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Blake thought the end has come. She was wrong. They were all wrong. Soon they would find out that this is just the beginning. They will come. The End Two words that are supposed to bring a conclusion, resolution, happy ending. We were wrong...I was wrong. Those two words brought none of that. We did get an end just not one we wanted. We got blood, death and war. We got an end just a terrible one that was on repeat People ran rampant on this once green earth. There was no law, there was no keeper of peace, there was no hope. Just heartbreak and longing. We thought we saw the worst, lived the worst. We thought we already fought the good fight. How wrong we were. They would come, they would fight. They would show us true terror. We would finally understand what surviving means. Why only the strongest ones live. We would find out who the strongest is in the end. It was either us or them. I will fight for the love I found. I will fight for my need to have my happy ending. I will fight for our conclusion We didn't get an end We didn't get our conclusion We just started This was only the beginning

Adventure / Action
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Chapter 1





Those two words keep running through my mind. My legs are beyond the point of exhaustion, even if I wanted to stop, I don’t think I can. My arms are pumping as fast as they can, trying to help with the momentum of my movement.

I can feel them gaining on me, I can feel their fingers almost touching my hair, I can feel their breath on the back of my neck. I feel so much and at the same time feel so little.

I look left then right, hoping to see anything that can give me an advantage over this situation.

This’s seems so familiar. I can’t place it though and it’s driving me insane. The smell, I can almost picture it in my head.

In the moment of my distraction I didn’t see the root that was sticking up and tripped over it.

“Omphf” is all that comes out of my mouth.


I stand back up and go behind the tree to my left. I just need one minute to catch my breath...if I even have that.

I look down at my legs and see them shaking, I can’t even stop it. There is blood running down my legs from the branch’s snapping at them


I know my minute is almost up, I can sense them gaining.

I look up at the sky hoping to see the stars so I can navigate home.

There are no stars

There is moon

There is no sound

There is only darkness from the trees that are taunting me, making it seem like some sort of nightmare in some fucked up horror movie.

Then I hear it, it’s faint but I know I heard it.

“Hello” I say

“Is there anyone out there?” I yell out in to woods, which now that I think about it is idiotic.

I hear it again and it sounds like I strain my ears hoping to have some sort of wolf like hearing.

“HELLO!” yelling it

“Blake!” this voice calls out not to far away from me.


That name sounds so familiar but where have I heard if from?

“BLAKE!” It yells right next to me ear


I sit up so quickly I think my brain smacks against my skull. I grab my gun that lays under my pillow, cocking and aiming it at the person next to the bed. My mind racing with the images that it conjured up. Why the fuck do I keep having this nightmare. When I finally bring my heart rate back to normal level and can see straight. I look to my left and see that it’s jimmy that I’m aiming my gun at. He is looking at me with wide eyes and mouth open.

“Shit, jimmy” I breath out “Why the fuck are you in my room?” I say will rubbing my eyes after I put my gun down. Making sure the safety is on, so I don’t blow my brains out on accident.

“I... uh...I... umm” jimmy stammers, trying to get over the fact my gun was about to blow his head off. I give him a couple more seconds to recover before I lift my eyebrow in a questioning manner. He clears his throat, shakes his head and finally gets out “I was sent to come and get you”

“And who may I ask sent you?” I say semi annoyed. They know I work the night shift. I need as much sleep as possible. Even if that’s only four hours.

“He sent me” is all he says. Of course, he sent him. I roll my eyes at his statement. He can’t do anything without me for some god unknown reason.

I blow out a breath trying to keep calm, I don’t want to blow up at jimmy for no reason. “Thanks jimmy” I say Giving him some praise. He is only kid and is just doing his job, which was unfortunately to get me.

“Sorry that I had to yell your name” he says ” you just wouldn’t get up and I didn’t know what to do” is his next statement

“It’s ok jimmy” I say. ” You just scared the crap out of me, which almost got your head blown off” I joke with him. Trying to relax him a little bit, so he isn’t so tense.“Did he tell you why he needed me?” I ask

“, he just said he need you and to hurry...” he stops his sentence, blushing a little “Ummm he said, and I quote to hurry your ass up, before I get your ass myself” jimmy looks away from me. I sit there for a moment before I break out laughing. Oh my god this poor kid having to do his dirty work. Jimmy doesn’t know what to do. He just keeps looking around my room and scratching the back of his neck.

“Alright, well since my ass needs to be up, I shall get up” I chuckle. “You did good jimmy; I know it’s hard with me sometimes but you did good” I smile at him. He gives a cute dimple smile back

“Well jimmy, you are going to have to get out of my room so I can get ready” I say

“Oh right, sure” jimmy turns around to leave my room.

“Wait” I say “Where is he?”

“Oh right, he is at the cell” he says back

“Ok, well thanks again” dismissing him

Once I hear to door close, I move my legs over so my feet touch the cold concrete floor of I guess you can call it. It’s not much but it’s my escape.

It’s able to fit my twin size mattress with an end table to next to it. A dresser is on the far wall across from my bed with a mirror hanging over it. I have a closet door right to the right of it, that holds my pathetic amount of clothing. I have a chair that sits at the end my bed that has my backpack sitting on it. The walls are concrete as well with nothing hanging on them, not that I have anything to hang. I have one light bulb that hangs from the ceiling that loves to flicker...constantly. All in all, my room is absolutely shit, but in this day in age it beats sleeping outside.

