The Lycan's mate

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Chapter Two

Hey readers! Because this is the start of the book I wanted to post some chapters out of the updating schedule just to get the book started and flowing, so here is the second chapter. Enjoy!

Xander's POV

"Mate" I hear myself say as I bend down over the girl and take her in. She was beautiful. I could hear my lycan shouting something at me but I don't listen as I am fascinated by her.

That was when the beautiful smell of honey and flowers invades my nose. I breathe in more, wondering what it is.

That's when I hear my lycans shout, mate mate mate, I hear him chanting. I then register that she was in fact my mate.

After 427 years of having no one I had finally found her. The one made for me.

Belle's POV
I groan as pain shoots through my head. I open my eyes and see myself lying in my bed.
Was that all a dream? That was when I noticed that heart monitor connected to me drawing my steady heartbeat.
I was confused.
My Mum then walked in and looked at me "Oh honey, we were so worried about you" she says rushing over to me. "what happened?" I ask, very confused as to how I had gotten here.
"You were attacked by rogues sweety" mum says sitting down next to me on my bed. "oh" came my short reply.
"But what happened after that?" "ah well you see, you were very lucky, our lycan visitor saved you and was then found by border patrol and Alpha Alex, they then took you here and the lycan is talking the Alex as we speak" my mum explains to me.
"Ok, how long was I out for?" "well you've been out for around 2 hours, you hit your head pretty hard but your healing has kicked in and you should be fine now" she explains to me. "so can I get up?" "yes sure, come down and have breakfast"
I decide to have a shower and after I'm done I head down to the kitchen. As I walk in I am instantly engulfed in a hug from Eve.
"I was so worried about you" she mumbles into my hair since she is a bit taller than me.
"I know I'm sorry" I say back to her feeling guilty that I made her sad.
"Hey Belles, you scared us all there, but your alright now so come and eat!" George tells me from across the kitchen counter.
I smile and happily eat some breakfast.

After breakfast, I take the time to go back to my room and lay down, to have a think about what just happened.
It was all so confusing, I literally witnessed my nightmare. It all happened but instead of getting killed as I had always thought I would be, I was saved, supposedly by a lycan!
Oh god, a lycan saved me. I should say thank you, I mean I should see him considering he is staying at my house.
I sigh, feeling tired as I lay back onto my bed. I decide that a nap will do no harm considering I don't actually need to do anything today.
I then close my eyes and fall to sleep.

Xander's POV
I was nearing the end of my conversation with the Alpha of the golden moon pack, his name was Alex.
"So we will be holding a pack dinner to welcome you to the pack until then I will get someone to show you where you will be staying throughout your stay here" he said to me warmly.
"Thank you, Alpha Alex, it is much appreciated by the moon goddess and I" I say.
His eyes glaze over as he speaks to someone in the mind link.
"You will be staying with the Beta and his family, they are across the path from us, if you have any troubles then just let me know" he says with a smile.
At that moment a man walks through the door. "Ah, this is Chance, he is the Beta's second son and he will be showing you around, I hope you enjoy your stay" Alpha Alex tells me as he takes his leave.
"Hi I'm Chance," the man says extending a hand out to me. I shake his hand "Xander" I reply.
"Ok cool so you will be staying in our house so I'll just show you the way" he says as he starts to walk out of the office.
I follow him out of the Alpha's house and into his own house. Once we walk inside a woman approaches us.
"Welcome to our home, my name is Hazel and I am the Beta female" she says extending her hand out to me to shake.
I take her hand in mine and shake "I'm Xander" and as I say that I notice the amazing smell of the girl I saved flowing through the house.
I smile to myself about the smell of my mate as more people enter the foyer of the house. "Welcome, I am Harrison the Beta, and this is my eldest George and his mate Eve. You know Chance and somewhere around here is Belle" he says while shaking my hand.
I smile to myself as I figure out the name of my mate must be Belle. "It is nice to meet you all, my name is Xander"
"Yes, you must be the man who saved our daughter Belle from the rogues" yep my mate was definitely called Belle. I nod "yes that was me, it's my duty as a lycan to protect those that the moon goddess created" I say to them gruffly.
I then smell the beautiful smell getting closer and the soft sound of footsteps.
My mate enters the room and looks at her dad. "Ah yes, this is Belle, Belle this is Xander, our guest and the one who saved you in the woods" the Beta says to her.
"Oh yes thank you so much for saving me, I could have died" she says to me but the last part mostly to herself.

