Secrets of the Mighty Amazon

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What happens in the jungle, should stay in the jungle In the depths of the Amazon forest, where few had set foot, there are secrets and mysteries that are better kept in the jungle. Oblivious to this curse, impetuous conquistadores of the Sixteenth Century venture their luck in search for riches and fame. Francisco de Orellana, a man with no fear and huge ambition, dreams of having his name listed beside Columbus, Cortés and Pizarro. Blessed with high intelligence and mastering his Toledo sword with high dexterity, he fights hostile natives and overcomes adversities to make the historical discovery of a mighty river–the Amazon. But his stance is softened when he meets the beautiful Amazon warrior–Iurupari–the princess of the Icamiaban tribe and the woman he falls madly in love with, who now carries his baby. Practised Captain Orellana comes across a set of adversities, he had never faced before. Will he arrive on time to rescue Iurupari and the baby whose plight might become a fatal banishment?

Adventure / Action
Kazuko Nishimura
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By the turn of the Fifteen Century, Europe was awakening from the “Dark Ages”. Amongst the many inventions that came to fruition during this period the printing press was one of the pioneers of the enlightenment. Over the ensuing years, written knowledge spread further and faster than ever before; access to literacy was no longer a privilege of the royalty and upper classes. Any European citizen who was not favoured by their birth—second sons of wealthy nobles; nobility with titles but no money; intellectuals without formal education; peasants and illegitimates with nothing but huge ambitions—all saw the opportunity of making their fortune in the exploration of mythical lands overseas, highly publicised by Columbus and his successors in their written memoirs. According to these conquistadores, beyond the waters where men had not yet navigated, there existed many lands; lands not yet included in European charts yet inhabited by heathen natives, and where gold, silver, prolific rivers and fertile soil abounded. To copulate with this newly found ambition, there was a fresh breed of wealthy monarchs. They latched on to these initiatives, in the hope of expanding their dominium, and surging trade in Africa, Asia and the newly discovered America, all which would provide them untapped resources to the already limited European assets. Furthermore, deep concerns about the future and proliferation of Catholicism had grown in the heart of the Church, following the failed attempts to fend off the expansion of the Muslim faith in Europe, and the conquest of Constantinople by the Ottomans. Finding alternative solutions that benefitted the propagation of Christianity was ultimately worth the patronage of the Roman Catholic Authority.

A new age of travel was ignited—the Age of Discovery.

Figure 1 - The great voyages and explorations of the conquistadores of the 14th/15th Centuries

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