The Lycan's mate

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Chapter Three

Xander’s POV

Seeing her falling backwards all went into slow motion, and in seconds I was wrapping my arms around her and catching her.

I fell like the world stopped moving and everything around us froze as I held her in my arms.

Drawing her closer to me I take in her divine scent and I can hear my lycan howling inside me.

Letting out a chuckle I say “Careful Belle, this is the second time I’ve saved you in one day,” as I then place her on her feet.

A beautiful laugh bubbles out of her chest and suddenly I am reminded of the people around us.

I step away from her and resume my conversation about the pack with her father, still keeping my eyes on her.

After taking my leave I return to my room, conveniently for me it turns out to be across the hall from Belle’s.

I take a shower and then lay down on the bed with my towel wrapped around my waist.

I was thinking of Belle when I got the mind link from my sister Cecelia, Hows the golden moon pack bro? I instantly smile, thinking about Belle.

You will never guess what happened to me Cecelia, Smiling internally as I think about meeting Belle.

Well, tell me you dummy, Is the instant reply I get. I met my mate.

She doesn’t reply straight away, which is a bit worrisome.

How did it go? I get a reply finally. She isn’t 18 yet so I’m not too sure how she will react when I meet her. But the point is that I have a mate.

I say instantly saddening, thinking about my loneliness over the years.

Well, I’m sure she will love you.

I certainly hope so, anyway I have to go, bye.

Is my final reply as I cut the mindlink.

My mood instantly dulls thinking about the curse placed on me 400 years ago after Cecelia thought I killed her mate.

She cursed me so that I would never get a mate.

It was only a decade ago that we figured out it was our brother Xavier who killed Charles, her mate.

He went into hiding and is off the grid. Cecelia was trying to find him for 5 years after we figured out but to no avail.

After we figured out though she did finally lift the curse she placed on me.

Allowing me to have a mate and now I have her.

Its a big question as to whether she will accept me or not.

But after having no hop for 400 years, I could feel the feeling of hope start to bloom inside of me.

Hoping that the one thing I have longed for will finally become mine.

I close my eyes and think about Belle.

How my tall figure towers over her, yet somehow we were made for one another.

I say a silent thank you to the moon goddess for finally blessing me with a mate and open my eyes.

I get off the bed and get changed into some boxers.

I then proceed to turn off the lights in the room and fall asleep.

Belle’s POV

I wake up confused, I had had no nightmare that night.

Confused I looked over to my clock seeing that it was only 7:20, on a Sunday morning.

Why the hell was I up so early?

I decide to get changed and head down for breakfast anyway.

After changing into some nice warm clothes I head down to the kitchen.

As I walk in, I see a big figure sitting at one of the stools.

I walk further in and realise that it was Xander.

"Hi Xander," I say, startling him out of his thoughts.

He offers me a small smile in return and nods his head.

Not surprised that I didn't get a response I turn around and head to the pantry for some breakfast.

Deciding to make some french toast I turn around to ask Xander if he wants any.

As I turn I see his eyes already on me.

"would you like some french toast?" I offer him

"Yes please" came his simple reply.

I nod my head and start making french toast.

I find myself making french toast in silence and am almost startled when the silence is broken. "How old are you Belle?".

"I'm 17 but I turn 18 next Friday" came my reply. He hums in response so I decided to ask him a question. "How old are you?" "427 years old, I am a lycan after all," He says with a hint of humour.

I chuckle thinking about how he should literally look like an old man, not the man sitting behind who looks to be in hid mid 20's.

I carry-on making breakfast and when I am finished I serve it up for us since no one else was up yet.

I sit down opposite him at the counter and we eat in silence. Until I decide to break it. "So can you talk to the moon goddess?" I say with wonder.

"I can't talk to her necessarily, but if she needs something she will tell a lycan, and then they do the job" He replies.

"Do you know any other lycans?" I ask another question. "Yes, there is my sister and I have met quite a few at a lycan meeting, there aren't many of us left though"

"Why not?" "Because most have either been killed or they got the option to become mortal" "oh ok," I say contemplating if I should ask another question.

