The Lycan's mate

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Chapter Five

Belle's POV

I wake up feeling surprisingly good considering the fact that I only got around 6 hours of sleep.

I sit up and get out of bed and then suddenly click that I was 18. I did a quick little happy dance, threw on my dressing gown and bounded down the stairs towards the kitchen.

As I enter the kitchen I get tackled to the ground by Chance shouting happy birthday at me.

Giggling to myself I tell Chance to get off me and once he does I stand up.

I then look around and get a chorus of happy birthdays from George and Eve who were sitting at the kitchen counter.

I say thank you and then turn back around to my parents who embrace me in a big hug and wish me a happy birthday.

I smile and head over to the kitchen where some pancakes have just been made by my mum.

As I finish eating I hear a knock on the door and get up from the kitchen to see the door being opened by George.

Oliver walks through the door and says a hi to George and as he spots me he smiles, "happy birthday cuz", then walks over and gives me a hug.

I laugh and also get a happy birthday from aunt Grace and uncle Alex who have just walked through the door after Oliver.

I smile to everyone, "so shall we open presents?" I hear my mum ask everyone. "Definitely" I reply very excited and we move to the lounge and we all sit around on the couches.

From all of my presents, I had gathered a good amount of clothes, vouchers, jewellery and other fun things. I thanked everyone and I also had a big stash of cards filled with long messages.
I say thank you to everyone again and give everyone hugs. The parents all had to leave because they had work to do and so did my other siblings.
I head upstairs with all of my new things and put them on my bed.
I grab my phone and see the time is 10 am. I text my friends and ask if they want to go grab a coffee.
They all reply pretty quickly and soon I am on my way to the coffee shop.
Once I arrive I see all my friends already there so I go and greet them and get a round of happy birthdays.
We all order what we want and start talking with each other.
Our orders shortly arrive and we drink and eat.
I feel like someone is staring at me and take a look around but see no one. Confused as I still feel someones gaze on me I decided to brush it off.
Soon talk about my party starts up and everyone is getting excited for tonight.
"So what time should we come round?" Max asks me. I think for a second before replying "maybe come around 4ish and we can all hang around a bit before the party starts at 6" I say with a nod.
Everyone agrees and soon everyone is ready to leave.
We all go back to our own houses to get some downtime before my big party tonight.

It was now 4 o'clock and my friends were arriving. Once everyone was here we all went to the living room to talk and play some games.
Soon enough 5 o'clock rolled around and the boys left to Oli's house to get ready while all the girls stayed at mine.
We slowly did our hair and makeup, and then got dressed. It was quite a formal event since most of the pack was going so we had to look nice.
I had a really nice blue dress on and my makeup matched the light blue tones of the dress.
My hair had been curled and then put into a bun that still showed the curls, I didn't really know what to call it but it definitely looked cool.
After all of us, girls were ready we headed over to Oli's house to meet back up with the boys.
When Max and Ben saw their mates they looked at them with such love, it was so cute.
Everyone was complimenting each other and soon we were on our way to the pack house, where my birthday was being held.

The party was in full swing and everybody seemed to be having a great time.
The party was being held in the ballroom, which was ginormous and made for events like these; birthdays and balls.
It also leads to the outside garden that was surrounded by the forest.
They had the music quite loud and tables set up all around the edge of the ballroom.
I was currently sitting down on one of those tables with Ben, Izzy, Georgia and Laura.
We were talking about the party whilst Oliver, Clare and Max were all on the dance floor.
Everyone who had come was talking with each other and everyone was having fun.
Soon dinner was held and everyone ate tons, hungry from all the dancing.
It was crazy how big and fancy my party was, but then again all the 18th birthdays were like this.
It was a way of the pack celebrating another full wolf being 'introduced' into the pack.
After dinner, my friends and I headed to the outside part where it was more quieter but still had people all around talking to each other.
We were currently playing never have I ever when the music cut out from inside and you could hear a voice asking everyone to come inside over a microphone.
As we enter I see Alex standing at the centre of the room talking to everyone. "As you all know it is a pack tradition to have a pack run on the day of a wolfs 18th birthday, so if we could all gather in the forest clearing we can start the run".
As he finishes speaking cheering comes from everyone in the room as it was one of the most exciting parts of the night.
Everyone one heads to the designated part of the forest big enough for everyone to shift altogether.
Once we arrive we all wait for the Alpha to start the shift before we all follow.
I hear a loud and powerful howl and know that Alex has shifted. Everyone else shifts and soon howls are echoing throughout the whole entire forest and birds and animals all around us are fleeing away from all the noise we are making.
I look around at my friends and grin at them all and they all grin back, we love the pack runs.
Something about it just makes us feel so connected to our wolfs and the moon goddess.
After the howling stops, everyone starts running into the forest, and as we run I notice how much bigger my wolf has gotten after turning 18 and I smile to myself.
I can hear my wolf happily yip in my head about being bigger. I smile to her and myself and carry on with the run.
I run alongside my pack and feel amazing and we are all sharing the pack bond.
After a while, we slow down and start playing around with each other. We tackle each other to the ground and play chase.
We are playful wolves after all. I was currently chasing Laura and when I get close enough I pounce on her and we roll around on the ground.
After calming down from being so energetic the pack all go separate ways as the pack run is over.
I head back over to my friends and we all go to collect some clothes from the trees and bushes we hide them in since when we shift back we are naked.
After everyone is changed into clothes we decide to walk to the little lake and have a swim.
Because none of us had any togs we just went in the clothes we were in, since the pack pretty much had an endless supply and wouldn't mind if a few pairs got wet, I mean why would they.
We play Marco and polo for a bit and then have a few rounds of chicken fights where you get on other peoples shoulder and fight another pair.
After playing around for a long time we all got pretty tired and layout on the grass watching the stars and moon while talking about random things.
The conversation was pretty quiet and only about 4 people were really engaged in it. Ben and Izzy were cuddling by the side of the lake and I think Oliver had fallen asleep.
I wasn't part of the conversation as I was lying with my eyes closed just thinking. I was so lucky to have such great friends.
Once again I get the feeling I was being watched, trying to shake off the feeling I start up a conversation with my wolf.
'When do you think we will find our mate' she asks me 'I don't know, it all depends on what the moon goddess has in store for us' I say with a sigh.
I really wanted a mate, they were supposed to complete you and make each other happy and judging by how much Ben and Izzy, and Max and Clare loved each other as mates I believed it.
'I just really hope we get one' I hear Bella say in my head 'yes me too' I say quietly.
After lying down for a few more minutes lost in my own thoughts I move closer to my friends who were talking and join in.
It wasn't long after that when I smelt the best smell I had ever smelt in my life, It smelt of vanilla and honey. My two favourite scents combined.
I wanted to smell that scent all day. Almost in a trance I stand up and head towards the source of the scent.
I snap out of my trance when Georgia asks me where I was going. "Um I don't know sorry I'm just really tired" I apologise and go back to them even though I want to chase after the lovely scent.
"Your right I'm really tired as well" Georgia replies. Soon we all start heading back to our house, considering it was past midnight.
As I say goodbye and start heading to my house all alone I can't help but smell that amazing smell again.
Not being able to help myself I head back into the forest, following that amazing smell.

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