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17-1|2 year old, Jane, life is turned upside down when her father decides to move cross country to TN and finds out that she will help save the world. Jane's finds out that she is meant for more than ordinary life in her town in Tennessee. She soon has to start having to fight men and women to help save her friends, family and the world from a new organization trying to take over the world.

Adventure / Action
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Chapter 1- the first day of the new school

I stood outside of my new high school and staring at the sign, Johnson high school, home of the bears, while students walked by me talking to their friends. Soon realizing that this was going to be my new school and starting my junior year. I was still wondering why my father had to take this new job in Johnsonville, Tennessee is something I will never figure out, we all were happy in Texas I thought. I snapped out of my thoughts when the bell rang signaling for me to start walking to the main office to get my classes and a map since this placed looked like a fortress from the 1800's. Once I got to the front desk they greeted me and smiled and walked me to Mrs. Hampton, one of the guidance counselors, to set up my classes.

I walk in the door and Mrs. Hampton says, "Welcome to Johnson high school Jane, we are glad you are here with us. I had the chance to review your previous transcript and it seems you will fit in perfectly."

"That is good, I can't wait to start this year. What classes can I take this semester." I say smiling. After a little while, I had my classes and Mrs. Hampton calls for a girl, named Mindy, to give me the tour. A few minutes later, this girl about 5"5 with long red hair came into Mrs. Hampton small office and smiled.

Mindy says, "Hi Mrs. Hampton, I heard you needed me for something."

"Yes Mindy, this is Jane Frasier!" she said pointing to me, then continues, "Could you please show her around the school and to all her classes please."

"Yea sure I would love to!" Mindy said, "Nice to meet you, Jane! Glad to have a new face in the school, follow me and I'll show you around,"

I followed her out the door and for the next little while I went around getting to know the school and finding out where all my classes were. Mindy was very friendly and told me I could sit with her and her friends, so they could tell me about everyone that was to be around and everything that was popular in this town. We finally finished up and realizing we shared 3 out of our 6 classes together.

Mindy says, "See you in the 2nd period, Jane."

"See ya later," I say

I open the door to honors US history to a class staring at me and soon the teacher turns his attention towards me.

"Welcome, what can I do for you?" My teacher says

"Hi, I'm Jane, I just got added to your class!" I say

"Ah, welcome, I'm Mr. Anderson. Nice to have a new face here in history even though its the day! You can take a seat 3rd row 5th seat back, Jane." He said

As he finishes I thank him and start heading to my seat. I finally have the chance to get a better look at my peers that I will be spending the semester with. As I am almost to my seat I notice this very masculine guy with baby blue eyes and brown hair staring at me from the back corner of the room. I feel like my breath taken away because he is the most handsome guy I have ever seen. After a few moments, I regain my composure and take a seat at my assigned seat and take a peek behind me to the hot guy. I then start having déjà vu like have seen him before somewhere else but I just let it go after a few minutes. After 20 minutes of Mr. Anderson teaching the bell rings signaling the end of class and I gather my things and head to the front of the room and grab my papers that have to be signed for class. A good thing that my father did was make it so I could start at a new school at the beginning of the year instead of the middle of it!

As I make my way out the door and down the hallway to the stairwell to my next class, I get this funny feeling and look back to see the hot guy from history leaning against a locker and staring at me. But after a few seconds, I turn my head around and keep walking to meet Mindy! We meet at her locker and start walking to class across the building. I waited for asking about him until lunch to see what Mindy and her friends thought about it. We make it through the second period together then we split up until lunch. Right before we do, she tells me where they meet for lunch so it would be easier to find them. I made it through my other two classes without seeing the hot creepy guy again I thought.

While I head down the stairs and to the bathroom to meet Mindy and some of her friends to go to the lunch room. I soon see Mindy talking to a short redhead girl, standing right beside the girl's bathroom. I walk over to them and we wave at each other when she sees me walking over. She introduces me to her friend Elizabeth who seemed very nice and friendly towards me.

As we made our way to the lunch room to eat, Elizabeth asks, "Jane where did you live before coming to Tennessee?"

"I moved from Austin, Texas a few days ago," I say

"Cool," she says, "What made you and your family move here?"

"My dad got a better job offer and thought it would be great for us to get a fresh start somewhere new. I think differently though, I he was going to get better paid better here."

"Awesome I am glad he got the job here, there aren't many new students here. Its always good to have new faces to talk to," Elizabeth says

"Yea, so I have a question? There is this guy in my first-period class and he is very hot and is tall and muscular with these gorgeous baby blue eyes. Do y'all know who he might be?" I say

"That's probably Joshua he is very mysteries and hot. All the girls in the school are pretty much in love with him. But nobody knows much about him except that he moved here in the spring of last year and he is a junior like us," Mindy says.

