The Lycan's mate

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Chapter Seven

Belle's POV

I had always had trouble sleeping but knowing that my mate would be arriving around midnight and staying in the room opposite from mine was not helping my case.

I sigh for the thousandth time that night and sit up heading over to my desk knowing that sleep was not coming my way.

I grab my book from the desk and then sit back down on my bed, cuddling up to read my book.

It wasn't too long after when I heard the sound of a car on the driveway and then my dad and Alex's voices.

They enter the house and I can sense that there are four of them, my mate, lycan Will, my dad, and uncle Alex.

I stay in my room holding my book even though I wasn't reading it anymore, too interested in what was happening downstairs.

I hear alpha Alex take his leave and then my dad talking to the lycans for a while.

Eventually, he shows them where they are sleeping and the house goes quiet as everyone had gone to bed.

Knowing that my mate had arrived safely and was actually here put my mind at ease and I was able to fall asleep shortly after.

I wake up and feel warmth surrounding me and I cuddle further into the comfy source of warmth.

Knowing that I had to wake up I open my eyes and sit up yawning. I look at the clock and see that it was 8:30 am. I get up and as I turn around to look back at my bed I freeze.

Xander was lying there. Remembering that he arrived last night I smile and then blush when I realise I must have been cuddling into him just then.

I go into the bathroom to take a shower and get changed and when I come back out Xander is gone.

I frown but decide that he must have gone downstairs.

I step outside of my room and into the hallway, I can already smell the heavenly scent of him coming from the room he was staying in.

Shaking my head and trying to get my thoughts back into place I head downstairs.

When I arrive in the kitchen I see Xander, Chance and Will all at the kitchen table.

"Good morning Lycan Xander and Will," I say as I come round the kitchen counter. I smile at Chance and he smiles back.

"Good morning Belle, it is nice to meet you again" I hear Will say.

I nod my head "likewise". Knowing Xander probably wasn't going to speak I take a short glance at him and see he is looking at me, I smile.

"When have you and Will met before" Chance questions slightly confused.

"I saw him the other day when I was coming home from school" I explain to him.

Will nods his head to confirm my story and looking between him and Xander I realise that he must know we were mates.

It would explain why he was following me.

I turn my gaze back to Chance "what's for breakfast?" I ask him.

"Well mum just went out and I think she is getting ingredients for pancakes since we seem to have run out," He says.

I nod an ok and decide to go back up to my room while I wait for my mum to get back.

Xander's POV
Last night after I had arrived and everyone else was asleep I couldn't help but go into her room.
I didn't plan on staying but she looked so peaceful and I hadn't been able to sleep well these last couple of days, being away from my mate.
I climbed into her bed and lay next to her, instantly feeling at peace, breathing in her calming sweet scent.
I woke up again in the morning to find I had my arms around her and she was cuddling into my chest.
I was quite surprised that we had ended up like this but I didn't mind having her safe in my arms.
I soon fell asleep again and when I woke for the second time I found her gone from my hold.
I got up and realised she was in the shower so I left to get dressed and go down to the kitchen.
When I got into my room I found Will waiting for me with a big smirk on his stupid face.
"What" I grunt at him. "Where did you go, and why do you smell of someone else?" he asks me knowingly.
"I was in Belle's room, sleeping," I say and his grin grows. "Ahhh I see" as he stands up to leave my room "also you might want to shower because you reek of her" as then leaves.

