The Lycan's mate

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Chapter Four

Belle's POV

After deciding to watch the Marvel movies we started with the first Captain America movie. Which was one of my favourites, but then again so were all of the movies.

After we finished that movie we decided to eat some proper food, other than the popcorn and lollies we had been watching during the movie.

We all assemble in Oli's kitchen and order some Pizza. Oli goes and asks his dad and mum if they wanted some pizza as well.

After the pizza was ordered, Oli's mum offered to go pick it up so we then started Ironman.

20 minutes later Oli's mum arrived with the pizza and we gathered up our slices to eat while we watched the movie.

As we were grabbing our slices Alpha Alex and Xander emerge from the basement. I smile at Xander and he gives a slight smile back.

"Good evening kids" Alex greets us all. We all reply with hellos "For those of you who don't know this is Xander, the lycan" he tells them.

Most of the eyes in the room shoot up to Xander and he looks at them all and nods his head at them.

So much for a reply, I say internally while chuckling to myself.

"Is there some pizza for us?" Alex asks. "Of course there is honey don't worry" came the reply from Luna Grace. Alex smiles at her.

We then go and sit down and commence the movie.

As I eat I can feel someone's eyes on me. I look to the side of me and catch Xander's eyes as he also eats his pizza.

I hold his gaze until I hear a loud blast from the tv. I turn my attention back to the tv and watch the fight scene going on.

I find myself smiling knowing that Xander was looking at me.

Yep, definitely something wrong with me.

After the movie night we had, we all went to our homes to sleep. Once I arrived at home I see George and Eve in the living room. Walking into the room I greet them.
"Hey guys," I say announcing my presence. "Hey Belle, how was your movie night?" Eve asks me politely "It was good thank you, what have you guys been doing?" "Not much" comes her reply.
Nodding to myself I head upstairs to my room, genuinely exhausted from sitting around watching movies.
I get ready for bed and then suddenly think of school tomorrow. Loudly sighing I decide to go to bed and not think about school.
I lie down and close my eyes, shortly afterwards I fall asleep.

Xander's POV
After talking to Alpha Alex this evening we have concluded that everything is going fine, meaning I no longer really have any reason to be here.
That was what thoroughly annoyed me. I wanted to stay. I wanted to be near Belle.
I just needed an excuse to be able to. Or maybe a really good reason to be here on Belle's birthday.
Loudly sighing I pack my things, considering I was leaving tomorrow morning.
I lie down on my bed and try to get to sleep. I can't though. All I can think about is Belle, it was going to kill me to leave her tomorrow, I know I was going to come back but...
I can hear my lycan telling me to go see her now. I decide to listen to him.
Using my invisibility I step out of my room and across the hall into Belle's room.
I close the door to her room and turn around. My eyes instantly adjusting to the darkness of the room. I can see her and that she is asleep.
Not being able to control myself I walk over to her and sit down next to her.
Looking at her I decided that lying down next to her wasn't going to do any damage.
So I lay down next to her and mask scent as well so I would leave no trace. I take in her scent and I instantly feel myself calm down and my worries disappear.
I lied there for a while, it was only when I realised that the rest of her family was going to sleep that I quickly got stood up off her bed and gave her a last look before returning to my room.
Just doing that brought me so much peace. I was finally able to get to sleep as I lay down on my bed and closed my eyes.

As I wake up in the morning I realise it is the day that I have to leave. Gathering my things I bring them downstairs and realise that everyone else is already awake.
I say my goodbyes, frowning internally when I realise Belle must have already left for school.
I then head to the Alpha's house to thank him and then leave their territory.

Belle's POV
I felt bad, I really did. I wanted to be able to say goodbye to Xander but I didn't know how I would react because for some reason I had grown attached to him.
It was lunchtime currently and I was sitting on the field with my friends.
Deciding not to worry about him I join in on the conversation with my friends.

It was now Thursday and tomorrow was my birthday. I was extremely excited and the week had actually gone by very quickly.
My mum had told me not to worry about the party cause she was sorting it all out.
Pretty much all of the pack was invited, which normally happened on a wolfs 18th birthday.
So now all I had to do was last through today and make it to tomorrow.
I don't know why but I was so excited. I would be able to meet my mate and have more contact with my wolf.
I was currently sitting in the second period, not really listening to the science teacher talking about physics. Usually, I would listen, but today I was too caught up in my thoughts.
It was kind of annoying how the whole week had gone fast and then slowed right back down for today. Now it was just getting annoying.
I had only been in school for two periods and everything felt as if it was in slow motion.
It was currently the last period, pe. Which I actually didn't have a problem with because I quite enjoyed pe. We were outside playing basketball on the courts.
I was currently being subbed and as I looked out into the trees I see something move. I could've sworn it was a person. Not putting too much thought into it as I was put back onto the court.
After what seemed like hours we were dismissed and I rushed to get changed and then meet up with my friends to walk home. On the way home I talked to Max and Clare, they were mates.
Clare had turned 18 about a month ago and Max had waited till she turned 18 to tell her they were mates. I found it really cute, as did all the other girls in my friend group.
As we were walking home I got the weird feeling that I was being followed.
I said bye to my friends as we got to the pack house, Oliver wasn't walking with us today so I walked back to my house on my own.
As I neared my house I got the uneasy feeling that someone was definitely watching me.
Looking out into the forest I see movement again. Getting annoyed and slightly scared as I knew someone was following me, I say out into the forest "if you are following me then why don't you introduce yourself"
After I say that I see more movement in the line of the forest and out comes a tall man. Not recognising him I take a step back, although for some reason I don't feel threatened by him.
"Sorry for following you, I'm William but people call me Will" "Ok and why were you following me?" I question him.
"Well I am a lycan, a friend of Xander's you see, and he told me about how he had visited this pack and I was interested so I came for a look"
"Ok, but that doesn't answer why you were following me," I say carefully.
He then smirks "well I can't tell you that one just yet," he says knowingly. Very confused and slightly annoyed I reply to him "Ok then, it was nice meeting you but I will be on my way" and then turn around and continue the way to my house.
"You haven't told me your name yet though," he tells me, but for some reason, I had a feeling he already knew what it was.
"Well, I think you already know it" I tell him and continue my walk.
I walk into my house and before closing the door I look into the forest and see no trace of Will. Shaking my head I close the door and continue inside.

After dinner, I tried to go to bed straight away but to my disappointment, I wasn't able to.
No matter how much I tried I just couldn't. I had tried reading, listening to sleeping music but nothing was working.
Sighing frustratedly I sit on my bed and look at the clock. It was 11:46 and I had tried going to sleep at 9:30. I stand up and walk around my room several times and then try getting to sleep again.
Groaning I decide to sit by my window instead and look at the moon. That was always something that calmed me down. Staring into the massive space above everyone's heads.
Feeling a lot calmer I lay back down on my bed and close my eyes. After around 2 minutes I know I won't be able to sleep so I sit back up.
I look at the clock and see 11:59 and then got very excited. In one minute I would be 18.
Sitting excitedly on the edge of my bed I watch the clock and start the countdown in my head.
The clock turned to 00:00 meaning it was midnight and more specifically Friday, the day I turn 18. I feel something inside of me and realise it is my wolf.
When wolfs turn 18 we are able to connect with them more and our wolves are able to grow into their adult forms.
It feels good to be 18 I hear Bella say to me in my head. I nod in agreement and lay down on my head, finally able to fall asleep.

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