswell" Alex explains to me with a smile.
I smile back and "Cool" is what my reply ends up being. "How has your day been so far?" Alex asks me. I sigh "Very slow and I really want to go home" I say giving him a sad look.
He chuckles as he looks at me "You know you have to go to school Belle" he says in a fake lecturing voice.
I smile and then look back to Xander who gives me a small smile, which was very rare for him. I smile back and then reply to Alex "I know, I should probably get going because class starts in around 5 minutes" I say.
"Bye, I will see you guys after school," I say to them "Bye" they all say, except Xander and Will say it quite a bit more quietly than Alex.
I then turn to walk down to my class and subtly brush past Xander, loving the little sparks I feel as I do so.
I then go to class and prepare myself for the rest of the day.

Hey guys, I am very sorry that I haven't updated recently but I have been super busy with school work and I was unable to do any writing. I am sorry that this chapter was shorter than the others but I was just trying to get something to post. I will try my best to post more often. I hope you enjoyed this chapter! Have a good day :)

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