Belle's POV
I was in my room waiting for mum to get back with the ingredients for pancakes when I heard my door open.
I look up to see Chance come into my room.
"Hey bro," I say putting my book down.
"Hey Bells" he replies and comes over to sit on my bed.
"Do you need anything?" I ask slightly confused as to why he had come into my room.
"No I was just bored and George and Eve are out, dad is at the office, and the lycans aren't too talkative with me," he says chuckling.
I smile at him "so what do you want to do?" I question. He flops back on my bed and shrugs. "We could play a game".
"Ok, what game?" "Hide and seek" I laugh at the suggestion. "I mean I do love hide and seek" I reply.
He smiles at me "ok so are we really going to play?" he asks sort of surprised. "Well, you were the one who suggested it," I say looking down at him.
He smirks at me and takes a deep breath before standing up.
He frowns for a second before looking at me and then back at the pillow.
"you ok?" I ask him confused at his sudden weird behaviour.
He picks up my pillow "no, why does your pillow smell of someone else" he brings it to his nose and smells.
Realisation hits me as I realise he was smelling Xander's scent from last night.
"Why does it smell of lycan Xander," he asks me concerned and really confused.
"Ok, I have something to tell you," I say deciding that I have to tell him Xander is my mate.
Chance looks at me, still confused. "Xander is my mate," I say quietly and look at his face for his reaction.
"Are you being serious?" he asks me looking very serious all of a sudden.
"Yes," I say sitting back down not knowing what to do.
"You know the rumours about what they do right?" He says, talking about the bad things lycans are rumoured to have done.
"But he's my mate" "Well when were you planning on telling everyone," he asks me. "I don't know, I don't know how to or how mum and dad will take it.
"You know that you need to tell them right? you can't keep it a secret forever" "I know but please don't tell anybody, just let me figure it out first"
"Ok fine, I need to go do, something," he says and then leaves my room, I follow him out when I realise he is heading back downstairs to the kitchen.
I walk into the kitchen, just having caught up with Chance. He goes around the kitchen bench and stands opposite where Xander is sitting.
Xander looks up at him confused as to why he was standing there and then looks at me. I smile slightly and then turn my attention back to Chance.
"I hear you are my sister's mate" Chance says out loud. "That would be correct" comes the reply from Xander.
"You better treat her right because even though you are a lycan I will hurt you if you do anything bad to her" Chance threatens him.
"I wasn't planning on hurting her," he says looking Chance in the eye. "Ok good, if he does you tell me and I will deal with him," He says the last part to me.
"Ok calm down," I say grabbing his arm and pulling him away from the bench more. Since he was standing right on it to try to be more threatening to Xander.
Chance suddenly smiles "Ok cool, welcome to the family I guess" while looking at Xander. I chuckle at his sudden change in mood and at Xander's confused face at what had just happened.
"So where were we, oh yeah, hide and seek," Chance says looking to me. I nod my head and look over to Xander and then Will who had just watched everything that had gone on, "Would you like to join?" I ask them.
"Yes, we would" Will says smirking and stands up, pulling Xander along with him.
"Ok so you can go everywhere in the house just don't go outside, and Chance is it" I say. Chance then smiles "I'm only counting to 50" he says and then straight away starts his count.
I instantly ran up the stairs as quietly as possible and went into the game room. I pick up all of the beanbags sitting in the corner and hop under them before pulling them back on me.
I could still hear Chance counting.
Suddenly the beanbags were lifted up at me and I look up to the person who uncovered me. When I see Xander I smile and he smirks back.
"He can smell you out so I'm going to mask our scents, Will is masking his" He says as he lays down next to me and pulls all the beanbags back on top of us.
"I thought you could only mask your own scent," I say to him very quietly. "I can, but since your my mate it's different" and I can almost hear the smirk in his voice.
I inch closer to him in the small space not wanting to be seen poking out from under the beanbags. I lay still, trying to listen out for Chance but I couldn't focus on anything but Xander's scent.
"I thought you masked your scent" I whisper "I did" came his simple reply "Then why can I still smell you?" I ask taking in a deep breath of his good scent.
"Because you are my mate" he whispers to me in his deep voice. I could hear my wolf in my head getting excited from Xander calling us his mate and I smiled to myself.
I hear footsteps in the hallway and they then enter the room. Becoming very still I try not to breathe too loudly, not wanting to give our hiding spot away.
The footsteps stop in what I guess is the middle of the room. The beanbags then get hauled off of me. "Found you Belle" he says smugly, I frown at him. "How?" I ask "Your toe was sticking out of the beanbag pile" "Come on and help me find the lycans," he says.
Confused I turn around and see Xander lying on the ground where I was clear as day. Confused I look at Xander and he smirks at me and then mouths 'invisible'.
Shocked that he could do that I smile at him and then follow Chance out the door, knowing we weren't going to be finding any lycans today.

Hi Readers, I am very sorry that I didn't update at the scheduled time this week, I have a lot of assignments due and prioritised those over writing new chapters. Hope you enjoyed this chapter!

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