After being shown to my room I sit down on the bed, only to notice that the sheets smelled of Belle, my mate. My lycan was pacing round in my head, excited that after everything we have been through we were able to have a mate.
I smile to myself thinking about my mate.
Her beautiful smile, face, and her eyes that were a deep chocolate brown.
The soft way she spoke to me, but also with such confidence. I sigh, internally thanking the moon goddess for finally gifting me with a mate.
I hadn't had much human interaction over the last hundred or so years, I don't really talk much.
I hope I wasn't too rude, I just don't like talking that much. I can't wait to get to know more about our mate my wolf says to me neither can I, she isn't 18 yet so she doesn't know we are mates I say to him and hear him grunt in response.
Let's hope she likes me.

Belle's POV
After meeting Xander I went back into my room. I was in shock, he was the hottest man I had ever seen.
I couldn't get him out of my mind. My wolf wasn't helping either.
He didn't speak much from what I heard, but when he did his voice was so deep I was mesmerized.
Ok. There is definitely something wrong with me.
I am not supposed to be thinking about people this way until I find my mate I scold myself.
Dad informed me that we were having a pack dinner for Xander and to dress nice. I decided to mind link my friends and see if they wanted to get ready together.
Do you guys want to get ready for dinner together? I ask them through the link. I instantly get replies and it is decided that we will meet up at 4 pm at Izzy's to get ready.
I look at my clock and see that I have around an hour before I need to go to Izzy's so I decide to get out my computer and watch some Netflix.
An hour goes by quickly and before I know it I am at Izzy's house getting ready.
I say hi to Izzy, Laura, Georgia and ask them where Clare is. They say Clare will be here soon so we decide to start getting ready.

Once we are all ready we head to the pack house and into the dining hall for dinner. We aren't dressed up too fancy but rather in nice dresses with minimal makeup.
We talked for about an hour which slowed down the getting ready process a lot but it turned out fine cause we had tons of time to wait after we had gotten ready anyways.
Because this was a formal event, we had arranged seatings. Meaning I had to sit with my family and my friends had to sit with theirs. Which sucked but at least I could talk to Oliver.
Oliver and I always sit next to each other at these types of events since we are the children of the Alpha and Beta and we are cousins anyway.
I sit down next to him since he is already there and start talking to him.
Shortly after everyone is seated the Alpha and my dad the Beta walk in followed by Xander.
Everyone bows to Xander since he is a lycan and technically above all of us.
He sits down next to Alex who was at the head of the table, meaning he was almost opposite me.
After Alex talks to everyone and introduces Xander, dinner starts.
During dinner I talk to Oliver who was sitting next to me, Eve who was on the other side of me and next to her George. Also Chance who was opposite me.
We talked about all kinds of stuff but ended up telling each other random childhood memories.
We were currently playing two truths and a lie, and to be honest it was getting hard to come up with things since they all knew me so well.
I feel someones gaze on me and look up to meet Xander's eyes boring into mine. I hold his gaze before looking away blushing.
Why was he looking at me!
I look back over to see him engaged in a conversation with Alex and my dad, no doubt talking about the pack.
"Oh my god Belle, do you remember the time you jumped onto a lily pad in the creek cause you thought you were a frog" Chance says opposite me while cracking up with laughter.
I start laughing along with everyone around me, of course, he would bring that up, it's like his favourite story to tell.
"Yeah, and do you remember when you tried to kiss a frog Chance" I say bursting into even more laughter.

After dinner and talking to my family for ages we finally headed home with Xander talking to my dad behind us.
I was walking alongside George and Eve. Eve was telling us a story from her childhood which caused me to laugh.
Because it was dark and I couldn't really see I then slipped on some loose gravel and slipped backwards.
I brace myself for impact but never hit the ground.
Instead, I feel strong arms wrapping around me and a beautiful deep chuckle make its way out of my saviour.
"Careful Belle, this is the second time I've saved you in one day," He says while setting me down on my feet.
His scent enters my nose and I suddenly want to be in his arms again. Oh god, there really is something wrong with me.
I say a thank you while laughing and turn around to look at Eve when I hear a massive amount of laughter coming from her way.
Gosh, my family was crazy!

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