"He looks so amazing even though he doesn't talk much," Mindy said "Every girl loves him and he doesn't give any girl the time of day including me lol. Why do you ask about him?" Elizabeth says.

"That's strange because I was walking to my seat in the first period and noticed him staring at me. After I had sat down for a few minutes I turned around and he was staring at me still," I say.

"That is strange he has not looked at the girl that way or that long in forever," Mindy says

"Hmm, oh well," I say

As we finish up through the lunch lines, I follow Mindy and Elizabeth to where they usually sat. We then start talking more about what there is to do in the town and everything else that I should know about the school, including all popular girls that I should avoid. By the end of lunch, I knew everything about the town that I should know and had really made two friends I think could last. As we got done talking about everything the bell rang signaling the beginning of the fourth period. We walk to the stairs and I head up the stairwell on the right while they walked up the stairwell going the other way. As I make it to the top of the stairs I run into someone and said, "I'm sorry" and as I look to see who it was. I heard a very husk and beautiful voice say, "that's is ok" and realized that it came from Joshua when I looked up. After he says that he moved around me and starts walking down the stairs and says, "See you around." I stood there in shock that he actually spoke to me and then looked down the stairs to where he might go and he was gone. I headed to my class thinking about how strange the encounter was with him. After that, it set me back a few minutes and I walked into class just in time and make my way to the middle of the class and take a seat. We wait for the teacher who was late which I guess was a good thing for me and stranglers that came in after me.

She then says "Welcome to advanced Chemistry 2! My name is Ms. Lea, Hudson, please call me Ms. Hudson or Lea! This class is going to challenge you and prepare you for science classes in the future. We won't be doing much today except for me handing out my syllabus but expect to do more in the following days."

The following 2 classes did the same things as Ms. Hudson and my morning classes. After the final bell rang for the day I and Mindy walk out of trigonometry and head to the front of the school and meet up with Elizabeth and started to head to the huge parking lot to go home.

I say, "So I guess who I ran into after lunch lol."

"Who," Mindy asks.

I say, "I ran right into Joshua and when I said I'm sorry. He actually spoke to me and said, that its alright, and then proceeded to head down the stairs and disappear."

"Oh, really that's crazy! He really is surprising me every day since arriving!" Mindy says as we arrive beside my car.

"Yea he is surprising!" Elizabeth said

I say, "Yea, people can change every day! Well, I see y'all tomorrow morning!"

Elizabeth said, "ok great you then bye!"

"Bye," Mindy says as she and Elizabeth head to their cars on the other side of the parking lot. I get in my Toyota and put it in reverse and back up and head to the front of the entrance slowly because of the traffic. As I am almost to the entrance of the parking lot I see Joshua standing leaning against an oak tree and is looking towards me and my car. I almost pulled into the parking place in front of where is he is at but by the time I almost get there a car pulls up and he gets in and leaves.

So I keep driving to the entrance and take a left and start heading for my family's house. After driving for ten minutes of some twist and turns down some back roads I pull into the driveway and still admiring how beautiful the house compared to our old house in Texas. I pull up in front of the house and put my car in park and grab my backpack and get out and lock my door and head to the house. Once get inside the house and put my backpack on the stairs take my shoes off and head to were I think my mom would be, the kitchen, and find her there unpacked. She doesn't realize I am there until I clear my throat and say "Hey Mom, see you got most of the kitchen unpacked!"

"Yea, I wanted to be able to cook for us! How was school today? Make any friends?"

* My mom, Carole, is an at home chiefly*

" Yea, I made two, Mindy and Elizabeth and school was good! As usual, I need you to sign papers!"

"That's great, maybe you can bring them over and hang out after we have the house unpacked and ok that's fine I can do that later!"

"Ok great, if you need anything I'll be upstairs unpacking and organizing my room," I say head back to the stairs and grab my backpack and shoes and head upstairs till dinner.

A few hours later

I finally look at my clock on my nightstand and realize that it is dinner time so head to my bathroom and wash up. Then head down the stairs and into the living room/ dining room to find my dad already home.

"Hey, pumpkin, how was your first day of school?" he asked

"it was good, " I said as I sit across from him at the table and wait for my mom.

*my dad just accepted the position as a top executive at this new company headquarters, that is rising in popularity across the globe and sometimes has to travel across the world*

My mom comes in the room with some delicious smelling port chops and some other different dishes. We have a good dinner and laugh and take about school and work. Well my first full day Is complete, I just hope I can survive the remainder of the school year without many things going wrong.

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