The Lycan's mate

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Chapter Six

Belle's POV

I head into the forest not worrying about being alone since I knew there were still other wolves out in the forest from the pack run.

I head further into the forest and get to the part of the forest I was in before by the lake and can smell the smell getting closer and closer.

I look around again and not finding the source of the smell I sigh and sit down with my feet in the water.

The smell was so overwhelming but it seemed to be coming from everywhere and I just couldn't pinpoint it.

Getting another wave of the delicious smell I turn around and look into the forest from the little clearing I was in next to the lake.

I then felt someones gaze on me. Not finding the person or thing looking at me I shout out into the forest "I know your there so just come out".

After I did that nothing happened, sighing again I lay down on the grass and closed my eyes, taking in the scent while I could.

It was only when I felt someone standing above me that I snapped out of my daydreaming and opened my eyes to look at the person above.

My breath hitched in my throat as I looked up to the person above me, taking in their strong and tall figure, their striking green eyes and devilishly handsome face.

It then heard my wolf howling in my head "Mate Mate Mate Mate Mate" and finally take in who was standing above of me.


Shocked I stand up and find myself looking at his shoulder as he was that much taller than me.

Looking up to his face I see him looking right into my eyes, and as I looked back into his eyes I take a breath, overwhelmed by the delicious scent I had been chasing.

"Hello Mate" his voice sounds out, deeper then I had heard it before. "Hello Xander" I reply still in a dazed state.

I hadn't fully registered that I found my mate yet and that he was a lycan.

Oh my god, he was a lycan. Snapping my gaze back up to his I ask the question "Are we mates?" already knowing the answer but just needing confirmation.

"If you accept me," he says, his voice turning unsure. Looking up into his eyes I see the unsureness and vulnerability, which lycans never show.

"Well, why wouldn't I?" I question wondering why he thought I would reject him.

"Because being mated to a lycan is dangerous, I'm dangerous," he says as he takes a step back.

"We are mates, we belong together," I say taking a step towards him and wrapping my arms around him and burying my head into his chest for a hug.

Almost shocked that I was hugging him I feel his arms hesitantly wrap around my waist and his face rest in the crook of my neck.

I take a deep breath of his scent and lean into him more, loving his scent.

I can hear him taking in my scent as well. He pulls away and I look back into his eyes "I am not supposed on your packs territory, but I will find a way to come back with permission" He says with promise as he takes a step back.

Confused I ask "are you leaving now?" I ask becoming sad. "I have to but I will be back in a couple of days, you have my word," He says to me and I know that he will come back.

I shiver as it was getting cold out and nod my head, he could tell I was sad though. He then proceeds to take his hoodie off and give it to me.

"Put it on, you can keep it," He says and turn around to leave.

Holding his jumper I look down at it and can already tell that it smells of him. I look back up to see his retreating figure.

"Thank you," I say quietly but I know he heard as he turned around "Your welcome, mate" he says and then turns back around.

I stand there until he is out of sight and then feeling the cold I put the hoodie on, instantly engulfed in his scent. Taking a deep breath I smile to myself.

Lycans were known for not showing emotions, especially Xander. But here I was wearing his hoodie cause he was worried about me getting cold.

I turn around and head back to my house trusting that he will return.

As I got to my house I can hear that no one was up so I assumed everyone had gone to bed.

I unlocked the front door, stepped inside and then locked the door again.
I slipped upstairs to my bedroom and felt really tired, I looked at the clock and saw that it was 12:47 pm, yawning I change out of my slightly damp clothes and into my pyjamas.
Lying in my bed I couldn't get to sleep, all my mind was doing was taking in the scent of the hoodie sitting on my chair across the room.
Sighing I get out of the warmth of my bed and grab the hoodie. I put it on and get back into bed cuddling into Xander's hoodie that was way too big for me.
I then fell asleep almost instantly.

