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“Mom! Mom I’m home.” I called from the entry way, locking the door behind me. Walking through the house I usually hear my mom somewhere, but the house Elizabeth White an ordinary girl with a normal life. till her parents killed and everything changed. What will happen to young Elizabeth? you'll have to read to find out.

Adventure / Romance
Rachel Rodosky
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Elizabeth one

“Mom! Mom I’m home.” I called from the entry way, locking the door behind me. Walking through the house I usually hear my mom somewhere, but the house is early silent. It’s so creepy when it’s like this. Dropping my bag on the counter there’s a note there from my mom.

Sorry honey I got called into the hospital tonight. There’s a plate in the fridge for you. Hope your day went well. Check in later.

Love you.

Throwing the note away I pulled out the plate; mom always makes me a plate for something for when I get home from school, since sometimes I don’t have lunch. I’ve never told her that, but she always knows.

Today she made me fried chicken baked potato and a salad. With living in New Orleans since I was five, I’ve grown up with this kind of food, lucky for me I didn’t eat lunch today, since I wasn’t overly feeling well. I didn’t bother heating it up, I grabbed my bag and went up to my room. We live in this old two story house set apart from the neighborhood. People think it’s odd there’s vines covering the house, dead trees we won’t cut down; even a rusty rout iron fence and gate around the property, also covered in vines.

I don’t care, I love the place just the way it is, creepy and all.

Stepping up to my door, it has my name in it, “Elizabeth” I wanted to put my last name on it as well “White” but my mom said it wouldn’t go very well, and in the end I agreed with her. Throwing my stuff on my bed, I turned on some music plugged in my phone and pulled off my clothes, pulling on some sweats.

A couple minutes later I got a text from my dad saying he has to work late again. He’s a lawyer, he has some cases that are not going very well for him right now. I texted back “Ok” and that I I love him, I started my homework.

After I got most of it done it’s after five I grabbed my earbuds and runners, heading down to the door. Before I headed out I sent my mom a message in case she calls on her break or something and put on my music securing it to my arm.

I run whenever I can, it helps me to clear my head. Getting halfway round the block, something cold made me stop dead in my tracks; pulling out my earbuds I scanned the area, looking for whatever it is, but there’s nothing around me, at least nothing that I can see.

Resuming my run I made it home and locked the door; that cold feeling still nibbling at my spine. Trying to shake it off, I went upstairs to take a shower. Wrapping my hair in a towel I went downstairs for something light to eat. Looking at the machine the light is blinking. “One new message. Monday January fourth six-thirty pm.” It’s from Lucinda my best friend in the world.

“Hey girl just making sure we’re good for in the morning. See you then. Love you.” Deleting the message and grabbing an apple heading back upstairs to get ready for bed. I know it’s only eight o-clock and I don’t as a general rule go to bed this early, I would lie in bed; to read or finish my homework.

Stepping into my room, something feels out of place. Grabbing my lacrosse stick even though I only played for half a season before I quit, okay I was kicked off; but the girl had it coming, she wouldn’t have been in the way when I went for the ball, plus I don’t overly like her, I still kept the bat.

She told everyone at school that I had sex with the quarterback which is totally not true, I hate the guy, and vice versa. After I hit her she left me alone after that.

Creeping further into my room, taking a good look around; searching every nook and cranny, but there’s nothing anywhere in my room.

Sighing I got some clothes on, grabbed the last of my home-work and crawled into bed.

For English class we have to write a fictional story, we can do whatever we want for the topic, I chose to go the supernatural route.

A vampire princess that is being forced to merry a prince from another kingdom. She loathes him. There are those that will stop at nothing to stop the wedding from happening, including her. I ended it that the wedding takes place because her father dies, she does it to make him happy, to know that she will be protected after he died. I hit print got up put it in the folder, stuck the name on it, and stuck it in my bag. Climbing back under the covers I grabbed a book and read until my eyes got heavy, then a large bang and lightning, making the whole house shake, and my light go off and on.

I got up to close the curtain, that’s when I saw it, there’s someone standing in my back yard! I screamed and turned the light on, but the figure is gone, no signs that there was anyone there to begin with. But I swear there was someone standing there, watching my window.

Closing the curtains I jumped back into bed, with my lacrosse stick, just to be safe.

Pulling up the covers, I don’t want to sleep, in case whoever it was decides to come back. I’m not crazy, he was out there, watching me.

Slowly my eyes drifted closed against my will, sleep taking over, plunging me into darkness.

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