Accidental Billionaire

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The beginning..

Dear diary,

I'm a little teenager of 17 years. Today was an hectic day, as I belong to a middle class family, I usually get bullied in my school. Today I had a fight with so-called popular girl of our school, Ellie. But the one good thing occurred to me is my result and my best friend, who is always with me and supports me,Lilly.'

Violet's POV

Me, a teenage girl with lots of feeling was investing my emotions in my personal diary.

Long dark hair, blue eyes, sharp nose, pretty lips, moderate body, thin eyebrows, good jaw line, long legs, fair face..... makes her literally beautiful.

I ended up her diary writing her name,Violet.

The next day I gets ready to school with her younger sister. As I was a born orphan her step-parents always be rude to me. Hence, I always felt bullied.

In school the bulk of children playing in the schoolyard and talking to each other.

" Hey, sweetie who are you searching for?" A voice suddenly becomes clear from my backside. I turn back and glance. It was lilly calling me.

" Hey lilly, nice to see you. I was searching for you only. We walk to classroom chit- chatting with each other. I saw Ellie sitting on my bench seems she wanted to talk to me. I entered and ask her to leave my bench.

" Oh really! You know with whom are you talking? I wanna sit on this bench today. You could sit on other."

" For your kind information this is Violet's sit, hence get off otherwise I could talk to our teacher, Ms.Ella." Lilly defends me. Ellie leaves and at the end I got my sit back. After completing the school I wanted to ask Lilly why she defended me. I rush towards downstairs and catch Lilly.

" Hey Lilly, umm... I just wanna know why did you defended me from Ellie, I mean really as a friend or...?" I asked her.

" What?!, What do you mean? I defend you because I can find a friend in you. That's it." She replied.

I think I have a feelings for her, so do she but I think she's afraid to confess it, so do I. This matter is not much acceptable in the society but it doesn't have any bad things, it's nature, no one is perfect. I hope one day they could understand this.

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