I wake up very slowly, feeling tired and very warm due to the very good smelling hoodie I was wearing.
Looking at my watch I see that it was already 10:23 am and decide I had slept in long enough.
I stand up out of bed and not really wanting to I take off the hoodie, knowing that my family would find it incredibly weird if I came downstairs in an oversized hoodie that didn't belong to me.
I tucked the hoodie under my pillow and then headed downstairs and greeted Chance good morning as he was the only one in the kitchen.
As I was eating my breakfast I realised that I had to tell my family about Xander, but I wasn't sure how they were going to take it, as my mate was a lycan.
Sighing I finish my breakfast and put my plate in the dishwasher.

Xander's POV
I sat on one of the couches in my living room and sighed. I looked over at Will who was smiling at me.
He had smelled Belle on me when I walked into the house last night and instantly asked me how her discovering she was my mate went.
I told him it went fine and then went upstairs to bed.
Now he was just stupidly smiling at me from across the room. "What do you want Will," I asked slightly annoyed.
"I wanted to know how meeting her last night went, and don't just say it was fine," he said to me.
"Fine it went better than I thought and she hugged me, you happy," I asked him. "Yes, very" "So now my question is why are you here and not with her?"
"Because being on her packs territory with no reason is a bit suspicious and as far as I know no one knows we are mates" I tell him.
"Ok so we need a reason for you to be there" Will states and then stands up and walks into the other room.
"No shit Sherlock" I mutter under my breath as I stand up to follow him out of the room.
I follow him into my study and he swipes everything clear off my desk "Hey what the fuck was that for" I say loudly.
"We need to space to brainstorm," he says as if it was obvious. I sigh and sit down at my chair as I watch him grab some paper and a pen.
"Okay so we need a reason to be there, any ideas," he asks me. "We?" I ask back, "yes I need to be with you obviously" He tells me. I roll my eyes and start thinking.
After a long time of thinking and brainstorming, we finally come up with the perfect excuse.
We were there to protect the Golden Moon pack, as we had a good reason because there have been more rogue sightings in the past month and a lot of packs were on edge.
After Will was finally happy he left my office and left me with the mess of cleaning the mess he had made of my office.

Alpha Alex's POV
I was sitting at my office when I heard my phone ring. I picked up "This is Alpha Alex," I say into the phone. "Good evening Alpha Alex, this is Lycan Xander" suprised to be hearing from him I respond.
"How may I help you?" I ask him, "Well due to the increase of rogue sightings that have been going on the lycan council has sent lycan Will and I to help protect and look out for anything suspicious for a while, would that be ok?"
After hearing his explanation for calling I instantly agree and after I made some other arrangements for where they would be staying I went across to beta Harrison's office to inform him of what was going on and if it was ok for the two lycans coming to stay could stay with him.
He agreed and went to go inform his family and make sure the two rooms for the lycans would be ready in time for their arrival tomorrow.
Meanwhile, I organised a pack announcement to let them know what was going on.

Belle's POV
I was watching a new show on Netflix called the society, it was so good and I was already in love with the show.
As I got onto the third episode Eve came into the room to inform me we were having a family meeting in the kitchen.
I turned off the tv and walked into the kitchen at the same time as George and Chance who looked like they had been training.
Sitting down on one of the kitchen stools I then turn my attention to dad who was sitting down at the table.
"Okay, so now that everyone is here I would like to tell you that lycan Xander will be coming again to stay with us along with another lycan, Will.
They are in the pack for protection and to look out for any rogues because of the increase of sightings in the past month.
They will be staying in two of the spare rooms upstairs and will arrive tomorrow, or late tonight, I'm not quite sure yet so can Belle please make sure they are ready" He finishes and looks at me.
I nod my head and then zone out as I think of how Xander would be back, just like he had said.
After the rest of the family left I went upstairs to go make sure the two rooms were ready and they were. I then went back down to dad's study and asked him when they would be arriving.
As I asked him Alex walked into the office "Harrison they will be arriving around midnight, is that ok?" He noticed me "Oh hello Belle" "Hey uncle Alex"
"Yes that's fine, does that answer your question, Belle?" My dad says looking at me.
"Yes it does, bye guys," I tell them as I leave to go back to my room.

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