"Has she offered you mortality?" I ask thoughtfully looking into his dark green eyes. "No, she hasn't" "well why not" "Because you have to have completed your time she set out for you on earth, she does have a path for everyone after all"

"And you haven't completed your path yet?" "No, in fact, I have a feeling it has just begun," He says smiling.

Confused I go to ask another question but it dies on my tongue as Chance walks into the kitchen.

"Good morning" I greet him "Morning," he says looking at me and then nodding at Xander.

I see him looking around for food "Sorry I would have made you breakfast but you weren't up yet" I say apologetically.

I hear a chiming and pull my phone out of my pocket. I see a text from Izzy asking if I wanted to hang with her, Ben and Oli. I reply back telling her that I was keen and get a reply back in record time asking when I was free.

I texted her back saying I was free now if she wanted to hang. I get a reply saying she was keen to hang out now. I text her back asking if she wanted to meet at the coffee shop in 20 minutes. I get the ok text back from her.

I go upstairs and put on a jacket knowing it was cold outside and a pair of shoes. I grab my wallet and head back downstairs.

I walk into the main room to see mum and dad in the kitchen. I head into the kitchen "good morning, I'm heading out to the coffee shop to meet Izzy, Ben and Oli" "Ok sweety, have fun".

I then text Oli asking if he wanted a ride to the coffee shop with me. He replies saying that would be great and he would head right over.

Not even a second later there is a knock on the door. I let Oli in and we head into the kitchen. "Good morning Oliver" my mum smiles at him "morning aunt Hazel," he says back to her.

I look at my watch and see that we have around 5 minutes before we need to go. I look around the kitchen and see Oli talking to Chance about something and decide to quickly go toilet upstairs.

I run up the stairs and turn the corner into the bathroom when I bump into a hard chest. Stumbling but keeping on my feet I look up to Xander.

"Sorry, I should probably watch where I'm going" I apologise with a light blush forming on my cheeks. "It's ok Belle," he says. I smile and round him to get to the bathroom before I embarrass myself even more.

Gosh what was wrong with me, I was always blushing around him. Lightly slapping my cheek I finish going toilet and head back downstairs.

"Ok, Oliver lets go" I shout grabbing my keys and opening the door getting ready to go. "Yep I'm coming" I hear his reply an I walk out the door. I unlock my car and hop into the driver's seat, I put the seat warmers on as I wait for Oliver to hurry up and get his ass in the car.

When he is finally in I put my seatbelt on and drive to the coffee shop.

After getting coffee with Izzy, Ben and Oli we decide to text the rest of our group to see if they want to hang out.
It was then decided to have a movie day at Oliver's house since he had the biggest house.
We agreed to bring all the blankets we could find so that we could all be warm on the cold day it was.
So here I was gathering up all the blankets in my house into a basket. I had already got all the ones in the living room, my room, Chance's room, George and Eve's room, my parent's room and I had a total of around 7 blankets.
The basket was kinda getting heavy in my arms. I knew there was a blanket in Xander's room but I didn't really want to disturb him.
Deciding that I needed the blanket I knock on his door. I hear some shuffling and then the door opens. "Hi, I was wondering if I would be able to take the blanket from this room," I say trying not to sound too weird.
"Sure" He replies and steps aside allowing me into his room. As I step inside I get swept over with his smell. He had only been in here less than a day and it already smelt of him.
Taking a deep breath of the good smelling air around me I grab the blanket say thank you and quickly leave.
I don't know why I was so weird around him, maybe it was because he was a lycan. I couldn't figure it out but I didn't spend that much time dwelling on it either.
I head over to Oliver's house and see the biggest pile of blankets I had ever seen in the middle of the living room floor.
Adding my 8 blankets to it I step back and admire the collection my friends and I had gathered.
I say hi to my friends and we start deciding on the first movie to watch.

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