I stand up out of my bed stretching my arms above my head, I hear popping coming from my shoulders and damn does it feel good. I walk over to my dresser and pick out some faded blues jeans. I pull them up over my underwear and button them up before I add my belt. I grab socks and a sports bra next. I pull the bra over my head before I put on a gray T-shirt. I walk over to my closet and grab my brown leather jacket and put that on. I walk back to my bed put on my socks then grab my boots and lace them up. The last thing I grab is my gun and put in the back of jeans before covering it with my shirt and jacket. You never know when you might need it.

I walk out of my room to go see why the hell I’m awake. The level that my room is on only have five other rooms. They are meant for the upper brass of our community. I don’t really know why. I mean who would want to sleep underground?

Once I reach the stairs to go up to the next level, which has all the other room, I open the door and breath in some not so fresh air. I walk out of the community build and look up at the sun.God have I missed the sun, I close my eyes and take in the warmth that I feel.

I start walking down the dirt path that leads to the cell.

Our community is a decent size for what’s around. We have about 15 acres of land that we control with tight security, well what tight security you can have. We have it fenced off and guard post about every 300 feet apart.

We also have a couple buildings that we use, pretty much every day. We have the mess hall, the gathering hall, the hanger, armory and cell building. We grow some crops as well, which sometimes is none. We don’t keep and animals because that’s just targets on our back that I don’t want to deal with that shit. So, we just get wild game as much as we can.

When I finally reach the cell building, I see the two guards outside. They both nod their heads at me in a greeting before I head inside. I go to the door that’s on the right of the entrance and knock on it.

Wyatt pokes his head out. Wyatt watch’s over our Cell building when someone is in here. “Hey” he says

“Wyatt, do you know why I’m here?” I say, not even bothering to say hi back.

“Always so friendly I see” Wyatt says with a smirk. I roll my eyes at him but give him a smile

“Seriously Wyatt, I was sleeping, and I still have to work tonight” I say back

“Alright Alright, all I know is someone was able to bypass all the security without triggering anything” he says back seriously. Well...that’s new

“So, I’m needed because...” I say

“Ask him” he says back. What helpful information. I nod in acknowledgement while walking off. “Wait” Wyatt calls out to me. I turn my head over my shoulder to show him I’m listening

“Just want to let you know...he is uh...he is pissed” Wyatt says. Of course, because what else is new this fine fucking morning. I just walk off not saying anything back to him.

The further I walk down the hall the more my mind ruins with all the scenarios of how this could happen and what this means. Also, with who ass I need to kick for lacking on their job. I finally stop at the room I know this trespasser is in. I take a moment before I signal that I’m here.

I look at this person and them don’t seem like much to be honest. Not that I can see much with their head bent down. They are thin and dirty. Showing that they have eaten or bathed in forever. The hair is too long to show if it’s a girl or boy, but they seem young.

I finally tap on the mirrored window to tell him I’m here.

The door clicks open and out he walks.

I look at what he is wearing which is the same as every day. His combat boots are tied tight, the further I look up I see that he has in his dark blue jeans with holes in them. They look good on him; you can see how the stretch over his thighs. Further up I see the black shirt that is tight over his chest and broad shoulders, which I know has a six-pack underneath. He has on his black leather jacket that just adds to his dominance. I finally look at his face and see his black beard that fits him oh so well. His nose that is a little crooked from too many hits. His pink plump lips. His high cheek bones that any women would be jealous of. His thick brows that hang over his eyes. His eyes, the deepest blue you could ever think of seeing. Finally, you have his hair, black as night and just the perfect length for a man. You can tell he has been running his hand through it from stress. All in all, he is what any women would swoon over.

Too bad I know him too well to swoon.

“Derek” I say

“Well took you long enough” he huffs outs

“Please, I could have been slower” I say sarcastically. He gives me that look, the look any man would be sacred of. He tries to stare me down. To submit. Ha, like I would.

After a minute of us glaring at each other, he pulls him in to a hug.

I wrap my arm around him and inhale his sent, which always calms me. I can hear him do the same. “Blake” he pauses while letting go”I just don’t understand. I mean how could this fucking happen” he states with a growl

“Well I’m assuming you have been trying to get information out, with no luck” I say with a chuckle.

“It’s not funny T” he comments back with a pout with calling me by my nickname.

“I know I know, I’m just as worried as you are but I just trying to relax you a little bit” I say

“Well that’s not going to help” almost yelling it out.

“Don’t be so dramatic” Rolling my eyes.

" I just need you to help me question him” Ahh so it’s a him

“Why do you need to me to question him?” I say with a slight frown

“You know when we started this, I said I wouldn’t be a part of this part of a community” throwing my hands up in the air.

“I know I know but I don’t trust anyone but you T” he watches me pace back and forth “You know that too. After everything we have been through. I can only count on you” he leans back and closes his eyes.

I stop my pacing and look at him. We have been through so much over the years, him and I. To many things. I sigh “fine...fine...fine” I glare at him. I see the twitch of his lip. He knows I can’t say no to him. The bustard is my weakness, thankfully he only knows that. “The only reason I’m doing this is because I love you to damn much and you are all I have left” I give him a pout

“I love you too” Derek says with a grin

“Fuck, well let’s get this over with so I can go back to sleep” I walk past him to enter the room. Before I can get to the door though he grabs my wrist.

“What?” I question

“I just want to let you know...he did say one thing” his blue eyes hold a look I try to figure out.

My brows furrow in confusion. “Ok, what did he say”

He breaths in deep before he answers me. “He said...we are going to need help.”


Well this is my first chapter and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I’m excited to see where this takes us. Let me know what you think. Comment, like and Till next time


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